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How much does installing a shiplap ceiling cost?

July 23, 2022
How much does installing a shiplap ceiling cost

Shiplap ceilings usually cost from $500 to $1,500 or $1,000 per room on average to install. Per square foot of shiplap, the person will have to pay around $2.50 to $7 for each square foot.

Speaking of their prices, the room dimensions, design goal, materials, and labor are among the factors that can alter the overall price.

And if you like to know more about how much shiplap installation costs, keep reading this guide.

Factors That Affect Shiplap Ceiling Cost

We mentioned some of the factors that can affect the price of getting shiplap ceilings installed. Let’s take a closer look at them below:

  • Room Dimensions

The larger the area you want to cover with shiplap, the more you will pay. In general, a homeowner needs to spend from $2.50 to $7 every square foot.

  • Design Goal

The contractor will have to match the shiplap appearance to your current room aesthetic. This can mean painting it or even adding a chandelier or a ceiling fan apart from just installing the shiplap.

  • Materials

Shiplap comes in a variety of styles including hardwood, cedar, and pine. Their prices are different from each other. You can find a hardwood option that’s the least expensive of them.

Hardwood shiplap, in general, costs from $0.80 to $4 per square foot. Pine costs around $2.50 to $4, and cedar is priced from $2.50 to as much as $7.

  • Labor

If the job is complex and covers a large area, you may have to spend more since the carpenter will need to work harder and longer to finish the job.

Hiring a carpenter or ceiling contractor should incur you between $35 and $100 an hour.

  • Additional Materials

Shiplap isn’t the only material required to secure the ceiling in place. Here are the prices of the required additional materials based on a 168-square-foot room:

Additional MaterialsTypical Cost
Underlay$75 - $90
Nails$2 - $6
Spackle$10 - $20
Wood filler$15 - $20
Finishing$22 - $26
Primer$100 - $125

How much will I spend on installing shiplap ceilings myself?

How much will I spend on installing shiplap ceilings myself

In carrying out the work on your own, you will definitely spend lower than if you get a professional to work for you. A ballpark figure for this is somewhere around $300 to $1,200.

However, keep in mind that installing shiplap in your home isn’t easy. It takes a great amount of experience and precision to pull off.

Any mistakes on your part, however small, can damage your home’s structure and decor, which ironically will cost you more to remedy. Plus, you will have to deal with the needless hassle.

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