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The 5 Best Options for Dishwasher Repair in Canberra

January 18, 2023
Best Dishwasher Repair Canberra

Dishwashers make our kitchen activities so much easier.  Just imagine how inconvenient it would be when yours suddenly breaks down.

To help you get the immediate attention that you need, we have gathered six of the best choices for dishwasher repair services in Canberra.  The professionals in our list are quite known to exceed customer expectations.  They were put into a pedestal simply because they’re super good in what they do.

Without too much fuss, let us present you to these reliable companies.

Let’s begin.

1. Ginger Beard Repair Service

Ginger Beard Repair Service's Logo

BEST FOR Home and commercial appliance repairs
SERVICES Dishwasher repairs and services
ADDRESS Duffy, Canberra, ACT 2611
CONTACT Phone: 1-300-689-121 | Mobile: 02-6190-0457

Email: [email protected]


Ginger Bear Repair is one of Canberra’s most trusted appliance repair service providers.  If you have a faulty dishwasher, these guys come highly recommended.  They can fix various dishwasher issues such as:

  • Problematic dishwasher rollers and racks
  • Not draining or filling with water properly
  • Not washing properly
  • Not finishing the whole cycle properly
  • Leaking around the door
  • Replacing dishwasher outlet and inlet hoses

2. AES Appliance Service

AES Appliance Service's Logo

BEST FOR Appliance repairs
SERVICES Dishwasher repair

Home appliance repairs

ADDRESS Mailing: PO Box 805, Dickson, Canberra, ACT 2602
CONTACT Phone: 0423-300-445 (Call or SMS)

Email: [email protected]


Founded in 2007, AES Appliance Service offers a wide range of appliance repairs, including dishwasher repairs.  Over the years, the company has grown to be a group of dynamic individuals aiming to provide top-quality appliance repair services for the people in Canberra.  If you’re experiencing problems with your dishwasher, you can send them a service request by filling this form.

3. Canberra Appliance Repairs Service

Canberra Appliance Repairs Service's Homepage

BEST FOR Domestic and international home appliance repairs
SERVICES Dishwasher repair

Appliance repairs

ADDRESS Level 4 & 5, 15 Moore St., Canberra, ACT 2601, Australia
CONTACT Phone: (02) 6190-1272

Canberra Appliance Repairs Service has over ten years of industry experience.  The company is well known in the city as a reliable appliance repair company.  Their team of technicians can easily troubleshoot and provide solutions for your damaged dishwasher.  Give them a call for immediate repair service.

4. Craig Poole’s Appliance Repairs

Craig Poole’s Appliance Repairs' Logo

BEST FOR Home appliance repairs
SERVICES Dishwasher repair and installation

Kitchen and laundry repairs

ADDRESS Not available
CONTACT Phone: 0409-917-889

Craig Poole’s Appliance Repairs has more than 25 years of experience fixing appliances, including dishwashers.  For immediate help, they dispatch mobile technicians who are always ready to assist you in your need.  Aside from fixing dishwashers, they also offer new installation services.

5. Brett’s Appliance Repairs

Brett’s Appliance Repairs' Logo

BEST FOR 24-hour appliance repairs and services
SERVICES Home and commercial appliance repairs

Dishwasher repair

ADDRESS Not available
CONTACT Phone: 0422-428-915

Email: [email protected]


Brett’s Appliance Repairs has been servicing Canberra with quality services for over 25 years.  They specialize in fixing kitchen and laundry appliances, including dishwashers.  They are insured, licensed, and registered with ACT planning.  This means that they comply with the standards set by the Australian government.

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