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The 8 Best Plumbers in Townsville for Any Situation

March 4, 2020
Best Plumbers in Townsville

Cost-effective plumbing services are the key to keeping your property well-maintained without breaking the bank. So if you’re looking for such services, we have a list of reputable plumbers Townsville based that offer exactly what you need!

If you’d like to search for the best plumbers yourself, we’ll not stop you. But if you need help, we hope our post will point you towards the right people to hire.

Did you just decide to stick with us? Well, then here are the 6 best plumbers in Townsville today…

1.     Top to Bottom Plumbing

Top to Bottom Plumbing's Logo

Best For Plumbing Maintenance
Services Offered 24/7 emergency services

General plumbing work

Plumbing maintenance and servicing

Roofing work

Blockages and drain repairs

Hot water system supply/services

Residential and commercial services

Address 1 Corporate Crescent, Garbutt 4814 Qld
Contact Information 07 4779 7722

Top to Bottom Plumbing is an exceptional plumber that specializes in all aspects of plumbing service and maintenance. Hence, you can be sure that they will take care of your systems…from top to bottom! Their knowledgeable team has the skills, experience, and tools to handle any plumbing project in private homes, multi-residential units, and townhouses. Additionally, they can provide efficient commercial services, resolving all plumbing issues, big or small.

2.     C Vella Plumbing & Electrical

C Vella Plumbing & Electrical's Logo

Best For General Plumbing Work
Services Offered Residential and commercial plumbing

Hot water systems

Emergency plumbing services

Gas and electrical work

Address 43 Pilkington St Townsville, QLD 4814
Contact Information (07) 4779 6183

C Vella Plumbing & Electrical claims to have all the solutions for every plumbing problem there is in Townsville. Their technicians are just one phone call away; upon initial contact with them, you can immediately schedule a consultation or repair service. C Vella Plumbing & Electrical doesn’t just offer solutions to daily or common plumbing issues. They can provide services to resolve your most complex and disruptive problems as well.

3.     Franzmann Plumbing

Franzmann Plumbing's Logo

Best For Plumbing Maintenance
Services Offered Commercial, domestic, and industrial maintenance work

General plumbing work

Drainage and gasfitting services

Machinery hire services

Address 13/15 Tarzan St, Mount St John QLD 4818, Australia
Contact Information 07 4725 1700

Franzmann Plumbing is the company you need if you’re on the lookout for plumbing maintenance experts. Their experienced, dependable, and highly-trained team can definitely ensure that your systems will remain robust and functional for a long time. Besides maintenance services, they can also offer a host of plumbing solutions. These include camera inspections, drain unblocking, plumbing installs, and backflow prevention device testing, just to name a few.

4.     Northern Plumbing

Northern Plumbing's Logo

Best For Emergency Plumbing Services
Services Offered 24/7 emergency services

Residential and commercial plumbing

Maintenance, construction, and excavation services

General plumbing work

Address PO Box 4344, Kirwan QLD, 4817
Contact Information 07 4723 4441

Meanwhile, Northern Plumbing should be your go-to expert whenever you’re dealing with emergency plumbing issues. Available 24/7 and equipped with the necessary tools, they can get any plumbing job done without taking shortcuts and compromising the service quality. Their team is also known for being professional yet courteous, so it’s always easy to work with them from start to finish. To discuss your needs or arrange an emergency repair service, you may call them at 07 4723 4441.

5.     Tacoma Plumbing

Tacoma Plumbing's Logo

Best For General Plumbing Work
Services Offered PLumbing, drainage, and gasfitting services

Roofing and siphonic roof drainages

Maintenance services

Address 42 Gorden St, Garbutt QLD 4814, Australia
Contact Information +61 7 4725 4776

Tacoma Plumbing takes your budget and schedule into account whenever you hire them for any plumbing project. This way, their team can meet (or even exceed) all of your plumbing needs. Their 40 years of experience in the industry also speaks volumes about the great reputation they have established and the continuous support they receive from numerous Townsville residents. To view the complete list of services they offer, visit the company’s website at

6.     Convenient Plumbing Services

Convenient Plumbing Services' Logo

Best For General Plumbing Work
Services Offered 24/7 emergency services

Plumbing fit-outs

Roofing maintenance

Residential and commercial plumbing renovations

Irrigation, drainage and gasfitting services

Address 265 Ingham Rd, Garbutt QLD 4814, Australia
Contact Information 07 4728 8804

Convenient Plumbing Services is also available 24/7, ready to assist you with any plumbing emergencies as well as gasfitting and roofing issues. They cater to both residential and commercial customers, proving that they are flexible enough to do various plumbing jobs and accommodate diverse customer needs. The best part? They offer efficient yet affordable services; whether you need them for emergency work, fit-outs or renovations, they can offer expert help that won’t leave you financially burdened.

7.    Plumber To Your Door

Plumber To Your Door's Logo

Best For General Plumbing Work
Services Offered All things related to plumbing and roofing
Address 24 Punari Street, Currajong Qld 4812 Australia
Contact Information 0429 949 491 | [email protected]

Plumber To Your Door opened their doors on February 1, 2017 with an idea of providing a different approach to doing business. Their goal is to build long term relationships with property owners/business owners around the region.

Their fixed pricing allows for a transparent approach, no hidden fees, no surprises when opening the bill. The team is regularly trained on new plumbing products and this allows Plumber To Your Door technicians the ability to be able to offer time savings on jobs, quality products and a greater understanding of the plumbing industry.

8.  Mathiou Services

Best For Schools, childcaress, aged care’s, and all commercially owned properties
Services Offered Maintenance & Repairs, Plumbing, Gardening & Landscaping, Building & Carpentry, Painting, Flooring services, Electrical, Pest Control
Address Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Townsville, and other regional places in Australia
Contact Information 1300 363 423
[email protected]

Mathiou is a company for maintenance repair. They provide high-quality workmanship and professionalism to meet the needs of their clients.

Their services include carpentry, maintenance and repairs, plumbing, gardening and landscaping, decorating, painting, floor restoration, electrician, and pest control.

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