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The 20 Best Carpenters in Singapore

June 23, 2019
12 Best Carpenters in Singapore

When you build a home or an office, you want everything to be as you imagined it. We can help you out with that by showing you the best carpenters in Singapore.

Below are the best carpenters in Singapore who offer woodwork, complete renovation packages, and even handyman services. They’re the ones we found to have the highest reviews and the most recommendations from locals.

1.  Carpentry Helper SG

Best Carpenters Singapore | Carpentry Helpers SG

BEST FOR Professional internal & external carpentry, Verified carpenters
SERVICES/SCOPE All internal and external carpentry, Handmade furniture, Complete refurbishment, Property maintenance, Finish custom carpentry, Other carpentry services
PRICING Enquire for a free estimate
ADDRESS 90 Sophia Rd
Singapore 228160
CONTACT 3129 2488
[email protected]
PAYMENT Credit card, bank transfer, check, PayPal

Whether you need complete refurbishment or simple property maintenance, Carpentry Helper SG will help you find the best service. They engage with professionals, from international designers to trusted firms, with the right experience and expertise to get the job done.

Carpentry Helper SG connects you with experienced carpenters, so you can choose the best deal for you. These verified carpenters can handle a variety of carpentry jobs, like making a new wardrobe, kitchen installation, an attic renovation, and other woodworking jobs.

Plus, Carpentry Helper SG guarantees satisfaction, so you’ll keep using their service for future carpentry help! That’s why they’re among the firms providing the best carpenters in Singapore.

2.  JS Carpentry

Best Carpenters Singapore | JS Carpentry's Homepage

BEST FOR HDB-licensed contractor, packages and promotions, responsible work, experienced team, legal and fully insured workers
SERVICES/SCOPE Carpentry, Renovation Work, Painting, Electrical Work, Tiling, Home Improvements
PRICING Call or email for an obligation-free estimate
ADDRESS 184 Woodlands Industrial Park

E5 #02-01A

Singapore 757514

CONTACT +65 9488-5077 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Cash, cheque, or bank transfer

JS Carpentry has been doing carpentry and renovation work for almost forty years. They are highly recommended by their clients; thus, they have a steady stream of referrals.

It is easy to understand why this is so. The HDB-licensed contractor has a 10,000 sq. ft. workshop where they do their carpentry. With this wide space, they can handle any carpentry task you send their way.

Moreover, JS Carpentry can also handle other renovation work like painting, electrical wiring, tiling, and more. Because of this, you can count on them to help you bring to life your perfect idea for a home or work space.

Whenever you work with this firm, you know you always get the most out of your money. JS Carpentry’s pricing is fair and at times, it can even go lower.

They occasionally have promotions that you can take advantage of for their budget-friendly rates. Still, even if you pay less, the contractors will still give you their best… proving they’re truly among the best carpenters in Singapore.

3.  Qanvast

BEST FOR Personalised interior design services
SERVICES/SCOPE Specialised interior decoration
Interior designer matching
Project management
CONTACT Contact them through their site
Or email: [email protected]

Choosing from the best carpenters in Singapore can be hard. Turn to Qanvast today to connect with specific interior design firms that can help you create the residential or commercial property of your dreams.

All you have to do is honestly fill out their firm, click submit, and wait. Yes, it’s really that easy!

Afterward, five interior design firms that have been matched with your needs and preferences will offer you a free quote. They strive to make your life easier and your property to look absolutely amazing.

4.  HRD Professional Handyman

Best Handyman Services Singapore | HRD Professional Handyman's Homepage

BEST FOR Professional and prompt crews, fair pricing, furniture-making, carpentry, home improvements, handyman services
SERVICES/SCOPE Custom Fabrication, Custom-made Furniture, Painting & Coating Electrical Services, Renovation and A&A, Reinstatement Works, Plumbing & Waterproofing
PRICING Request a quote online
ADDRESS Block 9003 Tampines Street 93

#04 – 190 & 192

Singapore 528837

CONTACT +65 6909-0999 | + 65 6782-9200 | | +65 8318-9200 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Cash, cheque, or bank transfer

HRD Professional Handyman is a team of reputable handymen. They have remodeled, renovated, restored, and completed projects all over Singapore in the 15 years that they have been in the industry.

They are sought after by clients because not only do they do carpentry, they also offer handyman services that can help you improve your home.

HRD Professional Handyman has fair pricing too. You can find out for yourself by asking them for a free online quote.

They can also conduct on-site surveys and consultations to consider everything that needs to be done in your place before giving an estimate.

With HRD Professional Handyman, you can expect that every little detail is taken care of. Their customers have noted their exhaustive work, as they do not rush to complete the job. Thus, you can be sure that whatever it is you need done, this company can deliver.

5. Livspace

Livspace Singapore's Homepage

BEST FOR Renovations, Full Home Interiors, Carpentry
Design and build
Carpentry work
Demolition, hacking, masonry, plumbing, etc.
Furniture and decor sourcing
PRICING You can talk to a designer to get a free quote and sample designs.
ADDRESS Level 6, Beach Centre, 15 Beach Road, Singapore 189677
CONTACT +65 3129 2402

Livspace is one of the leading platforms for home interiors and innovation, and is also one of the best  carpenters in Singapore. They have award-winning designers and verified contractors to help customers make their long-lasting dream homes a reality.

To make sure they only hire proven contractors and service professionals, each contractor undergoes a 3-step quality check: Onboarding (portfolio screening), Testing (performance evaluation projects) and Monitoring (via a project manager).

For peace of mind, customers also get $4 million insurance cover by AXA as well as one year warranty on all civil and woodwork.

Livspace has proven its mettle in various living spaces, including condos, HDB homes and landed homes. You can start the process of building or renovating your home in 5 easy steps via their convenient and easy-to-use platform.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out past testimonials and feedback from over 20,000 happy and satisfied clients. In fact, 4 out of 5 customers recommend Livspace!

6. Singapore Carpentry

best carpentry services in Singapore - Carpentry Singapore's Homepage

BEST FOR Design and build projects
SERVICES/SCOPE Carpentry, interior design
PRICING Browse the website for preferred services to learn more about their pricing.
ADDRESS 90 Sophia Road Singapore (228160)
CONTACT +65 8100 4193
PAYMENT Contact for payment options

Singapore Carpentry group is a leading carpentry firm in Singapore that provides quality carpentry services without the hefty price tag.

They have a factory space of more than 8,000 square feet, and more than 30 in-house, skilled carpenters who can meet your needs in terms of custom-made carpentry… and who are among the best carpenters in Singapore.

Singapore Carpentry group also has an umbrella of subsidiaries with a comprehensive team of designers and in-house sub-contractors. They offer a range of modelling and building services such as full renovation and design & build projects.

7.  IM Carpenter

Best Carpenters Singapore | IM Carpenter's Homepage

BEST FOR Well-coordinated projects, high quality of designs, woodworks, glassworks
SERVICES/SCOPE Electrical Works, Masonry, Carpentry, Plumbing, Woodworks, Glassworks,
PRICING Request a quote online or by phone
ADDRESS 71 Woodlands Ave

10 Woodlands Industrial Xchange

Singapore 737743

CONTACT +65 6520-0803 | +65 6667-5538 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Cash, cheque, or bank transfer

IM Carpenter works closely with clients to achieve the best results. If you want to be hands-on for your building or renovation, this is the firm to call.

They coordinate with you for every critical step to make certain that everything is to your specifications. They pay close attention to details while ensuring that form and function go well with design.

At the end, you get something that is of impeccable quality, as expected from the best carpenters in Singapore.

8.  Bird’s Eye Studio

Best Carpenters Singapore | Birds Eye Studio's Homepage

BEST FOR Woodworks, design help, detailed 3D designs and proposals
SERVICES/SCOPE Cabinetry, Furniture, Theatre & Film Sets, Home/Office Project Management, Events, Exhibitions & Installations, Refurbishment
PRICING Call or email for a consultation
ADDRESS 19 Tai Seng Avenue, #05-01

Singapore 534054

CONTACT +65 9025-4884 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Cash, cheque, or bank transfer

Bird’s Eye Studio works solely with wood for their designs. With them, you have a choice which kind of wood you want for your furniture, cabinets, and décor.

They also offer advice and suggestions during the consultation and design stages. Thus, you get something that is your brainchild but polished by the firm’s ideas.

You can see this for yourself even before you receive the final product. That is because the studio sends you detailed 3D designs and proposals.

As such, you can already imagine how great your furniture or space will be once it is completed.

Additionally, if you are working on theatre and film, you can get in touch with them to provide you with magnificently made set pieces.

9.  M2 Decor

Best Carpenters Singapore | M2 Decor's Homepage

BEST FOR Residential and commercial renovation, upfront pricing, supervised works
SERVICES/SCOPE Space Planning, Off-site Consultation, Interior Design, Fabrication, On-site Supervision, Floor Screeding, Wet Works, Electrical Works, Hacking, Air-conditioning
PRICING Enquire by phone or by email
ADDRESS Blk 38 Woodlands Industrial Park

E1 #05-12, Singapore

CONTACT +65 6269-0828 | +65 9822-1113 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Cash, cheque, or bank transfer

Though M2 Decor began offering renovation and interior design solution only in 2016, it is headed by a highly experienced project manager and contractor. That is why you can count on the firm to offer top-notch services for your home or office space.

M2 Decor has an in-house team of interior designers. They are the ones who come up with detailed designs for your spaces, including pieces that may need to be fabricated.

When you receive your quote, everything that is required for your refurbishment is listed. And even if you need fabricated items, you do not have to pay extra because their cost is already included in the estimate.

When the work starts, M2 Decor is on hand to supervise everything. That is why you can rest assured that your living or working space will be without fault.

10.  Cheong Cheng

Best Carpenters Singapore | Cheong Cheng's Homepage

BEST FOR Carpentry and full renovation work, direct factory pricing, prompt service, professional advice
SERVICES/SCOPE Furniture Layout Plan, 3D Perspective Drawings, Designer Concepts & Colour Theme with Material Proposal, Design Consultation & Project Management, Site Management & Inspection, Residential/Commercial Works, Decoration,  Customised Furniture with Proposed Colours & Concepts, General Maintenance, General Cleaning, Nippon / ICI Authorised Painting Services, LEW Electrical Work, Plumbing Services
PRICING Contact for an estimate
ADDRESS 280 Woodlands Ind Par k E5

#08-12/13 (Lobby 2)

Harvest @ Woodlands

Singapore 757322

CONTACT +65 6367-6763 | +65 6262-6763 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Bank transfer

Cheong Cheng began operating in 1978, amassing decades of experience and happy clients. They are still in business because they give their all in every project—from the consultation and design to the general clean up after construction or renovation.

With this firm, you do not have to worry about finding vendors for plumbing, painting, and the like. Cheong Cheng already provides those and they manage the project from start to finish. Therefore, you can rest easy that your home or office is well managed.

Aside from their fabulous carpentry, what makes Cheong Cheng attractive to clients is their upfront rates. Everything that needs to be done has been considered and this is reflected on your estimates. No hidden fees and no additional costs.

11.  Hua Kwang Furniture & Decoration

Best Carpenters Singapore | Hua Kwang's Homepage

BEST FOR Quality materials, experienced workmanship, skilled carpentry and tiling
SERVICES/SCOPE Renovation, Carpentry, Tiling
PRICING Consult for a quote
ADDRESS 10 Admiralty Street #03-46

Singapore 757695

CONTACT +65 9834-5461 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Online payment via debit or credit card

Hua Kwang Furniture & Decoration provides more than just furniture and decoration, as their name might lead you to believe.

They actually offer consultation and design services that are conducted by their in-house team. They listen to your ideas and give you expert advice to make your space superb and elegant.

With Hua Kwang Furniture & Design, you do not have to go any further for contractors to build or refurbish your space. Aside from designing, they also offer carpentry, tiling, and renovation services.

As such, when you bring your idea to them, they give you the whole package. This saves you time and lets you start counting down toward the completion of your project.

12. Roger & Sons

Best Carpenters Singapore | Roger and Sons' Homepage

BEST FOR Multidisciplinary studio, excellent woodworks,
SERVICES/SCOPE Commercial Building & Refurbishment, Home Building & Refurbishment, Furniture & Objects,
PRICING Contact to consult
ADDRESS 71 Woodlands Avenue 10, #05-11 & 12

Woodlands Industrial Xchange

Singapore 737743

CONTACT +65 6269-6269 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Cheque or bank transfer

Roger & Sons is a multidisciplinary studio composed of designers and carpenters. They have in-depth discussions with clients on what they want, especially when there are special requirements.

They then give you a design concept and proposal that takes into account your needs and specifications. And for businesses, they make sure that every line and curve exudes with your branding.

Once you have signed off on the projects, the carpenters at Rogers and Sons begin their work. After that, they install them at your place and make final adjustments on site. As a result, everything fits perfectly with your space.

Their stellar work puts them among the best carpenters in Singapore.

Note: There is a pause in production, but is still open for design work and job inquiries.

13. Sin Siang Huat

Best Carpenters Singapore | Sin Siang Huat's Homepage

BEST FOR Custom carpentry, award-winning designers, aftersales support, free consultation, guaranteed works
SERVICES/SCOPE Office Renovation, Interior Design, False Ceiling Contractor, Painting Services, Electrical Services, Renovation Contractor, Carpentry Services
PRICING Call for rates
ADDRESS 249 Jalan Besar

Singapore 208922

CONTACT +65 9237-5770 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Cheque or bank transfer

Sin Siang Huat Renovation has more than 40 years of electrical work, which was their focus. However, they have also been in the renovation, interior design, and carpentry fields for quite a while.

This expansion allowed them to serve many satisfied clients. That is because they have in-house designers who have won awards, a testament to the excellence of their work.

Moreover, they provide custom carpentry. Because of this, you can have a home where every piece of furniture, décor, and fixture is to your particular taste.

And once everything is finished, Sin Siang Huat Renovation is just a call away for aftersales support.

14. RenoTalk

Best Carpenters Singapore | RenoTalk's Homepage

BEST FOR Reliable vendors, services marketplace
SERVICES/SCOPE Renovation, Maintenance & Repair, Furnishing, Flooring,
PRICING Browse the website for preferred services to learn more about their pricing.
ADDRESS 28 Midview City, #06-146

Singapore 573972

CONTACT +65 6816-2006 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Online payment via credit card

RenoTalk is actually a website where homeowners and business find a vendor for their needs. Here you can find people who specialize in specific tasks, such as wallpaper installment.

This also allows you to receive quotes and to compare them side by side. Once you are satisfied, that is only when you begin working with your selected vendor.

15.  Wong Keun Furniture

Best Carpenters Singapore | Wong Keun Furniture's Homepage

BEST FOR Project management, traditional arts, cognizant of current trends
SERVICES/SCOPE Carpentry Works, Project Management, Coordination with Other Vendors
PRICING Enquire for an estimate
ADDRESS 9010 Tampines Street 93

#01-79, Singapore 528844

CONTACT +65 6782-8626 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Cash, cheque, or bank transfer

Wong Keun Furniture has been making furniture and completing carpentry works around Singapore since 1977. They are marvelous artisans and the pay immense attention to detail.

Because of that, clients have been calling on them repeatedly for their wood furniture. They make your items to your specifications and they offer a fair price for your project too.

Though Wong Keun Furniture does not have a whole crew of electricians, plumbers, masons, and others, they can coordinate with them for you.

In fact, they take over the project management so you can relax and simply wait for your home or office building and remodeling to finish.

When they work, the craftsmen of Wong Keun Furniture give respect to traditional arts. However, they also keep up with current trends in design. As such, you can go to them for both traditional and modern works.

16. Classic Furniture Pte Ltd


BEST FOR Customized furniture
SERVICES/SCOPE Carpentry, interior design, remodelling/renovation
PRICING Browse the website for preferred services to learn more about their pricing.
ADDRESS 845 Geylang Road #03-56
Tanjong Katong Complex
Singapore 400845
CONTACT [email protected]
PAYMENT Contact for payment options

Classic Furniture is a carpentry and interior design company. They are known for one-stop professional solutions from designing, building, to carpentry services in Singapore.

Classic Furniture has their own designers, carpenters, and carpentry workshop since 1980. Their team is also able to coordinate and work closely with one another, ensuring that all design and products are customized to their client’s tastes.

17. IM Carpenter

best carpenters singapore - IM Carpenter's Homepage

BEST FOR Consultative design and work approach
SERVICES/SCOPE Carpentry, interior design, remodelling/renovation
PRICING Browse the website for preferred services to learn more about their pricing.
ADDRESS 7 Seletar Road, #01-22, Tower C, The Greenwich Singapore 807014
CONTACT +65 6520 0803 +65 6667 5538 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Contact for payment options

IM Carpenter follows a simple, five-step process to their services: design, form and function, details and quality and finally, coordination.

All of their projects start off with a free consultation where customers can share their concepts and expectations. They also have in-house wood workshops and glass factories to personalize their materials, as expected of the best carpenters in Singapore.

18. Ban Yewbest carpenters in singapore - banyew's homepage

BEST FOR Bespoke designs across Singapore real estate market (commercial and residential)
SERVICES/SCOPE Design, carpentry, planning
PRICING Browse the website for preferred services to learn more about their pricing.
ADDRESS 1006 Eunos Ave 7 #01-24 Singapore 409577
CONTACT +65-6749-2258 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Contact for payment options

Banyew is an Interior Design Studio based in Singapore recognized for their signature bespoke designs across Singapore real estate market.

Ban Yew’s team has over 50 years of experience, but they never fail to provide fresh and vibrant designs thanks to their team that offers creative talent, industry knowledge, and supreme standards.

19. Uniconnect Interior

Uniconnect Interior's Homepage

BEST FOR Residential and Commercial Interior Solutions
SERVICES/SCOPE Carpentry, Renovation, and Interior Fitting
PRICING Contact them for more information about their pricing.
ADDRESS 68 Kaki Bukit Ave 6 #02-03, S417896
CONTACT 6876 0880 | 8250 9966 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Contact for payment options

Uniconnect Interior offers the finest carpentry  and other interior furnishing services in the area. With technology advance in-house machinery and capabilities, we are able to turn stunning design concept into reality within the expected lead time by our clients.

Being a rookie in the large interior and renovation industry, they worked hard to create a team of qualified and experienced individuals to successfully manage and complete every project.

20. Vi Style Carpentry

Vi Style Carpentry's Homepage

Vi Style Carpentry’s Homepage

BEST FOR Residential and Commercial Carpentry

PRICING Contact them for more information about their pricing.
ADDRESS 6D Mandai Estate #02-10 M Space, Singapore 729938
CONTACT 8168 9149 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Contact for payment options

Vi Style Carpentry provides a one-stop solution either for your residential or commercial carpentry requirements with their own carpentry factory for better quantity control and importantly competitive pricing!

Their dedicated in-house team consists of personal with decade-long experience about to provide you from advice, permits, and up to perspective-drawings for any turnkey projects.

For quality planning, building, and remodeling, Vi Style Carpeting is the company for you!

These best carpenters in Singapore have been in the industry for many years, even decades. That is why you can count on them to give you the best service.

Any queries about them or the others in this list? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you!

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