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How much does an indoor basketball court cost in 2022?

January 18, 2023
How much does an indoor basketball court cost in 2022

A full-sized indoor basketball court costs an average of $35,000, and a half-court setup can cost you an average of $17,000. 

The price range for a full-sized court is $10,000 to $ 80,000. Meanwhile, a half-court can cost you anywhere between $ 9,000 and $25,000. 

The biggest factor for the wide price range is the size of your desired indoor basketball court. Bigger sizes need more flooring, lighting, and space.

Factors That May Affect the Price of Building an Indoor Basketball Court

There are many materials and factors you need to consider before you can build an indoor basketball court. We discuss how much they add to the overall price below.

Indoor Basketball Court Size

Indoor Basketball Court Size

The biggest factor affecting the cost of building an indoor basketball court is its size. 

Full courts like those featured in the NBA (94 feet by 50 feet) can cost $45,000, while half-courts only cost $21,000 on average.

However, there are still less expensive options like a basketball court suitable only for 3 vs 3 games, which only requires at least $10,000 to build.

In the end, the size of the structure that will contain the basketball court will dictate the size of the court itself. Consult with your contractor on what basketball court size will fit best with your current space to prevent unexpected costs.

Indoor Basketball Court Floor Type

There are different types of flooring for an indoor basketball court. Three options currently exist: hardwood, laminate, and normal concrete.

Hardwood Flooring for Indoor Basketball Court

Hardwood Flooring for Indoor Basketball Court

Hardwood is the most expensive flooring for indoor basketball courts. It can cost you $14 per foot, including materials and labor. 

Hardwood can cost at least $30,000 in total.

Hardwood is the most expensive because it’s the flooring used in professional leagues like the NBA. If you want to save money while not compromising on flooring quality too much, try laminate flooring instead.

Laminate Flooring for Indoor Basketball Court

Laminate Flooring for Indoor Basketball Court

Laminate flooring is cheaper to install compared to hardwood, with each foot costing $9, materials and labor included. 

The average total cost for laminate flooring is $20,000, but this price can change depending on the size of the court.

While laminate flooring is not as shiny and good to look at compared to hardwood, it still offers the same grip and texture necessary for a basketball game. If aesthetics aren’t an issue, go for laminate flooring to save massive costs.

Concrete Flooring for Indoor Basketball Court

Concrete Flooring for Indoor Basketball Court

The cheapest flooring option for indoor basketball courts is concrete, which only costs $6 per square foot. 

You only need $15,000 on average to have this flooring installed.

However, to make it fully suitable to play on, you’ll need to coat it with epoxy resin, which can cost you an additional $2,000, materials and labor included. 

You also need to account for the pricing of concrete in your area. Some cities charge higher rates for labor and materials, which in rare cases make this option more expensive compared to other flooring types.

A downside with this option, in the long run, is the maintenance cost of having to re-apply epoxy every few years to keep the basketball court usable.

Indoor Basketball Court Paint

Indoor Basketball Court Paint

Painting the marks for your indoor basketball court can cost you an average of $1,800. Paint prices may vary between $750 and $2,500. 

Smaller court sizes require at least 3–5 gallons of paint, which costs between $30 and $60 per gallon. 

The larger the size of your planned indoor basketball court, the more paint you’ll need to make the markings. Thankfully, this part of the construction is easy to do and doesn’t require too much labor.

The cost of painting an indoor basketball court can be made significantly cheaper if you do it yourself or with some friends.

Indoor Basketball Court Lights

Indoor Basketball Court Lights

Lighting up an indoor basketball court can cost you $3,500 on average. The lowest possible cost is $2,000, and the more expensive setups are worth $5,000. 

As with other materials covered in this section, bigger basketball courts need more lighting.

Unlike outdoor basketball courts, an indoor basketball court needs the lights turned on every game, and thus the lighting can get more expensive. 

Newer lighting technology like LED lights is something you should really target to get since these are less expensive to operate in the long run.

Ventilation and HVAC for the Indoor Basketball Court

Ventilation and HVAC for the Indoor Basketball Court

Installation of vents and air conditioning for an indoor basketball court may cost you an additional $1,500. 

This cost can vary depending on the labor fee of your service contractor.

Good ventilation is a must especially if you plan to use the basketball court often. A normal game of basketball can get too sweaty without good air conditioning. 

Indoor Basketball Court Soundproofing

Indoor Basketball Court Soundproofing

The average cost to soundproof a large room like a half-sized indoor basketball court (50ft x 47ft) is $1,900. 

This price can go lower or higher depending on the type of soundproofing material and the size of the room.

Make sure to include soundproofing in your budget especially if you plan to play basketball regularly to avoid inconveniencing your neighbors every time you play.

Basketball Hoops

Basketball Hoops

A simple basketball hoop can only cost you $150, while higher-end brands cost closer to $2,500. 

While an integral part of the game, a basketball hoop is one of the cheaper factors when it comes to building an indoor basketball court.

If you want to splurge on this part of the court, you can get sophisticated basketball hoops that have adjustable height and springs to absorb any force applied to them.

If you are an avid player of basketball or have children that can’t play with a standard-height basketball hoop, it’s best to spend more for a quality basketball hoop to make your indoor basketball court more accessible and fun to use.

Labor Costs for Building an Indoor Basketball Court 

Another huge factor that affects the cost of building an indoor basketball court is the labor fee. You can expect to spend at least $25,000 on average for labor costs alone.

Luckily, there are lots of ways to lessen this cost. One is to actively search for lower prices by asking for quotes from multiple contractors. 

In fact, companies like can provide you with an accurate quotation that will detail their rates. They can even work within your budget so long as you specify the amount beforehand.

Another is to only start construction on the basketball court during pleasant seasons like summer so that the work will not be impeded by natural weather.

FAQs about Building an Indoor Basketball Court

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