4 Reasons Why Your Toilet Bowl Water Is Low and How to Fix It

July 14, 2022
4 Reasons Why Your Toilet Bowl Water Is Low and How to Fix It

Find your toilet bowl low in water? It’s one of the most annoying toilet problems that is faced by many homeowners.

Luckily, you may be able to fix its simple issues without enlisting a plumber’s help. Thus, you can just keep your extra cash to use for other home improvement projects or personal matters.

So, there are a few reasons why your toilet bowl water is low. Read on to know them and what you can do about it.

1) Toilet Tank Part Issue

Toilet Tank Part Issue

When your toilet bowl is lacking water, the first thing you should check is the toilet parts in the tank.

These parts include the toilet fill valve and flapper. The former controls the water that fills the tank, whereas a flapper drains this tank water and delivers it to the toilet.

If anything is wrong with them, the toilet won’t fill up with water normally.

You can correct the fault by first opening the toilet tank and inspecting the fill valve and flapper. Oftentimes, just adjusting them will do the trick.

But if they’re worn or old, they need to be replaced with a new one. And in buying one, make sure the part is of high quality.

2) Partial or Fully Clogged Toilet

Partial or Fully Clogged Toilet

Another explanation for low toilet water is a partial or full clog. Someone must have flushed a lot of tissues or a small object in it by accident.

What happens then is the tissue or item blockage keeps water from rising into the toilet. So it may seem that your toilet is dry or needs more water for you to use.

You can determine whether your toilet has a complete or partial clog by looking at the way it flushes.

If after flushing, the toilet fills until it’s full, you have a complete clog. On the other hand, if your toilet fills up but slowly drains until the water goes down below normal, it’s a partial clog.

For this, you can use or rent a toilet snake or auger. This tool features a flexible spring hook that will help unstop the drain.

Compared to using a plunger, the toilet snake has a lesser risk of damaging your toilet and getting the job done. And that’s why it’s recommended by a lot of expert plumbers.

3) Blocked Vent Pipes

Blocked Vent Pipes

A blocked vent pipe can be the culprit of your toilet water running low. This pipe is connected to the exterior of the house to the roof.

If the pipes are blocked, then they cannot get the sewer gas and oxygen to flow out of your house. So, one of the ways to compensate for this is to suck out the water and air from the toilet.

You can solve this issue by clearing out the blockage in the vent pipe. But since this requires you to come up on the roof to do it, we recommend relying on a qualified roofer or plumber for this.

However, you can prevent future clogged vent pipes by using a vent cover. This protects them from being covered by bird nests, moss, debris, or other obstructions.

4) Blocked Inlet Holes

Blocked Inlet Holes

Also, the inlet holes under the toilet can be the reason you have low toilet bowl water. Also called rim jets, they spray streams of water into the toilet when you flush it.

This problem can be attributed to the toilet unit you have or your tap water quality. If your tap water is the type that tends to calcify, then it may prevent water from coming out and filling the toilet.

If you discover you have hard water, this is what you can do to fix the toilet. Open up the toilet tank and pour vinegar into the overflow tube inside and let it soak for about two hours.

Also, you can use your toothbrush to scrape off the hardened deposits on the inlet holes. Following this, use the tip of a wire hanger to reach inside the inlet holes and clear their paths.

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