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The 7 Best Pest Control Companies in Sharjah

January 10, 2023
Best Pest Control Sharjah

If you find it hard to control pest infestations in your property due to lack of experience and skills, know that there are numerous pest control experts willing to help you out. Hiring them doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to spend a lot because to be honest, affordable yet quality pest control services are available if you’re patient enough to find them. Now, that sounds like a lot of hard work, so to help you out, here are the 6 best pest control companies in Sharjah that you can consider.

Note: Due to the current pandemic outbreak, we’ve noted the relevant service changes for some of the shops listed below. Where applicable, we’ve noted the policy or service changes.

1. Al Jazeerah Pest Control & Cleaning Services

Al Jazeerah Pest Control Services Homepage


Pest Control: ants, bed bugs, bird control, cats, cockroaches, flies control, honey bees, lizard control, mosquito control, rats, snake control, termites, and wasps.

General Cleaning: villa cleaning, water tank cleaning, and glass cleaning.

Elevator Cleaning: paper removal and elevator polishing


Dubai Office:

Sharjah Office:

Contact Information

[email protected]

MOB: +971 55 7207420

DXB: +971 04 4503654

SHJ: +971 06 5358500

Operating Hours 24/7 Available

Al Jazeerah Pest Control offers cost-effective solutions to any of your pest problems. Their affordable services ensure that you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to pest control in your home or company.

They are well-known for providing unrivaled service to their consumers at all times. From the first day, you will be met by the courteous and professional personnel who will work with you to eradicate any insect problems you may have. They take their responsibilities seriously and will do all in their power to keep your home and business pest-free.

They have been working since 2011 in Dubai and Sharjah, a well-known name in the industry DM & SHJ municipality approved pest control service! Their team of experts uses American, German & Italian products to eliminate Cockroaches, Flies, Termites, Ants, Mosquitoes, Rodents and all kind of crawling insects.

Previous clients have been greatly satisfied with their works especially on their pest control services because they provide environmentally friendly and risk-free pest control solutions for your home and company. Their skilled professionals employ cutting-edge technology and procedures to successfully eradicate pests while causing the least amount of harm to the environment and your family.

They have the solution for you whether you are struggling with ants, rodents, or any other form of pest. You can rely on them to deliver a safe, dependable, and efficient pest control solution for all of your demands.

With the knowledge and experience to deal with any pest problem, they can handle everything, whether it is in an office building or a warehouse. They have successfully served the industrial sector for many years, with a reputation of excellent customer satisfaction and efficiency.

2. Lamp Pest Control and Cleaning Services

Lamp Pest Control and Cleaning Services' Logo

Best For Residential and Commercial Pest Control
Services Offered

Cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, termites, and rodent control

Cleaning services

Annual pest control service

Address Sharjah Office: Unite 106 Nasiriya Park ,Bldg. : 5 Sharjah
Contact Information 06 5613454; +971 50 8676105

Effective pest control specialist is what best describes Lamp Pest Control and Cleaning Services. This Sharjah Municipality approved company is best in providing pest control services for beetles, wasps, bees, fruit flies, ticks, and so much more. Lamp Pest Control and Cleaning Services only use approved and safe pesticides so children and even pregnant women won’t be harmed as they carry out work.

3. LuLu Pest Control Service Dubai

LuLu Pest Control Service Dubai's Homepage

Best For Commercial and Residential Pest Control
Services Offered

General pest control

Cleaning services

Address Office #106, First Floor, Building # 5, Sheikha Latifa Building, Al NassriyaØŒ Near Nasseya Park – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates
Contact Information 06 5215008; 971 55 1554509

LuLu Pest Control Service Dubai is a specialist when it comes to commercial and residential pest control services. They provide annual pest control services for hotels, bars, offices, supermarkets, malls, schools, and so much more. For homeowners having trouble with general pest control, the team from LuLu Pest Control Service Dubai also has the right tools and experience in exterminating termites, roaches, flies, rodents, and all other flying and crawling insects. And to make your property much cleaner, they can also help you with sofa, mattress, carpet, and general cleaning.

4. Quality Pest Control LLC

Quality Pest Control LLC's Homepage

Best For Residential and Commercial Pest Control
Services Offered

General pest control

Fumigation services

Address P.O. box: 34985, Al Hammad Tower, Al Falah Street, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Contact Information +971-54-747 3221; +971-2-877-5652

Quality Pest Control LLC uses an integrated approach to make sure that your property will be pest-free for a long time. They always make it a point to target the source of the problems instead of the symptoms. Through this, they’re able to use low impact techniques that won’t harm the environment. You can rely on them whether you need fumigation services, heat treatment for bed bugs, or quick cockroach pest control.

5. Cosmos Pest Control Services LLC

Cosmos Pest Control Services LLC's Logo

Best For Commercial and Residential Pest Control
Services Offered

Termite control and inspection

Ant control

Backyard mosquito program

Stinging insect control

Fumigation services

Bird and bed bug control

Healthcare facility IPM programs

Address Zarooni Building, Damascus Street,


Al Qusais, Flat-433, Dubai

Contact Information +971 – 042392050; + 971 – 505250969; + 971 – 555250969

Cosmos Pest Control Services LLC can do so much more than just termite extermination. If you decide to work with them, they will create a customized plan for long-term termite protection. And if you think they can only work on termite control, you should know that Cosmos Pest Control Services LLC  is also reliable and effective when it comes to bed bug, ant, and mosquito control. Fumigation services are also available if you require rapid killing of pests.

6. Benchmark Pest Control & Cleaning Services LLC

Benchmark Pest Control & Cleaning Services LLC's Logo

Best For General Pest Control
Services Offered

Pre-construction termite control

Post-construction termite control

Control of flying insects, rats, snakes, ants, and bed bugs

Address P.O. Box 95297, Dubai, UAE
Contact Information +971 4 2355937

Benchmark Pest Control & Cleaning Services LLC is proud to be manned and managed by highly efficient and experienced people in the pest control industry. Their pest control services range from insect, snake, bird and rodent control to pre and post construction termite treatment. Regardless if you want your apartment, school, restaurant, or factory to be free of pest infestations, Benchmark Pest Control & Cleaning Services LLC can approach and solve the problem right away.

7. Al Ameen Building Cleaning and Pest Control

Al Ameen Building Cleaning and Pest Control's Homepage

Best For General Pest Control
Services Offered

Cockroach and termite control

Pest control treatments for snakes, flies, and bed bugs

Cleaning services

Address #G1,Ground Floor, Khalifa Thani Al Sawadi Building, Al Butina, P.O. Box : 63605, Sharjah
Contact Information 0503758064; 06-5629021

Al Ameen Building Cleaning and Pest Control is dedicated to providing nothing but effective solutions to all kinds of pest infestations. You want to get rid of cockroaches, termites, rodents, flies, snakes, and more? They can provide you with the appropriate treatments to make your property pest-free. They also offer cleaning services for water tanks as well as residential and commercial buildings upon request.

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