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The 6 Best Options for Plumbers in St Louis

October 11, 2019
Best Plumbers St Louis

If you are thinking about the benefits of hiring expert plumbers for your plumbing issues, you know there are plenty of them.  But the greatest is one is assured peace of mind. Unlike amateur ones, professional and licensed plumbers received extensive training, possess the best equipment, and are familiar with safety protocols. Hence, they can always do their jobs right from start to finish.

Not yet convinced that these experts are worth spending money on? Then you need to see them in action, and you can do this by hiring one of these six best plumbers in St. Louis. In this manner, you won’t really lose anything. In fact, you’ll even get great service and reliable solutions for your plumbing problems.

1.     Maplewood Plumbing & Sewer, LLC.

Maplewood Plumbing & Sewer, LLC.'s Logo

Best For General Plumbing Work
Services Offered Drain cleaning

Repair services

Remodeling and new construction work

Residential and commercial plumbing

Address 2725 Watson Rd, St. Louis, MO 63139, USA
Contact Information 314 207 2503

Maplewood Plumbing & Sewer, LLC. is a family-owned plumbing company that has been operating since 1985. For many years, they have been known as a plumbing expert that excels in providing reasonably priced yet unparalleled services. These are among the reasons why their loyal customers don’t go anywhere else. The company has experienced staff that handles repair work, drain cleaning, remodeling projects, and so much more, so they obviously can handle any plumbing issue you have.

2.     Tony LaMartina Plumbing Company

Tony LaMartina Plumbing Company's Logo

Best For Residential Plumbing
Services Offered Bathroom and kitchen remodeling

Water security systems

Whole-home leak detection

Plumbing repairs, replacement, and installation

Address P.O Box 11306

St. Louis, MO 63105

Contact Information (314) 965-9377

With over 100 years of combined experience in the plumbing industry, the team at Tony LaMartina Plumbing Company strives to be your go-to specialist for all your residential plumbing needs. They are proud to be called as one of the most professional and fastest plumbers in St. Louis today. And with this kind of reputation, more and more people are choosing Tony LaMartina Plumbing Company for leak detection, plumbing repairs, installation work, and more.

3.     Bieg Plumbing & Sewer Services Co

Bieg Plumbing & Sewer Services Co's Logo

Best For Residential and Commercial Plumbing
Services Offered Water heater and garbage disposal services

Backflow preventers, testing, and repair

Sewer line and gas line services

General plumbing work

Address 2015 Lemay Ferry Road

St. Louis, MO 63125

Contact Information 314-487-4564

Bieg Plumbing & Sewer Services Co is staffed with knowledgeable, friendly, and professional plumbers ready to take on big and small plumbing tasks, so you know you can count on them no matter how complex your problem is. One of their goals as a trusted plumbing company is to exceed your expectations. The moment you hire them, they will properly assess your problems and offer you solutions that permanently solves them. If you’d like to get in touch with them today, you may call 314-487-4564.

4.     Anytime Plumbing Services Inc

Anytime Plumbing Services Inc's Logo

Best For Plumbing Repairs
Services Offered Water heater services

Waterline repairs

Bathroom plumbing

Plumbing installations, repairs, and replacements

Emergency plumbing

Address 4103 Debra Ct, St. Louis, MO 63123, USA
Contact Information 314-283-3370

Don’t know what to do when faced with plumbing issues? Fret not because Anytime Plumbing Services Inc will be there anytime you need expert help and advice. They can have anything fixed, from frozen pipes, plumbing leaks to broken pipes and toilets. They love doing plumbing jobs and this will surely reflect on the excellent work that they’re going to do on your systems and fixtures. For more information, go to

5.     Lemay Plumbing, Inc.

Lemay Plumbing, Inc.'s Logo

Best For Bathroom Remodeling
Services Offered Residential plumbing

Bathroom and kitchen plumbing

Sewer and drain cleaning

Replacement, repair, and installation work

Address 945 Lemay Ferry Rd, St. Louis, MO 63125, USA
Contact Information +1 314-544-1066

The professional team of craftsmen at Lemay Plumbing, Inc. can make sure that you will have a functional bathroom in no time. They specialize in bathroom remodeling and with their over 130 years of combined experience in the field, the job will be performed precisely and to the highest standards. For a guaranteed quality work, give them a call today by dialing this number on your phone: +1 314-544-1066.

6.     G H Reich Cordia Plumbing

G H Reich Cordia Plumbing's Homepage

Best For General Plumbing Work
Services Offered Water heater services

Sewer cabling

Bathroom plumbing

Faucets, showers, and gas lines

Address 1420 S Big Bend Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63117, USA
Contact Information (314) 781-6421

G H Reich Cordia Plumbing proudly offers all services related to general plumbing and sewer work. They can supply materials for the project, all guaranteed to be the best in the market. This ensures that everything will be completed according to the industry standards and your specifications. Any work that involves gas lines, showers, faucets, water heater and sewer cables, G H Reich Cordia Plumbing can excellently do it.

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