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How much does it cost to build a yurt?

January 18, 2023
How much does it cost to build a yurt

Building a yurt can cost you $38,000 on average. This includes the base structure and other additions like reinforcement and insulation. 

The price to build a yurt starts at $12,000 but can reach $80,000 depending on many factors including its size, the materials used, labor, and building permit.

This sturdy yet lightweight structure originated from Central Asia but has gained popularity in many places thanks to its durability and price. Yurts can be used as a place to relax and hang out or as a permanent home to live in.

In the next sections, we will discuss the different factors that you need to consider when building a yurt as well as some answers to the most popular questions about them.

Top Factors That Affect the Cost of Building a Yurt

Like building a house, a yurt also needs materials, labor, and building permits. However, unlike a common house, yurts require significantly less money to be built.

Here are the top factors which may affect the cost of the yurt you want to build.

Materials for Building a Yurt

Materials for Building a Yurt

Materials cover more than 3/4 of the total cost of building a yurt. This factor is dependent upon the size of the yurt you want to build. 

Aside from the size of the yurt itself, you also need to consider other factors like reinforcements and insulation, especially if you live in an area prone to storms or earthquakes.

Labor Fee for Building a Yurt

Labor Fee for Building a Yurt

The second biggest factor that may affect the price of building a yurt is labor. 

This price is heavily dependent on whether the company you bought your yurt from will assemble it for you, as that’s a cheaper option compared to hiring someone on your own.

Another option to save more money is to build the yurt by yourself and then set aside a smaller budget to hire specialists who’ll work on connecting your yurt to your area’s power and water supply. 

Transportation Costs for Building a Yurt

Transportation Costs for Building a Yurt

Transportation cost is the third factor you need to consider when budgeting for building a yurt. The price for transporting materials is highly dependent on your location as well as how many materials need to be delivered.

Larger yurt designs might also lead to higher transportation costs since you’ll need to make some return trips or rent a bigger truck to carry all materials to the building site.

Building Permits before You Can Build a Yurt

Building Permits before You Can Build a Yurt

Lastly, you still need to get building permits from your local city or town hall before you can begin building a yurt. The price varies per city and state, but expect to spend at least $500 to $10,000 to get all the permits you need.

Average Cost of Building a Yurt by Size

We’ve listed the available yurt sizes and their average market prices.

Size (by Diameter)Average Price
12 feet$15,000
14 feet$16,000
16 feet$18,000
20 feet$20,000
24 feet$25,000
27 feet$28,000
30 feet$30,000
34 feet$35,000
40 feet$42,000

Cost Breakdown for Building a Yurt

The average total cost of building a yurt is $ 38,000

Here we will discuss the potential costs for each part when building a yurt.

Base Structural Platform of the Yurt

Base Structural Platform of the Yurt

A base structural platform is a necessary part of a yurt. 

Standard yurt platforms can cost $5,000 on average with prices between $3,000 (for a 12ft platform) and $7,000 (for a 40ft platform) depending on their size.

Insulated structural platforms cost more, with the average price being $17,000. Their price range starts from $14,000 (for a 12ft platform) and ends at $20,000 (for a 40ft platform). 

Getting an insulated platform is a must if you are living in a colder climate.

The base platform is the one that makes contact with the ground and holds the lattice reinforcements of the yurt in place. 

Insulation for the Yurt

Insulation for the Yurt

Installing insulation for a yurt costs $3,000 on average. 

Depending on the type of insulation material used, you can pay as little as $500 to as much as $6,000. There are four common types of insulating material available today.

These are batt and roll, spray foam, radiant barriers, and rigid foam. 

Rigid foam is the cheapest option, costing only $0.40 per sq ft on average, while spray foam is the most expensive one available, at $2.50 per sq ft on average.

Most builders will recommend that you place radiant barriers on the walls of your yurt to keep the yurt’s internal temperature stable. A square foot of radiant barrier costs around $0.50.

Roofing of the Yurt

Roofing of the Yurt

A pre-built yurt will already have a roof included with it. However, if you’re interested in adding your own, the average price for a yurt roof costs $10,000

Simpler roofs only cost around $2,000, while more durable roofing like metal roofs can cost you as much as $22,000.

Buying a more durable yurt roof is recommended if you live in an area that is prone to storms, as you’ll need more reinforcements to hold your roof down to withstand strong winds.

Doors and Windows of the Yurt

Doors and Windows of the Yurt

Most yurt construction companies will already have windows and doors included in the total price of their yurts, but you can choose to upgrade them to better ones for aesthetic and durability purposes.

Custom-made yurt doors can cost you $1,500 on average, while more durable glasses for windows on the market today cost $ 3,000 per panel on average. 

However, it’s also possible to go for cheaper plastic windows which only cost $500 per panel.

Reinforcement for the Yurt

While a yurt is already reinforced with standard latticework walls, you’ll need to add further reinforcements if you live in an area prone to storms. Reinforcement materials and labor will cost you an additional $3,500 on average.

This will add additional rafters and studs around the yurt to better its ability to resist strong gusts of wind. The price can be made lower if you will add the reinforcements by yourself, removing the labor costs.

Additional Furniture and Design

Additional Furniture and Design

When the yurt is ready, it’s time to add the furniture and rooms. Living only with the most basic furniture like a bedroll will only add an additional $2,000, but if you want to turn your yurt into a proper house expect to add at least $25,000 or more.

Here are some prices for rooms and furniture for your yurt.

Kitchen Cost for a Yurt

Kitchen Cost for a Yurt

Living long-term in a yurt means you’ll need a place where you can prepare and store your food. 

We found that you’ll need to allocate somewhere around $15,000 to buy most of your kitchen needs like an oven, a refrigerator, counters, etc.

Aside from the appliances and furniture, you’ll also need to pay for labor for the installation of kitchen cabinets and plumbing for the sink.

Bathroom Cost for a Yurt

Bathroom Cost for a Yurt

Another essential for long-term yurt living is a proper bathroom. Getting a shower, a sink, and the plumbing necessary to provide consistent water can cost you $8,000 on average.

Cost of Yurt Outside Deck

Cost of Yurt Outside Deck

Make your yurt not only beautiful inside but also outside by installing a deck for you and your loved ones to hang out on. Building a deck for a yurt may cost you at least $ 8,000.

Because this isn’t a part of the yurt originally, you’ll need to spend quite a bit to procure supplies as well as hire the labor who will work on your deck.

Additional Yurt Furniture

Aside from the two rooms mentioned before, you are free to add more to a yurt as long as the space allows it. Allocating at least an additional $5,000 can buy you other furniture like beds and sofas to make your yurt more homely and livable.

Can I DIY building a yurt?

It’s better to just let the company who sold the yurt build it for you, as they charge only a minimal additional fee. However, it’s also possible to DIY yurt building if you really want to save as much money as you can.

The yurt will come with a guide on how to build it, so you’ll have no problems assembling it on your own. As long as you have basic carpentry knowledge and the tools required to make one, then building a yurt is an easy task for you to do. 

Is it better to buy pre-built yurts rather than make one from scratch?

Is it better to buy pre-built yurts rather than make one from scratch

We generally recommend that you go with pre-built yurts because, like a prefabricated home, these yurts are cheaper and easier to build. 

The materials are also easy to transport because they are already pre-cut. This will save you a lot of money on transportation costs.

Also, labor isn’t expensive with a pre-built yurt because of how easy it is to reassemble. A pre-built yurt is also easier to DIY since you don’t need to plan everything from scratch.

The only other significant cost you need to consider aside from the pre-built yurt itself are the professionals you need to hire to install furniture, electricity, and water to your yurt.

FAQs on Building a Yurt

Services to Help You Build a Yurt

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