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How to Pet-Proof Your Home

July 13, 2022
How to Pet-Proof Your Home

No matter what kind of pet you have be it a dog, cat, lizard, bird—or you have a lot like Ace Ventura—a home should be kept safe for them to eat, sleep, and romp around in.

You likely have sentimental and valuable belongings and you’d want to protect these from your furry or scaly friends too.

To do these things, you would need to pet-proof your home. Here’s how you can do them for various areas in your humble abode:



The kitchen is an attractive place for pets because of the occasional free food on the floor and the appetizing scent.

However, it can be unsafe for them since they can accidentally ingest food or food wrappers or get scorched by a hot kitchen pot or appliance.

Follow these tips below to pet-proof your kitchen:

  • Keep food away from pets as they may accidentally swallow the wrapper
  • Add a pet gate to your kitchen space
  • Use a stove guard
  • Never leave a hot utensil within a pet’s reach
  • Close the cabinet doors and dishwasher
  • Use only trash bins with a lid and keep them closed



In the bathroom, you likely keep your first-aid kit including medications, disinfectant, and bandages. You may also keep paper rolls, shampoos, and powerful cleaning chemicals, which your pet may play with.

Keep your pet safe in the bathroom with these tips:

  • Place your first-aid kit, cleaning chemicals, or laundry detergents on high shelves or closed cabinets
  • Seal off any holes or nooks behind your washer, dryer, or cabinets
  • Install a child-proof lock on your bathroom cabinet
  • Keep the toilet cover closed all the time to prevent pets from drinking toxic chemicals or drowning
  • Inspect the dryer first before closing the lid as your pet might have jumped in it



Though a relaxing place for both you and your pet, your bedroom tends to have the most clutter with your favorite clothes and shoes all about the floor.

To prevent them from getting chewed or torn by pets, here are a few things you can do:

  • Organize your clothes and shoes and put them in the closet before letting pets in. They could damage them or unsafely swallow a button or drawstring.
  • Be careful not to trap your kitten or puppy in the closet
  • Remove cosmetics, lotions, and medicines on pet-accessible surfaces
  • Position electrical and phone wires out of pets’ sight

Living Room

Living Room

Your living room can have a lot of stuff from vase flowers to electronic gadgets. Therefore, it’s necessary to pet-proof it for the safety of your pet and your expensive belongings.

Here are some things you should consider:

  • Gather and remove children’s toys, especially small ones
  • Use an anti-scratch tape to your sofa or carpet
  • Place pee pads or waterproof carpet in the area
  • Protect the router, phone, or appliance wiring
  • Cover HVAC vents



Often dark, dusty, and full of metallic and storage items, a garage may not be the best place for pets. But you can keep the place safe for them to stay, and remember to always keep an eye on them.

Here are the ways you can pet-proof your garage:

  • Tidy up the area and return sharp objects like nails and screws to your toolbox
  • Remove or safely store harmful substances
  • Keep the area well-ventilated for your pet
  • Include a soft pad or spot where your pet can rest or watch you work
  • Lock out the garage when not in use

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