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The 7 Best Home Builders in Ottawa

January 31, 2020
Best Home Builders Ottawa

Homes are more than just walls… more than just buildings.  It’s our little piece of heaven, one of our biggest dreams.

When it comes to making your dream house into real, you should look for the right home builder to trust.  In Ottawa, there are thousands who readily give sweet promises but only a few can actually provide quality results.  We are here to avoid these shady home builders and give you a list of the most trusted ones.

Below is our round-up for the seven premier home builders in Ottawa.  Scroll on and get to know what services they offer.

1)   The Conscious Builder Inc.

Home Builders Ottawa 1

BEST FOR Custom homes
SERVICES New home construction

General contracting

Energy-efficient homes

Green building

Garage building,

Home additions and extensions

Home remodeling

Home restoration

Project management


Sustainable designs

Design and build

Renovation works

ADDRESS 123 Beechwood Avenue, Ottawa, ON K1M 1L5
CONTACT Phone: (613) 693-0914

Email: [email protected]


The Conscious Builder Inc. has laid its foundations in the word conscious.  They’re all about making conscious decisions, designs, and implementation.  For them, being aware of every decision and actions brings a huge impact to the end result, which in this case is your home.

Why choose The Conscious Builder?

  • 100% sustainability
  • Registered home builder with Tarion
  • Three-year workmanship warranty on renovations and additions
  • Seven-year Tarion warranty

2)  Omega Homes

Home Builders Ottawa 2

BEST FOR Custom homes
SERVICES Build and design

Interior design and décor



Home improvements

Kitchen planning


Modern homes

Prebuilt homes and quick occupancy homes

Lot selection

New construction

Project management


ADDRESS 2515 Bank Street, Suite 40173, Ottawa, ON K1V 0W8
CONTACT Phone: (613) 618-4663

Email: [email protected]


The portfolio of Omega Homes speaks for itself, but what may be unseen is their commitment and determination in every step of the way.  They aim to build not just a house, but a genuine home you and your family will surely love.  With award-winning design, premium materials, and high-quality craftsmanship, Omega Homes can produce your dream home.

  • On-time completion
  • Meticulous workmanship
  • Tarion warranty

3)  Neoteric Developments Inc.

Home Builders Ottawa 3

BEST FOR Residential and commercial developments
SERVICES Custom homes

New home construction

3D rendering

Energy-efficient homes

Garage building

Green building

Handicap-accessible design

Home additions and extensions

Home remodeling

Home restoration

Modular home additions

Project management

Site planning and preparation

Building design

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling & design

ADDRESS 856 Melwood Avenue, Ottawa, ON K2A 3C3
CONTACT Phone: (613) 277-7727

Email: [email protected]


 Neoteric Developments embodies truly modern designs and homes.  Established in 2013, ND has strived to produce multi-million dollar homes that show quality, luxury, and innovation.  The whole ND team makes sure that they create standard examples of building outside the box.

Why choose Neoteric Developments?

  • Artistic and modern home designs
  • Incorporates cutting-edge technology
  • Award-winning

4)  Maple Leaf Custom Homes

Home Builders Ottawa 4

BEST FOR High-end custom homes
SERVICES New home construction

House plans

Land or property development


Energy-efficient homes

Green building

Home additions and extensions

Multigenerational homes

Sustainable design

Universal design

ADDRESS 144 Constance Creek Drive,  PO Box 94, Dunrobin, ON K0A 1T0
CONTACT Phone: (613) 832-4757

Fax: (613) 832-2166
Email: [email protected]


Founded in 2001, Maple Leaf Custom Homes is Ottawa’s premier custom design-build firm.  They focus on open and honest communication in order to build a home that is tailored according to your lifestyle, personality, and needs.  Their homes reflect carefully detailed designs and construction.

Why choose Maple Leaf?

  • 15+ years of industry experience
  • Efficient, honest, and hardworking team
  • No overcharge for changes in designs
  • LEEDS certification

5)  Sanchez Homes

Home Builders Ottawa 5

BEST FOR Residential custom luxury home
SERVICES Custom homes

New construction

Project management

Site planning

Design and build

Interior design

Budget planning

ADDRESS Manotick, Ontario K4M 1M1 Canada
CONTACT Phone: (613) 883-9110

Email: [email protected]


Sanchez Homes is a leading home builder with a dynamic team of talented architects, designers, and craftsmen.  They are trained to create homes according to the clients’ needs and lifestyles.  With years of experience, they can guide you through every phase of the process.  Sanchez Homes works in any architecture style, creating unique yet timeless homes to match your desires and requirements.

Why choose Sanchez Homes?

  • Tarion warranty
  • Member of the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association (GOHBA)
  • Award-winning

6)  Urbandale Construction

Home Builders Ottawa 6

BEST FOR Custom homes
SERVICES New construction

Land and house

Singles/ Bungalows/ Condos/ Townhouses

Build and design

ADDRESS 2193 Arch St, Ottawa, ON K1G 2H5, Canada
CONTACT Phone: 613-731-6331 ext. 1283

If you’re looking for a reliable home builder in Ottawa, Urbandale Construction might be the right one for you.  It is a family-operated business that has been serving Ottawa for over four decades.  The Urbandale team utilizes state-of-the-art building practices that result in high-quality homes as well as industry recognition and customer confidence.

Why choose Urbandale Construction?

  • BBB accredited
  • Tarion warranty
  • 40+ years of industry experience

7) Dt28Services

Open Living Space - Building Works

BEST FOR Custom homes

Kit homes

Prefab homes

Best price and quality in Ottowa

SERVICES Commercial constructionGarage construction

Open living space

Home renovation

Home Exterior design

ADDRESS 50 Lees Avenue
CONTACT Phone: +1 819 329 5197

Email: [email protected]


Dt28Services prefabricates your property. When you choose them as your service provider, you can be sure that they will have 60% less building time, high performance, and the ultimate flexibility. Their team also uses the best insulation and structure in the market.

Why choose Dt28Services?

  • Builds for passion and not profit
  • Prefab flexibility
  • 60% Less building Time
  • High performance
  • The best Insulation/structure in the market

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