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The 7 Best Options for Roof Repairs in Houston

March 4, 2020
Best Roof Repairs in Houston

Roof repairs are important to maintain the excellent condition of your roofing system. If you talk to roof repair Houston specialists today, they would probably say the same thing.

That said, you shouldn’t delay getting the roof repair service you need. And if you’re looking for a guide in choosing the right service provider, well, look no further!

Today, our post will show you the top roofers in Houston specializing in repair services. Check them out and find the best one for your needs…

1.    Roof Squad

Roof Squad's Logo

Best For Residential Roof Repair and Replacement
Services Offered Roof repairs

Roof replacements

Commercial roofing services

Free inspection

Emergency roof repairs

Address 19407 Park Row, Suite 130 Houston, TX 77084
Contact Information (713) 489-8064

Roof Squad is definitely the “squad” you need if you’re after quality roof repair services for your home. The company specializes in handling residential tasks, helping Houston homeowners repair or replace faulty roofing systems. Although the company is popular for its residential services, they can also cater to commercial clients, providing them with replacement solutions, maintenance programs, and so much more. Roof Squad also offers 24-hour emergency services in case you need urgent roof repairs.

2.     American Roofing Solutions LLC

American Roofing Solutions LLC's Logo

Best For Roof Leak Repairs
Services Offered New roofs and re-roofs

Emergency cover-up

Roof leak repairs

Residential and commercial services

Address 2450 Louisiana St. Suite 400

Houston, Texas 77006

Contact Information 713-252-9898

American Roofing Solutions LLC is considered a leader in roof repairs and maintenance. The reason? They are always well-equipped when dealing with various kinds of roofing issues. They prioritize their customers above all else, providing them with solutions that fit their exact needs and budget. Aside from roof repairs and maintenance, the company offers many other roofing services suitable to residential and commercial buildings. To see the complete list, visit their website at

3.     Edwards Roofing Contractors

Edwards Roofing Contractors' Logo

Best For Roof Leak Detection
Services Offered Roof repairs and siding work

Fascias and soffits

Flat roof services

Roof leak detection

Address 5535 Memorial Dr. Ste. F 1205

Houston, TX 77007

Contact Information 832-207-1634

Meanwhile, Edwards Roofing Contractors is popular for its roof leak detection service. And once they determine the source of the leak, they will provide solutions to fix the problem and keep your roofing system in tip-top condition. Using only the latest roofing technologies and techniques, Edwards Roofing Contractors can ensure that all issues will be solved and that your roof will last for a long time.

4.     Rose Roofing

Rose Roofing's Logo

Best For Residential Roof Replacement and Repairs
Services Offered General roofing work

Roof repairs and replacement

Storm damage repairs

Roof installations

Address 16122 Lakeview Dr, Houston, TX

77040 United States

Contact Information (713) 804-8202

Since 1972, Rose Roofing has been helping Houston residents fix their roof issues, big or small. Rose Roofing is actually a company that can offer a broad range of roof services. From roof installation, replacement to repairs, they can do it all up to your standards. But if you only need roof repairs at the moment, their team promises a high level of attention to detail, quick response, and lasting repair solutions.

5.     Andy Nichols Roofing

Andy Nichols Roofing's Logo

Best For Commercial and Residential Roofing Services
Services Offered Storm damage repairs

Residential, commercial, and industrial roofing

Metal roof installation

Roof installs, repairs, and inspections

Flashing repairs

Roof replacement

Address 1345 Blalock Rd Suite D, Houston, TX 77055
Contact Information 281-300-4363

With their top-notch and extensive roof repair services, Andy Nichols Roofing can make sure that you and everyone in your building will be protected against harsh weather conditions. The company is known for conducting quality, quick, and lasting repairs, so you can be sure to get excellent value for money. If you need other services besides roof repairs, it’s worth noting that the company also offers metal roof installation, inspections, fascia repairs, and so much more. For complete details, you may visit their website at

6.     Lone Star Roofing Company

Lone Star Roofing Company's Logo

Best For General Roofing and Exterior Services
Services Offered Residential and commercial roofing

Storm damage repairs

Roof installs and new shingles

Window services

Address 827 West 34th Street

Houston, TX 77018

Contact Information (713) 861-ROOF

Lone Star Roofing Company is staffed with experienced and knowledgeable roofers always ready to help you out. They specialize in a vast range of commercial, residential, and exterior roofing services. Having said that, roof repairs are only among the many great services they can offer to you. What’s more, you’ll be glad to know that all of them are trained and certified in the latest roofing techniques, which means they can carry out any job safely and accurately.

7.    JC&C Roofing Company

JC&C Roofing Company's Logo

Best For Roofing Services
Services Offered Roof Installation

Roof Repair

Roof Maintenance

Roof Replacement composition

Address 1220 Blalock Rd Ste 316 Houston TX 77055
Contact Information Phone: (281) 498-7663

Fax: (713) 429-1916

[email protected]


In installing a roof it can take time and effort doing it. But in JC & C Roofing Company it will be finished in no time.

The team is filled with talented and knowledgeable staff making their job fast and easy. It will always be their number one priority is the clients.

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