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The 9 Best Roofing Companies in Edmonton

September 6, 2019
Best Roofing Companies Edmonton

Having trouble with roof leaks, your chimney, or skylights? All of these require going up on your roof and doing some inspections and repairs. And while you think this might all sound easy, think of the possibility of slipping while on the roof, falling down, and sustaining some serious injuries.

We know that picture isn’t really good. So why not call a roofer instead of risking your safety when you do a roofing task on your own? At some point, you will surely realize that you need the expertise and skills of a roofing company in order to have a well-functioning roof at all times. Hence, as early as now, it would be ideal to find your go-to roofing expert. Check out these best roofing companies in Edmonton for some good options.

1.     Sargeant’s Roofing Ltd  

Best For General Roofing Work
Services Offered Roof repairs Roof replacements Roof inspection
Address 2035 Grantham Court Bay 109 Edmonton, AB T5T3X4
Contact Information 855-488-ROOF (7663)

When you hire Sargeant’s Roofing Ltd for any roofing work, you won’t surely miss the efficiency and professionalism of their crew. From roof repairs to replacements, no matter what the size of the job is, they know what to do and how to make your roof last longer. If you are interested in working with them today, they can give you a free roof inspection service plus they guarantee to turn up quickly, following their 2-hour response time. For more information, go to their website:    

2.     Alf’s Roofing Ltd

Best For General Roofing Work
Services Offered Re-roofs New construction services Repairs Eaves, soffit, and fascia Insurance claims Skylights
Address 904 – 77 Ave NW Edmonton, AB, T6P 1M2
Contact Information 780-464-6464

Alf’s Roofing Ltd is proud to have over 40 years of experience in handling roofing works in Edmonton. Their industry knowledge has grown over time, making them a company that you can rely on anything that’s roof related. They have also recently received a Long Time Service Award for serving all of their customers with excellence and utmost professionalism. Indeed, working with them ensures you’ll be getting the first-class service you want.   

3.     Weatherproof Roofing Inc.

Best For Residential Roofing
Services Offered Roof replacement and repairs Skylight installation and replacement Fascia, soffit, and eavestrough Chimney repairs
Address 8104 160 Ave. Edmonton, AB T5Z 3J8
Contact Information 780 394 5744

For homeowners looking for roofing services that won’t deplete their funds, Weatherproof Roofing Inc. is the right choice. This company is known as an affordable roofing contractor willing to conduct quality roofing work according to your budget and needs. We take care of anything from replacements to repairs, even your skylight, chimney, or fascia. And by being 100% committed to safety, every work we do is properly executed and won’t harm anybody.  

4.     PJ Roofing

Best For Roof build and repairs
Services Offered Roof replacement and repairs Insurance claims Complete roof inspection New construction development High performance ventilation Eavestrough cleaning
Address 140 Castle Drive, Edmonton, AB T5X 6J2
Contact Information 780 885 9149

PJ Roofing promises to protect one of the greatest investments you have: your home. As a professional residential roofer, they know what it takes to provide you with effective roofing solutions. By using the best materials, following a thorough work process, and paying attention to the performance of your roof, their team can give you the best roofing experience. Aside from that, they also conduct work related to eavestrough, new construction development, and high-performance ventilation. 

5.     Ardent Roof Systems Inc

Best For General Roofing Work
Services Offered Roof repairs Metal roofing work Ventilation and insulation Rooftop snow removal Eavestrough inspection Soffit and fascia 
Address 9757 45th Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 5V8, Canada
Contact Information +1 780-488-4900

Quality and safety are the things that Ardent Roof Systems Inc value the most. This only means that your property will be in good hands once you hire them. For residential clients, they can provide asphalt, metal, or cedar roof solutions, as well as efficient roof repairs based on your exact needs. What’s more, they have all the necessary insurance requirements, allowing them to work with some of the largest companies and provide commercial services in Edmonton.

6.     Shamrock Roofing

Best For General Roofing Work
Services Offered Roof repairs Complete roofing jobs Residential and commercial roofing
Address 12147-96 Street Edmonton AB T5G 1V9
Contact Information (780) 479-6891

Every work conducted by the team at Shamrock Roofing revolves around the company’s three core values: competitive pricing, quality products, and excellent workmanship. Now by combining these values with their over 40 years of experience in the field, this company can get roofing jobs done right and to the highest standards. The best part? All of their services are backed by a 7-year workmanship warranty for your complete peace of mind.   

7.     Safe Roofing 

Best For Residential Roofing
Services Offered Asphalt, rubber, and metal roofing work Roof repairs, replacement, and inspections Guttering work Roof ventilation Eavestrough, soffit, and fascia 
Address 300 O’Connor Close NW Edmonton Alberta T6R 1L6 Canada
Contact Information 1 (780) 246-7597

Safe Roofing is Edmonton’s choice for secure residential services. They are able to meet every client’s expectations by delivering roofing solutions that are on time and on budget. The services they offer include roof repairs and maintenance, new constructions, as well as additional exterior renovations of fascia, soffits, and eavestrough.

8.     Matt’s Roofing Ltd

Best For General Roofing Work
Services Offered Residential and commercial roofing Roof repairs Eavestrough and guttering work
Address 6020 189 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6M 2G5, Canada
Contact Information +1 780-993-7005

If you’re looking for premier roofing services, you can find them at Matt’s Roofing Ltd. Although they have just been established last 2014, their over 20 years of combined experience easily makes them trustworthy in conducting roofing work. Also, as a fully licensed, insured, and bonded roofing company, they guarantee to deliver commercial, residential, and general roofing services that are truly worth your time and money. Learn more about them at  

9.    AMT Metal Roofing


Best For Edmonton’s Residential and Commercial Metal Tile Roofing Experts
Services Offered Metal roofing for residential, commercial, and agricultural buildings
Address 16935 111 AVE NW,
T5M 2S4
Contact Information 780-266-4444
[email protected]

AMT Metal Roofing will protect your entire home, office, or entire building from damage, mold, and harsh elements. Their permanent, tough, and timeless, your metal roof can last for almost a lifetime. Their metal tile roofing experts can provide you with a free quote and estimate how much you can save on utilities and repairs if you switch to metal roofing. 

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