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The 6 Best Options for Pest Control in Charlotte NC

September 8, 2019
Best Pest Control Charlotte NC

Even the cleanest properties can struggle from the common pests found in Charlotte, and these include mosquitoes, termites, rodents, ants, and roaches. If you don’t take steps to get rid of these pests, then be prepared to suffer from terrible consequences. For instance, rodents can feast on your food and other perishable items, termites and other creepy crawlies can destroy valuables, and disease-carrying insects can infect people in your building.

Certainly, no one wants to deal with these problems, so as early as now, get help from a trusted pest control company. They know the right solutions for any kind of pest infestation, ensuring that you’ll have a pest-free zone. That being said, here are the 6 best options for pest control in Charlotte NC, for your consideration.    

1.     ClearDefense Pest Control

ClearDefense Pest Control's Logo
Best ForGeneral Pest Control
Services OfferedEco-friendly pest control treatments Mosquito control Termite control Baiting or trapping Spot treatment Web/nest removal
Address4324 Barringer Dr. Suite 114 Charlotte, NC 28217
Contact Information(704) 879-2810

Calling ClearDefense Pest Control should definitely be your first line of defense against pest infestations. This company has been the choice of many residents in Charlotte NC because of the precise pest control methods they employ. They always consider pest behaviour, lifecycle, and habitats, and this helps them provide treatments in a safe and targeted manner. They can also offer you an ongoing treatment program so you can finally stop any kind of pest activity in your property.       

2.     Go-Forth Pest Control

Go-Forth Pest Control's Logo
Best ForResidential and Commercial Pest Control
Services OfferedGeneral pest control Termite and mosquito control Lawn care services
Address8058 Corporate Center Drive Suite 250, Charlotte, NC 28226
Contact Information704-870-7378

Go-Forth Pest Control has over 50 years of pest control experience that they always bring whenever they conduct work for both residential and commercial clients. Having seasoned and award-winning technicians on their team also mean that everything is done according to your exact needs and specifications. Regardless if you’re looking for a preventative, advanced, or complete pest control coverage, the company has the right service plan for you. Learn more by visiting their website:    

3.     Triangle Pest Control

Triangle Pest Control's Logo
Best ForResidential Pest Control
Services OfferedSame-day pest control service Treatments for roaches, rodents, ants, bed bugs, spiders, and termites Insect control
Address5104 Reagan Drive, Suite 10 Charlotte, NC 28206
Contact Information704-631-2343

Triangle Pest Control is the pest exterminator you need if you’re looking for an urgent solution for a pest infestation. They are known for taking care of pest problems in the fastest way possible. Same-day service is guaranteed if you call on their team before noon. Their trained technicians can deal with anything from bed bugs, roaches, fleas to mosquitoes, inside and outside your home. 

4.     Aruza Pest Control

Aruza Pest Control's Homepage
Best ForGeneral Pest Control
Services OfferedCommercial and residential pest control Mosquito control Rodent control Termite protection Eco-friendly pest control solutions
Address4801 Chastain Ave., Suite 125, Charlotte, NC 28217
Contact Information1-980-729-8788

By combining the most innovative and eco-friendly pest control solutions, Aruza Pest Control is sought by numerous commercial and residential clients. With the help of this company, it’s possible to stop infestations without using harmful chemicals and compromising others’ safety. They know how expensive it can be when pest control methods don’t work, but of course, you won’t experience it with Aruza Pest Control. They are confident about the effectiveness of their services that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee if they don’t work.       

5.     Noosa Pest Management LLC

Noosa Pest Management LLC's Homepage
Best ForResidential Pest Control
Services OfferedBed bug inspection and treatments Residential and commercial pest control Botanical pest control Wildlife removal General pest control
Address2764 Pleasant Road, #11405 Fort Mill SC 29708
Contact Information704-499-9922

Noosa Pest Management LLC is also one of the go-to companies of homeowners for effective and safe pest control services. Nothing is too much trouble for their team as they use the best and most environmentally friendly technology for termite control, mosquito reduction, bug inspection, and so much more. Their wide-ranging services also cover commercial pest control, wildlife removal, and botanical pest control. Learn more about their other offers by heading over to  

6.     ProForce Pest Control

ProForce Pest Control's Homepage
Best ForGeneral Pest Control Services
Services OfferedCommercial pest control Home pest control Mosquito control Termite control
Address5100 Reagan Drive, Suite 6 Charlotte, North Carolina 28206
Contact Information(704) 741-6918; (704) 508-7378

ProForce Pest Control believes in the power of scientifically proven pest control methods and prevention techniques to combat pest infestations at homes and commercial establishments. And by using these, they strive to provide quality services and results to each customer. Also, with their thorough inspections and safe pest control products, they are able to accomplish all jobs properly and prevent future pest activities from occurring.

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