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The 6 Best Options for Pest Control in Tampa

October 8, 2019
Best Pest Control Tampa

Having a home in the city premises may mean that your home will be prone to annoying pests such as ants, cockroaches, mice, and rats.  It’s up to you how you can prevent these pests from invading your home.

No worries… this article has listed six of the most outstanding partners you can trust.  These pest exterminators will help your family be safe from the dangers that these pesky creatures impose.  Read on and get to know these companies.

1. Orkin – Tampa, Florida

Orkin – Tampa, Florida's Homepage

BEST FOR Residential and commercial pest management
SERVICES Pest  and termite control

Bedbug, carpenter ant, tick, stinging insect, and flea treatment

Mosquito control

Fumigation services

Insulation installation

Lawn care

Integrated pest management

Bedbug ProAct for hospitality

Rodent, bird, and fly control

ADDRESS 9629 Palm River Road, Tampa, FL
CONTACT Phone: (813) 524-7825 | 1-888-675-4662

Orkin is one of Tampa’s favorite pest control companies.  It has over 115 years of experience in the industry and delivers one of the most innovative methods when it comes to managing or exterminating pests.  Why should you consider hiring Orkin?

  • Flexible appointment times
  • Next-day service availability
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free estimates
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • A+ rating in BBB

2. Ehrlich

Ehrlich's Homepage

BEST FOR Residential and commercial pest management
SERVICES Carpenter ant and cockroach extermination

Fumigation treatment

Residual disinfection

Insect control


Heat treatments

Moisture control

TAP insulation

Vegetation management

ADDRESS 5711 Johns Rd.,Suite 1308, Tampa FL 33634
CONTACT Phone: (813) 877-6144

In 1928, Julius Ehrlich founded Ehrlich Pest Control and since then, the company has grown into what it is today—once of the leading pest control service companies in the Eastern United States.  Now, it has 100 branches serving the Eastern U.S. including Florida, Georgia, Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, etc.  Below are the reasons why you should consider the service of Ehrlich:

  • Servicing Tampa for over 50 years
  • Free survey for business
  • Fast and effective treatments
  • Proofing services for home and business
  • Licensed and certified pest control specialists
  • Highest standards of pest control service that is safe for children and pets

3. Nextgen Pest Solutions

Nextgen Pest Solutions' Homepage

BEST FOR Residential and commercial pest management

Eco-friendly pest control

SERVICES Mosquito, rodent, and spider control

Wildlife removal

Commercial pest control services

Termite, bedbug, and cockroach treatment

ADDRESS 15709 Woodshed Pl., Tampa, Florida, 33624
CONTACT Phone: (800) 508-0904 | 1-800-508-0904

Nextgen Pest Solutions, a veteran-owned and operated business, provides the highest quality pest management services in Tampa, Florida.  It offers a full range of residential and commercial pest control services for over 20 years.  Nextgen’s treatments are fast and effective but pets and people safe.

4. Apex Pest Control Inc.

Apex Pest Control Inc.'s Homepage

BEST FOR Residential and commercial pest management
SERVICES Pest and termite control

Bedbug treatment

Wildlife control and removal

Bee, wasp, and bat management

Lawn care

Commercial services

ADDRESS 2812 South 70th Street, Tampa, FL 33619
CONTACT Phone: (813) 221-2847 | (877) 459-2847

Apex Pest Control Inc., a family-owned business, is one of the most trusted pest control companies in Florida.  It provides high-quality and professional service since 1985.  Apex’s staff and exterminators are registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service.  Each of the staff members is trained to handle any potential difficulty in securing your home from pesky invaders.

5. Best Termite & Pest Control, Inc.

Best Termite & Pest Control, Inc.'s Homepage

BEST FOR Residential and commercial pest management
SERVICES Pest and mosquito control

Termite and bedbug  treatment

Lawn care


Furniture fumigation and vault fumigation

Rodent control and exclusion services

Outdoor lawn spraying & fertilization

Weed control

ADDRESS 8120 N. Armenia Avenue Tampa, FL 33604
CONTACT Phone: (813) 935-0998

Fax: (813) 935-0998

Email: [email protected]


Best Termite & Pest Control, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business that has been providing pest control services in Tampa for over 40 years.  It consists of professional individuals who are highly-trained to ensure that no matter what the customers’ pest issue is, Best Termite & Pest Control, Inc. can solve it.

6. Chet’s Termite and Pest Management

Chet’s Termite and Pest Management's Homepage

BEST FOR Termite and pest management
SERVICES Pest and termite control

Tent fumigation

Mosquito control

ADDRESS 2112 W Waters Ave, Tampa, FL 33604
CONTACT Phone: (813) 935-7554

Chet’s Termite and Pest Management has years of experience when it comes to termite and pest control services, providing the highest standard of services for residents in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Brandon, and surrounding areas.  The company employs experienced experts who can provide excellent customer service and are committed to helping clients live pest-free.

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