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The 6 Best Options for Roofing Companies in Richmond

March 4, 2020
Best Roofing Companies in Richmond

Are you thinking of an easy way to find the best roofing experts in Richmond? Well, then you have come to the right place. This post already outlines some of the finest options you have whenever you need help with any roofing task.

Now, you literally don’t have anything do to except go through the following list and pick a company that offers the exact solutions you need.

Ready to find the right roofing Richmond expert without any fuss? If yes, then let’s get started!


1.     Richmond VA Roofing

Richmond VA Roofing's Logo

Best For General Roofing Work
Services Offered New roof construction

Roof repairs

Commercial and residential roofing services

Roof coating, inspections, and replacements

Spray foam roofing

Shingle and emergency repairs

Roofing consultation

Address 511 Ryland St #5, Richmond, VA 23220
Contact Information (804) 621-5404

Richmond VA Roofing is the top choice for all your roofing needs. Why, you may ask? From Spanish tile roofing, new roof construction to roof repairs, this company will get you covered. As a licensed and well-established roofing expert, Richmond VA Roofing won’t have trouble providing effective solutions, sourcing high-quality materials, and offering complete peace of mind all throughout your roofing project. For 100% customer satisfaction and long-lasting roofing solutions, give them a call at (804) 621-5404.


2.     RW Harper & Sons Inc

RW Harper & Sons Inc's Logo

Best For General Roofing and Sheet Metal Services
Services Offered Home and business roofing services

Sheet metal fabrication

Roof repairs, replacements, and construction

Historical roofing and shingle repair

Emergency repairs

Address 2104 Decatur Street, Richmond VA 23832
Contact Information 804 233 6550

RW Harper & Sons Inc has been around since 1967, catering to the needs of Richmond residents, from general roofing to sheet metal services. The company is proud of its well-trained and highly skilled team; for them, there’s just no too big or too small of a project to complete. They can work on different types of roofing systems such as slate, metal, tile, TPO, and EPDM. In addition, they also specialize in various roof repairs, historical roofing work, roof replacements, and new roof construction.


3.     International Roofing

International Roofing's Logo

Best For Commercial Roofing Services
Services Offered Re-roofing services

Vegetative roofing

Fabrication and new construction services

Waterproofing and maintenance work

Address 2200 Magnolia Street

Richmond, VA 23223

Contact Information (804) 648-7911

For commercial establishments looking to strengthen or refresh the look of their roofing systems, International Roofing is the right company to go to. Known as a full-service commercial roofing contractor, this company is capable of completing complex projects that involve roof customization, waterproofing, maintenance, even new roof construction. They also have a one-of-a-kind offer — vegetative roofing — which is ideal for those who want to save on energy costs by having a “green” or environmentally-friendly roof.


4.     Phoenix Roofing

Phoenix Roofing's Logo

Best For Commercial Roofing Services
Services Offered Roof assessments and repairs

Roof restoration and replacement

Infrared inspections

Address 3903 Carolina Avenue

Richmond, Virginia 23222

Contact Information 804-355-1089

Phoenix Roofing is another leader in the provision of commercial roofing services; the only difference is that they focus more on increasing the life expectancy of roofing systems. With their tried and tested methods and roofing solutions, the company claims that they can “give old new roofs new life” by making them last twice as long as their warranties. Their more than 30 years of experience in the field, dedication, and premium quality service all contribute to their capacity to preserve roofing systems.


5.     A Plus Roofing

A Plus Roofing's Logo

Best For Roof Installations
Services Offered General roofing work

Gutters and gutter protection

Address 2907 Hungary Spring Road, Henrico, VA 23228
Contact Information (804) 752-0008

A Plus Roofing is never a bad choice for quick, complete, and top-quality roof installations. As a Shingle Quality Specialist, they have a team of supervisors and laborers who can install a robust roofing system following the industry’s best practices and code of ethics. A Plus Roofing is flexible enough to deal with various customer requirements; that means they can accommodate both residential and commercial roofing needs. For added bonus points, the company doesn’t just offer you a sturdy roof, but also something that looks appealing and fits your rather strict budget.


6.     Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder's Logo

Best For Home Improvement and General Roofing Services
Services Offered Siding, window, and roofing work

Interior and exterior painting

Carpentry services

Decking services

Roof replacements and repairs

Address 2120 Staples Mill Rd STE 300

Richmond, VA 23230

Contact Information (804) 255-9142

Jacob’s Ladder is actually a home improvement company with undeniable expertise in roofing work. Although they don’t exclusively offer roofing services, they have roofers in their team who are ready to take on any roof-related job such as replacements and repairs. With the best materials at hand, they always leave customers satisfied with good-as-new roof systems. The best part? If you need other services to enhance your property’s interior and exterior, Jacob’s Ladder got you covered. They offer painting services, window replacements, and carpentry services among others.

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