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What is carpet powder for and is it safe?

July 15, 2022
What is carpet powder for and is it safe

If there’s something in your house more prone to dust, dander, and hair than anything else, it’s certainly your carpets.

Every time you step on it, barefoot or with shoes, you transfer some dirt on them. And multiply that by the number of people in your family plus pets.

Because carpet cleaning is expensive and done annually—which can be a long time to wait for—people instead sprinkle carpet powder to clean and deodorize them quickly.

Today we’ll be exploring what carpet powder is, its uses, and the reason it isn’t safe to use on your property.

What is carpet powder?

As we said, carpet powder is a product that refreshes your carpets. It’s sold in many home and hardware outlets in canned packaging.

Carpet powder can be made from natural or artificial ingredients. It’s designed to be used on carpets to give them a pleasant scent and kill the bacteria lingering underneath.

You just sprinkle the carpet powder as directed, leave it to do its work, and then vacuum the powder remains. Usually, half an hour is enough for it to take effect, but leaving it overnight on your carpet can give an even better result and make the fresh smell last longer.

Is carpet powder safe to use?

Is carpet powder safe to use

With that in mind, now comes the big question: is carpet powder safe to use?

You have to be careful when you pick up carpet powder from a store. Make sure to read its label first, see its list of ingredients, and check if there’s anything there that’s harmful to your and your family’s health.

The truth is most of its ingredients are toxic and unsafe since they aggravate allergies, skin irritation, and certain respiratory conditions such as coughing and sneezing. And consider the fact that kids and pets love to play and roll around the carpet with their skin touching it.

Therefore, if you plan to use carpet powder for your carpets, choose those that are labeled as safe, eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic.

However, be aware that despite being planet-friendly and safe, it can still do harm to your carpets. 

Carpet powders have a grit-like texture that can damage your carpets needlessly. Also, if they’re not vacuumed well, they can be trapped deep within the carpet pile and attract bacteria and pollute the air in your house as well.


As you can see, carpet powder may not be all that safe to use at your house or rental property. 

For a quick deodorizer solution, carpet powder can be great to use, but then again, you should take care that the ingredients are all-natural and safe for kids and pets. At best, it’s only great as a short-term carpet deodorizing solution.

And so, we still recommend calling a qualified and expert carpet cleaner for deep and thorough cleaning of your carpets, which will make them look bright and lovely as well as prolong their lifespans.

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