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The 6 Best Options for Pest Control in Nashville

September 8, 2019
Best Pest Control Nashville

Without a doubt, a pest-free building can be called a clean, healthy, and comfortable space for everyone. Because in the absence of pests, there won’t be insects that carry diseases, creepy crawlers that contaminate food, or rodents that chew on wires and cause electrical accidents.

So, for a completely peaceful and hassle-free environment, whether at home or workplace, it’s necessary to apply the best pest control methods. So how can you do this? It’s not exactly you who will do this task. However, you will play a big role as you’ll be hiring the pest control company who will do the work for you. And to help you with this, here are the 6 best pest control experts in Nashville that you can check out.  

1.      Urbanex Pest Control

Urbanex Pest Control's Logo
Best ForGeneral Pest Control
Services OfferedMosquito control Ant control Inspections, power spraying, granulation, and de-webbing
Address475 Metroplex Dr., Suite 204  Nashville, TN 37211
Contact Information(615) 434-5774

Urbanex Pest Control offers advanced pest control treatments to ensure that the pests within your premises will be gone forever. For their initial service, they get rid of all the pests in your home or workplace. After a month, they will apply a protective barrier outdoors and also conduct regular visits for preventative measures. In addition, complimentary re-treat services for recurring infestations can be provided whenever necessary. For complete details about their offers, head over to their website:  

2.      HomeShield Termite and Pest Control

HomeShield Termite and Pest Control's Logo
Best ForResidential Pest Control
Services OfferedTermite control General pest control Mosquito control
Address2206 Dortch Ave. Nashville, TN 37210
Contact Information(615) 255-8808

If you need pest control treatments that won’t harm your kids or pets, HomeShield Termite and Pest Control offers exactly what you need. In every job they carry out, they make sure that customers get excellent value for their money by providing top-quality, environmentally-friendly, and 100% working pest control solutions. From ants, bed bugs, spiders to termites, they have a solution for every kind of pest, delivering dependable services without causing unnecessary harm to anyone.  

3.      Moxie Pest Control Nashville

Moxie Pest Control Nashville's Homepage
Best ForGeneral Pest Control
Services OfferedCommercial and residential pest control Annual pest service General pest package Termite and mosquito control
Address501 Metroplex Dr ste 114, Nashville, TN 37211, USA
Contact Information(703) 378-5119

Some of the pests native to Nashville are termites, ants, cockroaches, rats, and moles. No matter which of these pests are bothering you, Moxie Pest Control Nashville has the right solutions to keep them away from your home or business. Since the humble beginnings of this company, they have been committed to delivering excellent pest control solutions and customer service. Now, this commitment remains the same only with a greater passion in offering each client with the best pest control experience possible. 

4.      All-American Pest Control

All-American Pest Control's Logo
Best ForGeneral Pest Control
Services OfferedResidential and commercial services Green pest control services Free home evaluation Termite control
Address2259 Jackson Downs Blvd Nashville, TN 37214
Contact Information(615) 883-8526

With the help of All-American Pest Control, you can protect your workplace or home from the harmful effects of pest infestations and activities. Their pest control plan involves a thorough inspection of your exterior premises to close entry points for pests. Next, they work on eliminating crawling and flying insects using appropriate treatments. And then they apply mist to specifically get rid of mosquitoes in your area. For more detailed information about their pest control services, you may visit this website:    

5.      Preventive Pest Control

Preventive Pest Control's Logo
Best ForGeneral Pest Control
Services OfferedResidential and commercial services Wildlife and moisture control General pest control
Address460 Metroplex Drive | Ste. 111 Nashville, TN 37211
Contact Information615 850 4351

Aside from top-notch and eco-friendly pest control treatments they offer, Preventive Pest Control is also best known for the guarantees they provide to customers. They have a 2-year price lock guarantee that keeps you protected from increasing pest control rates. They also offer a pest control guarantee to take care of all the pests inside and outside your property and a re-service guarantee to apply another treatment, free of charge, if pests come back.      

6.      All Pest Solutions, Inc.

 All Pest Solutions, Inc's Logo
Best ForResidential Pest Control
Services OfferedTermite and mosquito control General pest control services Green treatments
Address480 McNally Dr., Nashville, TN 37211
Contact Information(615) 794-6535

All Pest Solutions, Inc. is another company that excels in providing a safe way to control pests in your home. They have been doing this since 1970, accommodating all pest control needs including the most unique ones. They can stop all pests, including ants, spiders, chiggers, ticks, mice, and fleas, using natural products. This ensures safe protection from infestations without causing harm to the environment.  

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