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The 10 Best Options for Pest Control in Austin

September 17, 2019
Best Pest Control Austin

Have you ever experienced the horror of seeing tiny flying and crawling creatures invade the blissful quietness of your home or business property?  If left unattended, these pests can’t merely damage your property but also pose threats to your physical and mental health.

Good thing that there are reliable partners in Austin whom you can entrust various pest problems.  They will determine the presence of the pests within the vicinity of your area and quickly implement even before infestations begin.  Below are the best and most credible pest management companies you can find in Austin, Texas:

1. A-Tex Pest Management

A-Tex Pest Management's Vehicle

BEST FORResidential and commercial pest management
SERVICESRodents and wildlife control
ADDRESSPO Box 270211, Austin TX 78727
CONTACT (512) 577-4454

A-Tex Pest Management has been eradicating pests and removing these health threats from Austin home and business properties since 2012.  The company performs inspection—and, of course—pest treatment and removal.  It also provides home protection management plan, serving as the continual barrier against pests entering your property.  Their action plan ascertains environmental-friendly experience to all residents, visitors, and workers in the Austin area.

If you’re interested in their service, just click on this link for a free quote.

2. J&M Pro Services

J&M Pro Services' Homepage

BEST FORRapid pest control service
  • Pest, termite, scorpion, rat, spider, cockroaches, rodent, and beetles control
  • Beehive, squirrel, ant, and spider removal
  • Bat exclusion
  • Termite solutions
  • Biting & Stinging Insects
  • Wildlife
  • Emergency pest control
  • Humane management of wildlife
  • Bedbug infestation management
Pflugerville, TX 78691

[email protected] [email protected]


J&M Pro Services’ initial general pest control (GPC) service includes the time allotted to our highly trained technician to brief you about their service, ask about your concerns and explain their services to you. They also inspect the interior and exterior of your home. Using the information gathered, they will prescribe a treatment plan to gain control of pests.

During J&M Pro Services’ inspections and services, they will keep a sharp eye out for bed bugs, termites or rodents, and let you know of any conducive conditions that can be addressed. This allows them to have a warranty that exceeds any other company’s General Pest Control in the state. They also respond within 24 business hours to all customer calls for re-services. They warranty most crawling insects including ones that other companies don’t, like pantry pests, wasps, bees, carpenter ants, acrobat ants, clover mites, German cockroaches, fleas, and ticks.

3. Alpine Pest Solutions

Alpine Pest Solutions' Homepage

BEST FORIndoor and outdoor pest control services
  • Ant Extermination
  • Bed Bug Extermination
  • Flea Extermination
  • Mosquito Extermination
  • Pest Proofing
  • Rodent Extermination
  • Termite Extermination
  • Wasp Extermination
  • Crawl Space & Attic Services
  • Cockroach Extermination
  • Eco/Green Cleaning
  • Preventative Services
  • Recurring Maintenance
  • Spider Extermination
  • Tick/Mite Extermination
ADDRESSAustin, TX 78727

[email protected]


Alpine Pest Solutions has been associated with a high level of quality and professionalism for over 10 years of their pest control experience. They use environmentally-conscious products and continuously improve the personalized services they provide.

4. Berrett Pest Control

Berrett Pest Control's Homepage

BEST FORResidential and commercial pest management
SERVICESWildlife control

Termite, bedbug, cockroach, bee, wasp, ant, mosquito, spider, and rodent control services

ADDRESS8906 Wall Street #803, Austin, TX 78754, USA
CONTACT (512) 879-6140

Berret Pest Control is an award-winning pest control company that provides A-1 pest management and removal services.  They cater to both residential and commercial property owners.  They have been providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee and first-class customer service since 1999.

The company also gives a free estimate to all interested property owners.

5. X Out Pest Services

X Out Pest Services' Logo

BEST FORResidential pest management
SERVICESPest, termite, scorpion, rat, spider, cockroaches, rodent, and beetles control

Beehive, squirrel, ant, and spider removal

Bat exclusion

Termite solutions

Biting & Stinging Insects


Emergency pest control

Humane management of wildlife

Bedbug infestation management

ADDRESS6001 W Parmer LN STE 370-102, Austin, TX 78727
CONTACT (512) 271-5656

X-Out Pest Control Services aims for Austin residents to achieve and maintain healthy lives by making their homes and properties pest-free.  The safety of the environment, children, and pets is the company’s topmost priority.

X-out employs world-class pest control experts who are trained to provide customized treatments that penetrate the nesting and feeding areas of targeted pests.  This results in an average of 96% reduction of household pests and preventing 89% of future pest-related diseases and allergens in your home.  The solutions used are also formulated with smart product technology, administered with safe application procedures, and provide a simple yet powerful scope of pest control service.

6. Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control

Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control's Logo

BEST FORMosquito control services
SERVICESPest, mosquito, bedbugs, termites, and flea & tick control services
ADDRESS8060 US-290, Austin, TX 78736
CONTACT (512) 400-2008

Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control offers affordable rates and competitive services.  They don’t force their customers for annual contracts or equipment purchase.  This gives the clients the freedom to freely go if the company cannot meet their expectations.  But with the five-star reviews given by hundreds of their previous and existing clients, the company has already established its credibility in Austin.

Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control provides 100% guaranteed results and 99% natural solution to pest issues.  They ensure that exposure of Austin families to harmful pathogens is significantly reduced.

7. Fresh Pest Control

Fresh Pest Control's Logo

BEST FOREco-friendly pest management
SERVICESPest Control of:

Bed Bugs

ADDRESS200 University Blvd. Suite 225 #205
Round Rock, TX 78665
CONTACT[email protected]



Solve your pest problem quickly and effectively with Fresh Pest Control! They have over 14 years of experience in offering the people of greater Austin a 100% Natural & Organic treatment.

8. Titan Pest Management

Titan Pest Management's Logo

BEST FORHighly rated pest control service, with 5-Star reviews on Google, Home Advisor, Facebook, and Yelp
SERVICESGeneral Pests – Termites – Wildlife
ADDRESS4100 Sunrise Rd Suite #150
Round Rock, TX 78665
CONTACT844-55-TITAN [84826]

At Titan Pest Management, they believe in providing quality pest control services tailored to the specific needs of the home or business. of their customers. Getting A+ accreditation from BBB, their local technicians are trained and experienced in combating the common invasive pests.

9. Bulwark Exterminating

Bulwark Exterminating's Logo

BEST FORResidential pest management
SERVICESPest, ant, scorpion, spider, and cockroach control services

Termite solutions

ADDRESS209 E Ben White Blvd #115, Austin, TX 78704, USA
CONTACTPhone/Fax: (512) 291-1200

Email: [email protected]


Serving Texas for two decades, the Bulwark Exterminating has already provided topnotch pest management services to over 11,000 Austin families.  Their pest management expertise prevents Austin’s most common household pests such as scorpions, spiders, and ants from invading your property.

Bulwark is a family-owned business which is why they provide the best pest control coverage for families.  They also boast that their products are “less toxic than toothpaste” but still get the job done.

10. Stride Pest Control

Stride Pest Control's Logo

BEST FORResidential and commercial pest management
SERVICESGeneral residential pest control

General commercial pest control

Mosquito, termite, bedbug, and small rodent control

Flea, tick, and chigger services

ADDRESS2250 Double Creek Dr. Unit 6991

Round Rock, Texas 78664

CONTACTPhone: (512) 777-1339

Email: [email protected]


Stride Pest Control has been providing pest control services for both residences and business properties located in the greater Austin area since 2013.  The company takes pride in their 5-star online reviews in various platforms like Yelp, Facebook, and Google.

Stride utilizes the best products, safety protocols, and application strategies in the industry.  Even though they are experts in their field of work, they also prioritize quality service and customer relationships over merely eliminating pests.

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