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How much does releveling a mobile home cost?

July 16, 2022
How much does releveling a mobile home cost

Releveling a manufactured or prefabricated mobile home normally costs between $450 and $900. But why is this needed?

Due to sinking ground, moisture, and/or frost damage, its base or foundation can get uneven. Under these circumstances, the homeowner must quickly call a foundation or mobile home professional to remedy the issue to prevent further and more serious damage.

We will further discuss how much releveling a mobile home will cost, its price factors, and DIY repair expense. This guide will help you know roughly what you’re going to spend.

The Average Cost of Releveling a Mobile Home

The Average Cost of Releveling a Mobile Home

As mentioned earlier, most people typically spend between $450 and $900 to relevel their built or prefabricated mobile home. Mainly, the price is subject to the size or dimensions of the house.

Specifically, a single-wide mobile home that measures 66 feet to 80 feet long and 14 feet to 18 feet wide will incur you $450 to $600. While a double-wide home that’s 42 feet to 60 feet long and 20 feet to 32 feet wide will cost you around $750 to $900.

Other Price Factors to Consider

Besides the size of the mobile home, the location, work process, and needed repairs will affect the final quoted price of releveling your mobile home.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

  • Size – Depending on the width of your transportable home, the cost will vary. While single-wide mobile homes can start from $450, double-wide mobile houses can cost up to $1,000.
  • Location – Most of the time, mobile home releveling costs are a lot higher in urban areas than in rural places. The latter usually just costs $250 to $300—about twice lower than that of the former.
  • Work Process – Each job will require different materials and tools, plumbing, skirting replacement, and other services. So it’s best to get in touch with your chosen contractor to get an accurate bid for this.
  • Needed Repairs – If your mobile home has become uneven, foundation repairs or enhancement must be done promptly in order to secure it. The more urgent the issue is, the higher the cost.

How much will DIY mobile home releveling cost?

For small releveling issues, like a jammed door or some loose wedges, you can work on them by yourself or with a friend.

At best, the cost for doing this can stay within $500 inclusive of acquiring tools and equipment for the work, as you don’t have to pay labor costs.

But if you have to tackle foundation releveling, know that it’s going to be physically demanding work. You may have to remove some of the skirtings, enter the crawl space, and use heavy-duty equipment to raise the home, for instance.

Therefore, for major releveling work, we highly suggest relying on a professional instead since they are well-equipped and knowledgeable.

Furthermore, they give a workmanship guarantee to ensure the repair will be done safely and to the best standards for your valuable mobile home.

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