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The 6 Best Options for Pest Control in Kansas City

October 9, 2019
Best Pest Control Kansas City

Kansas City residents and business owners know how humid their climate can get.  This condition invites pests to easily propagate and make building structures prone to infestation.  In great numbers, these pesky creatures are capable of creating havoc on our lives.  So, as part of our responsibility as home and business owners, we should know the right partners to address this annoying dilemma.

For this, we have rounded six of the best options for pest control in Kansas City, Missouri.  Scroll on to know about these pest busters.

1. Blue Beetle Pest Control

Blue Beetle Pest Control's Homepage

BEST FOR Residential and commercial pest management
SERVICES Home protection program

Bug and termite solutions

Wildlife removal

Rodents control

Fleas and mosquito extermination

Commercial services

ADDRESS 6301 Main Street, Kansas City, MO 64113
CONTACT Phone: 816-333-PEST (7378)

Email: [email protected]


Blue Beetle Pest Control, with its fleet of 30 royal blue Volkswagen Beetles and killer service, has been protecting Kansas City homes and business premises since 2003.  Sixteen years of hard work and unwavering service put them to the pedestal as one of Kansas City’s most trusted pest control experts.  The company’s team of pest control experts is entirely dedicated to keeping customers happy and satisfied.

2. Everett Milberger Pest Control, Inc.

Everett Milberger Pest Control, Inc.'s Homepage

BEST FOR Pest and termite control
SERVICES Insect and bug control

Bedbug control

Baiting treatments

Flea control

Commercial services

Preferred pest control program

ADDRESS 5600 Harry Truman Dr., Grandview, MO 64030
CONTACT Phone: (816) 761-1313 | (913) 384-6760

Everett Milberger Pest Control, Inc. is a trusted household name in the pest control industry for three generations.  It has been solving termite and pest issues in the Kansas City metropolitan area since 1936.  They offer same-day service in most cases, free estimates, top quality products, service guarantees, and tailored pest solutions.

3. Six Brothers Pest Control

Six Brothers Pest Control's Homepage

BEST FOR Termite and bedbug control
SERVICES Ant, spider, cockroach, mouse, mosquito, and flea extermination

Snake and rodent control or removal

Bedbug and termite elimination

ADDRESS 5717 N Delta Ave, Kansas City, MO 64151
CONTACT Phone: (913) 305-3898

Six Brothers Pest Control, a family-owned and operated business, has been providing topnotch pest management solutions to Kansas City residents.  It is committed to bringing you the high standards of services at competitive rates.  Six Brothers offers a guaranteed service, excellent customer care, and unmatched safety.

4. Smithereen Pest Management Services

Smithereen Pest Management Services' Homepage

BEST FOR Residential and commercial pest management
SERVICES Residential and commercial pest management solutions

Home guard

Rodent removal

Wildlife pest control

Termite extermination

Integrated pest management

Bird removal

Commercial bedbug control

Wasp, ant, spider, and mosquito extermination

ADDRESS 915 Charlotte St, Kansas City, MO 64106
CONTACT Phone: 1-800-336-3500 | (816) 842-1411

Email: [email protected]


Smithereen Pest Management Services has been offering pest control solutions since 1888.  The company proudly presents its Green Shield Certification which means that it is committed to implementing effective pest management practices with the least risk to both people and the environment.  Smithereen Pest Management serves commercial and residential clients in Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

5. Gunter Pest & Lawn

Gunter Pest & Lawn's Homepage

BEST FOR Residential and commercial pest management

Lawn services

SERVICES Pest, mosquito, and termite control

Rodent removal

Lawn care treatment

Pest prevention

Residual maintenance

Bedbug, ant, spider, silverfish, cockroach, mosquito, and termite control

Kansas City lawn care

ADDRESS 220 W. 72nd Street, Kansas City, MO 64114
CONTACT Phone: (816) 444-2847

Gunter Pest & Lawn has been servicing both homeowners and proprietors of Kansas City, St. Joseph, and Lawrence with pest control services since 1950.  It employs highly skilled and experienced pest exterminator technicians who can efficiently and effectively solve your pest control issues.  Rest assured, they will provide you with excellent services and top quality products.  Gunter Pest & Lawn is also the proud best rodent removal company in Kansas City.

6. Best Exterminators, Inc.

Best Exterminators, Inc.'s Homepage

BEST FOR Residential and commercial pest management
SERVICES Termite, cockroach, spider, ant, flea, silverfish, and rodent control
ADDRESS 11210 Quincy Ave, Kansas City, MO 64137
CONTACT Phone: MO– (816) 765-8844 | KS– (913) 671-8844

Best Exterminators, Inc. is a locally-owned and operated business with state-certified technicians and professional consultants.  It offers no contracts so that clients won’t be bound at all.  The company also offers free termite estimates, a one-year transferable service agreement for all treatments,           and tailored solutions.   Best Exterminators, Inc. has been serving Kansas City since 1948.

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