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The 6 Best Options for Pest Control in Greenville SC

December 8, 2019
Pest Control Greenville SC

Properties in Greenville, just like in other cities in South Carolina, also experience pest infestations. During these instances, the 6 best pest control Greenville SC based companies listed below can help you out.

We spent way too many hours finding the most trusted pest control experts in the area. Thus, you can be certain that you will get your money’s worth by working with them.

If you couldn’t be more excited to experience such a great benefit, let’s now take a look at these excellent pest control companies:

1.     Scout’s Pest Control

Scout’s Pest Control's Logo

Best ForComplete Pest Control Services
Services OfferedResidential pest control/extermination

Termite inspections and treatments

Moisture control/remediation

General pest control

Custom plans and services

Address140 Bruce Rd Suite 500, Greenville, SC 29605
Contact Information864-469-4999

Scout’s Pest Control is the choice of many when it comes to quality residential pest control solutions. They truly understand that every client is different and by providing custom services, the company can accommodate their diverse needs. This only means that their pest control plans and treatments can be tailored to your exact needs. Hence, all of your requirements will be met and your pest problems will be solved accurately!

2.     Hired Killers Pest Control

Hired Killers Pest Control's Homepage

Best ForGeneral Pest Control
Services OfferedBed bug extermination

Flea and tick service

Roach extermination

Termite and moisture services

Wildlife removal

Address2430 East North Street

Greenville, SC 29615

Contact Information1-800-545-5377

Hired Killers Pest Control brings you peace of mind, thanks to their staff trained to kill pests in a professional manner. From bed bugs, roaches, fleas, ticks to ants, they have methods and treatments that are guaranteed to get rid of these pests. Established in 1948, Hired Killers Pest sure has all the tools and skills to keep your property pest-free. Don’t just take our word for it and check out the testimonials from their past clients at

3.     Greenville Pest Control

Greenville Pest Control's Logo

Best ForResidential Pest Control
Services OfferedResidential and commercial pest control

Protective service plans

Pest inspection and re-treatments

Address501 Morris St, Greenville, SC 29609
Contact Information(864) 271-7510

Greenville Pest Control makes pest management easy for everyone, be it for commercial or residential property owners. With their comprehensive inspections, it’s simple to detect the various pests that might be lurking in your home or workplace. Add to that the protective service plans offered by the company and you will certainly enjoy a clean, safe, and pest-free zone. To know more about the services offered by Greenville Pest Control, you can call their knowledgeable team at (864) 271-7510.

4.     Spencer Pest Services

Spencer Pest Services' Logo

Best ForGeneral Pest Control Services
Services OfferedResidential and commercial pest control

Pest inspection

Pest control for a cure

Address734 Wade Hampton Blvd

Greenville, SC 29609

Contact Information(864) 232-2406

Spencer Pest Services is unlike other companies. With their “pest control for a cure” program, they keep properties pest-free and help cancer patients at the same time. For every customer that signs up for their service, the company will donate $50 to a nonprofit cancer organization. Aside from this unique agenda, Spencer Pest Services is also known for its quick and efficient pest control services. You don’t have to worry about anything because their professional team will take care of all your needs!

5.     Bulwark Exterminating

Bulwark Exterminating's Logo

Best ForTermite Treatments
Services OfferedGeneral pest solutions

Termite solutions

Pest control and extermination services

Address5600 Augusta Rd Suite A, Greenville, SC 29605
Contact Information864-513-0720

Bulwark Exterminating can deal with almost any kind of pests, including but not limited to spiders, roaches, ants, and termites. Numerous people are putting their trust in this company simply because they never fail to offer effective treatments at affordable prices. If their team didn’t resolve the problem the first time, they will come back and re-treat your property without any charges.

6.     Gregory Pest Solutions

Gregory Pest Solutions' Logo

Best ForResidential Pest Control
Services OfferedResidential and commercial pest control

Lawn care

Pest identification

Protection plans

Address200 Smith Hines Road

Greenville, South Carolina

Contact Information(866) 600-8982

For smart pest control services, Gregory Pest Solutions is a great choice of company. By taking a look at your home and your lifestyle, they will be able to build a pest control protection plan that best suits your current situation. To further improve the value of your home, they can also offer lawn care treatments. Additionally, the company also offers valuable services for commercial establishments, ranging from water feature management, thorough assessments, and customize protection plans as well.

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