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The 6 Best Options for Fridge Repair in Dubai

November 24, 2019
Best Fridge Repair Dubai

A broken fridge can be a major headache! This is especially true considering the hot climate in Dubai; food can spoil quickly.

It would be an immense help to know that you will have the right partner when something comes up with your fridge.  For this, we have a suitable list for your needs.

We rounded up six of the most dependable fridge repair Dubai residents usually go to whenever they need help.  Aside from fridge repair services, you can also rely on these companies for other appliance services.

Buckle up because we’re taking you for a ride around the city to meet them.

Ready? Let’s go!

Note: Due to the current pandemic outbreak, we’ve noted the relevant service changes for some of the shops listed below. Where applicable, we’ve noted the policy or service changes.

1. MIT

MIT's Homepage

BEST FOR Residential and commercial maintenance services
SERVICES Fridges, fridge freezers, and fridge chillers

Chest freezers

Display chillers, bar chillers, and commercial chillers

AC chillers (all types & brands)

Window AC (all brands)

Duct-type AC (all types & brands)

FCU units (all types & brands)

FAH units (all types & brands)

Split AC (all types & brands)

Floor-type AC (all types & brands)

Cassette-type AC (all Brands)

Central AC (all types & brands)

Package unit (all types & brands)

Pest control

Villa or flat Cleaning

ADDRESS Mailing; P.O. Box 107 Dubai, UAE
CONTACT Phone: +971-4-325-8396 | +971-4-352-1601

Mobile: +971-52-884-8002

Whatsapp: +971-52-884-8002 | +971-50-341-3344

Email: [email protected]


Muhammad Ijaz Technical Works L.L.C, better known as MIT, has been trading since 1986.  With over three decades of experience, MIT can diagnose and solve any issues related to air conditioning, FCUs, chillers, commercial cold storages, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, etc.  MIT continuously provides professional and customized services at reasonable prices.


2. RepairCare

RepairCare's Homepage

BEST FOR Domestic appliance repairs
SERVICES Fridge and freezer

Washing machine




ADDRESS Al Nakal St., Deira, Dubai, UAE
CONTACT Phone : +971-52-65-999-00 | +971-52-999-1615

Whatsapp: 0526-599-900

Email: [email protected]


RepairCare offers comprehensive solutions for your home appliance issues regardless of their brand and model.  All their repair work comes with a six-month labor and part guarantee.  The company also offers appliance spare parts and accessories, such as door parts & seals, water valves, pressure sensors, hoses, dispenser parts, and kitchen appliance spare parts.  What’s more? RepairCare also offers affordable and reliable plumbing, electrical, and HVAC services.


3. Hiby Service Centre

Hiby Service Centre's Logo

BEST FOR Appliance repair services
SERVICES Refrigerator repair

Washing machine repair

Dryer repair

Dishwasher repair

LCD/LED TV repair

Microwave repair

Stove repair

Oven repair

Air conditioner repair

Cooker repair

ADDRESS Service Centre No. 5, Building Malik Ahmed Khalifa Essa al Thani, 2nd St., Al Satwa Road,  Al Satwa, P.O. Box 23695. Dubai. UAE
CONTACT Phone: 04-2718436 | 056-4095666

Email:  [email protected]


When it comes to quality fridge repair, Dubai homeowners highly recommend Hiby Service Centre.  It is known to provide prompt, efficient, and reliable repair services at competitive rates with no hidden costs.  Hiby Service Centre employs courteous and highly skilled professional engineers who can perform high standard appliance repair work.


4. RBD Repair

RBD Repair's Homepage

BEST FOR Home and commercial appliance repair services
SERVICES Fridge repair Dubai

AC repair

Dishwasher repair

Gas cooker repair

Washing machine repair

LG washing machine repair

Samsung washing machine repair

Dryer repair

Electronics repair

ADDRESS Ahmd Malk Sahni Shop 4, Al Satwa, Dubai UAE
CONTACT Phone: +97 1562270856

Email: [email protected]


RBD Repair is a dependable service point for all electrical, IT, and electronic products.  It offers a wide spectrum of appliance services, including fridges, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, etc.  RBD’s knowledgeable and highly experienced technicians will go through the root cause of the issue and will quickly provide customized solutions.  All RBD repair work is backed up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


5. Buashwan

Buashwan's Logo

BEST FOR Home and commercial appliance repair services
SERVICES Fridge repair

Fridge freezer/icemaker repair

Air conditioning repair

Washing machine repair

Microwave oven repair

Dishwasher repair

Home appliance installations and maintenance

ADDRESS 278 Damascus St., Dubai, UAE
CONTACT Phone: 0426-31292 | 0426-34383

Mobile : 05057-58617 | 05566-88453 | 05555-88940 | 05545-00637 | 05097-38222 | 05024-88786

Whatsapp: 05057-58617 | 05097-38222 | 05566-88453 | 05545-00637 | 05024-88786

E-Mail: [email protected]  | [email protected]


Regardless of the type, model, or brand of your appliances, Buashwan will surely repair them for you.  The company ensures you will only receive a high-quality standard of services, tools & equipment, and solutions for your refrigerator issues.  Furthermore, Buashwan can perform appliance installation and maintenance services.


6. Home Appliances Repair

Home Appliances Repair's Homepage

BEST FOR Domestic appliance repair services
SERVICES Fridge repair

Dishwasher repair

Dryer repair

Washing machine repair

Stove, cooking range, and oven repair

LCD/LED TV repair

Air conditioning repair

ADDRESS 49th St., Al Satwa, Dubai, UAE
CONTACT Phone: 05458-03762

If you’re searching for a value-for-money home fridge repair, Dubai presents Home Appliances Repair.  It employs experts who can troubleshoot any refrigerator-related problems.  They provide an accurate time frame, upfront pricing, and quality workmanship.

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