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How much does hot tub removal cost?

October 30, 2022
How much does hot tub removal cost

Getting a specialist to remove your hot tub costs between $150 and $650. But most people pay around the middle of this price range for this service.

However, the above-mentioned rates can differ based mainly on the size of the hot tub, the new location it will be moved to, and the labor needed.

You might also just decide to hire a junk removal company to dispose of your dirty or rusty hot tub with the least of worries. The cost for this ranges from $300 to $600.

Read this guide to learn about the cost of hot tub or Jacuzzi removal, the factors that affect it, and how to save money on it, among others.

What are the factors that influence hot tub removal cost?

What are the factors that influence hot tub removal cost

Look below to know the factors influencing the price of hot tub removal and how much they can add to it:

1) Size

The size is a very important price factor. Hot tubs or Jacuzzis can fit two to ten people depending on their brands and models.

In a nutshell, the bigger the hot tub is, the heavier it is and so the more you’ll have to spend.

2) New Location

Many people hire a hot tub removal pro in order to move their hot tub to a different area of the house.

Usually, they plan to build a spa on their property with landscaping, a swimming pool, a patio, a garden, or the like.

If the path or surface towards the new location is flat, you’ll pay less, but if it means going up a flight or two of stairs, you’ll pay higher.

  • Flat Location (Within-Property Moves)

Moving the hot tub within the property on a flat location ordinarily costs $185 on average. Also, the job should take an hour or slightly less to complete.

  • Elevated Location (Within-Property Moves)

The hauling price for elevated hot tub moves is the same as that for flat hot tub relocation, which is $185. But an additional fee of $100 will apply if there are stairs on the way.

In all, you can expect to pay $285 for moving your hot tub on the property to an elevated location. And it will take approximately 1 1/2 hours to do this.

Although the removal company can move your hot tub anywhere around the house or dispose of it entirely, it will be harder for them to move it to an elevated location.

By this, we mean they will have to carry the hot tub upstairs or lift it onto a raised platform at your house.

To perform this task, they might need extra pairs of hands and equipment. Not to mention that it would take them more time to do it, all of which makes the costs higher.

  • New House Hot Tub Moves

Typically, the cost for a hot tub move to a new place is $350, and having a professional do wiring work will add an extra $85 per hour to your tab. The total cost will be $435.

Apart from the two relocations discussed above, the hot tub can be relocated to a new property entirely, say, your new house or from a spa supplies merchant to your current home.

Because of the manual effort, further distance, and transportation costs, you can expect to pay significantly higher if you want to move your hot tub over to a new location.

3) Electrical Work

Basic electrical work, such as wiring and breaker installation, performed by a licensed electrician start at $85 per hour.

When the hot tub is moved, electrical connections must also be made to render it fully functional and keep you safe.

Among the electrical fittings of a hot tub are a heater, a controller and pump, and a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

The GFCI serves to protect users from the risk of electrocution by cutting unusual power fluctuations. Thus, they can relax without worries in or around the hot tub or spa.

4) Labor

Some hot tub removal pros charge $200 per hour, but others charge more affordably at $100 per hour.

As for any kind of professional home improvement work, labor costs take a good portion of the entire cost.

How do I save money on hot tub removal?

How do I save money on hot tub removal

Here are some useful tips so you can spend less on getting your hot tub removed by a pro:

  1. Clean and drain the hot tub – So that the hot tub specialist will have less amount of work on their hands, you can do the preparation work.

You can do this by draining the hot tub of its water and cleaning it safely and carefully.

  1. Pack the parts yourself – You can also help with the dismantling of the hot tub’s parts like the motors, pumps, and other plumbing and electrical components.

Wrap it properly so that the parts won’t get damaged in case it bumps into a wall or other obstacle while it’s being carried.

Why should I rely on a pro to remove my hot tub?

Why should I rely on a pro to remove my hot tub

Hiring a hot tub removal pro will make the job drastically easier and faster to do. They have the manpower, equipment, and other resources that will ensure a safe and efficient job.

Although you can get your buddies or friends to help, a hot tub is extremely heavy. It also has wiring that can cause shocks or injuries if it’s not handled with a high level of care.

Pro hot tub movers have the license and experience so they know what to do from the get-go. Also, they carry mover and third-party liability insurance to cover costs in the event of accidental damage to your hot tub or your property.

On top of that, it will only take them an hour to an hour and a half to remove or relocate your hot tub. And you have the utmost peace of mind that it’s installed in the best way and it’s safe to be used by everyone.

How do I find the best hot tub removal pro?

How do I find the best hot tub removal pro

Here are some tips to help you find a great and reputable hot tub removal tradesman:

  • Choose one that is experienced and licensed – This is very important since it will dictate how skilled and safe the hot tub professional is. They should follow modern building codes closely.
  • Read customer reviews – See what the experiences of other customers were like with the company you’re looking at. Look at both the positive and negative reviews so you get the full picture.

And don’t pick those with only a few reviews, as they might be coming from the staff of the company.

  • Get multiple quotes – This is essential so that you would have smart options to choose from. With several choices, you’re likely to find the company that offers the best service and value for your money.

Acquiring at least three quotes from different hot tub removal companies would be good. Also, confirm with them that the price you see is certainly what you’d need to pay them for the work.

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