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How much does moving washer and dryer hookups cost?

December 18, 2022
How much does moving washer and dryer hookups cost

Moving a washer or dryer’s simple electrical and plumbing connections usually costs $50 to $175 for each unit.

Depending on the scope and difficulty of the work, the final price can escalate to as much as $2,000.

Included in this is the potential additional work of installing dryer vents and electrical outlets by different pros.

If you’d like to know more about the estimated costs of relocating your washer and dryer hookups, carry on reading this guide!

What affects the cost of relocating washer or dryer hookups?

What affects the cost of relocating washer or dryer hookups

Here are the things affecting the cost of relocating your laundry appliances’ wirings and pipes:

1) Cut-off Valve Installation

Hooking up this part costs around $10 to $30 for each valve. Each washer needs a cut-off valve to control the flow of water coming into it. 

2) Drain Pipes

Adding a drain line for your newly moved washer or dryer should cost you between $360 and $1,840.

The project gets more complicated if it involves building new drain pipes. Their purpose is to empty the washer of dirty water for the next round of laundry.

If there’s someplace at your home where you can connect to the existing drain pipe, the cost is cheaper, but if new ones have to be made, you’d need to spend considerably more.  

3) Electrical Outlets

Generally, a new regular outlet costs $100 to install, and a 240-volt plug costs $500.

Whether you have one or two electrical outlets will depend on the kind of washer and dryer you own.

Requiring less power, most washing machines do well on an ordinary outlet. If you have a gas dryer, it may be able to work plugged into the same outlet as the washing machine.

Whereas, for electric dryers, you would need a dedicated 20-amp and 220 or 240-volt circuit because it needs more power to heat-dry your clothes. 

4) Gas Dryer Pipes

Do you use a gas dryer? Then transferring this appliance to another spot in your house will require you to set up new gas lines.

The average price for running a gas line is $20 per linear foot or somewhere between $200 and $5,000 in total.

5) Dryer Vent

Since this is lighter work in relation to the project, installing a dryer vent costs less at $100.

A new dryer vent should provide an opening where the moisture from the heat for drying your clothes can escape the building.

6) Unit Installation

Finally, the washing and drying unit themselves will need to be installed correctly. Usually, this will cost you from $50 to $175 per machine.

However, if you have bought a new washer, dryer, or both, the installation service is often already included in the selling price.

7) Walls and Ceilings 

In the process of transferring your washing or drying unit, walls and ceilings may have to be removed. This allows the appliance to be connected to your electrical and water lines.

The cost of removing a wall runs from $300 to $10,000 with non-load-bearing walls costing drastically less than load-bearing walls.

In addition, you might also have to skim-coat and paint the wall and ceilings too for $1.10 to $1.30 per square foot and $3 to $4 per square foot, respectively.

8) Flooring

For some homes, flooring may also need to be removed to accommodate the new pipe connections, be it related to electrical or plumbing.

This job should approximately cost the homeowner an extra $0.25 to $0.50 per square foot.

How much do washer and dryer hookup moves cost by location?

How much do washer and dryer hookup moves cost by location

Now let’s explore the rates of moving washer and dryer hookups based on the location in the house:

1. Same Room

Moving your washer and dryer to another part of the room is the simplest among these tasks. This will involve the rerouting of the faucet water and drain line by a pro plumber, which can cost $350 at the very least.

In addition, electrical outlets will have to be moved for the person to be able to operate the appliances.

The overall cost of the project will range from $1,000 to $7,000 depending on the work’s difficulty.

2. Garage or Basement

Removing the laundry appliances in their current location and moving them to a garage or basement can be a brilliant idea.

That is because most of these locations are often more spacious and are closer to drains and water pipes for the homeowner to take advantage of.

And, usually, a dryer vent and electrical outlets will have to be added too.

As for the price, you can look forward to spending $1,060 to $4,475 to transfer your dryer or washer to the garage or basement.

Speaking of transferring them, you may also be considering building a dedicated laundry room here, which will translate to $15,000 in expenses at most.

3. Upstairs from the Basement

A lot of people have decided to move their laundry appliances upstairs from the basement. This is so they don’t have to make multiple trips to it when washing or drying their clothes.

Likewise, the relocation work will require many comebacks to unhook the appliances, lift them, clean the area, and so forth.

And so it’s not surprising that the total cost of relocating the washing machine and dryer and setting them up is a whopping $14,850 on average.

Can I move my washer and dryer hookup myself?

Yes, you can move your wash and dryer hookup on your own, but you have to understand that the work takes some skill and experience. Without them, your work can result in unwanted mistakes and endanger your house and family.

There are plumbing and electrical works you likely have to do. To give you some examples, you might need to install a new outlet, drain line, and gas line as we discussed earlier.

For this, you’ll only need a set of tools most of which you already have at home. Apart from that, you will need some supply lines and zip ties to lock and secure them against each other.

How much will I spend to DIY moving my washer and dryer?

If you want to move your washer and dryer hookups on your own, you can expect to spend $46 more or less because you won’t need to hire trade-specific professionals. You will only use the money on getting the needed tools and equipment.

Here’s the breakdown of the supplies and equipment you will need for relocating the washer or dryer lines.

ToolsTypical Cost
Measuring Tape$3
Locking Pliers$5
Washer Supply Lines$30
Zip or Cable Ties$3

FAQs about Moving Your Washer or Dryer Unit

FAQs about Moving Your Washer or Dryer Unit

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