The 9 Best Carpenters in Malaysia

November 15, 2018
The 8 Best Carpenters in Malaysia

Custom-made wooden furniture is trendy. You can find them, beautifully showcased,  in various lifestyle establishments such as bars and cafes. Passionate woodcrafters pour their hearts and souls into creating special wooden pieces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also durable and proven to be your money’s worth. While there are many woodworking studios out there who pride themselves with their precise craftsmanship and creativity, where exactly in Malaysia can you get wood-crafted creations that are sure to wow anyone who sees them? Here are the best carpenters in Malaysia.

1.   Fine Grit Studio

Best Carpenters Malaysia | Fine Grit Studio

BEST FOR Artisanal wood products and furniture
SERVICES/SCOPE Custom-made furniture such as table tops, coffee tables, doors, and other products and decor such as ready-made cake stands, cutting boards, clocks, and a variety of wall art
PRICING Request quote via their website, email, or number
WEBSITE http://www.finegritstudio.com/
ADDRESS 28, Jalan SC 2

Taman Perindustrian Sg. Chua,

43000, Kajang,

Selangor, Malaysia

CONTACT [email protected] | ​+6019-2581415


Established in October 2014, Fine Grit Studio may be relatively new to the game, but their finished products are of the highest quality and done with utmost expertise. Fine Grit Studio provides custom furniture and product services for their clients, using mostly local materials including wood, metal, and glass. They gladly welcome other entrepreneurs to collaborate with them in order for both parties to explore new designs and cover more scopes within the carpentry and interior design industry through working together.

2.   Bawang Studio

Best Carpenters Malaysia | Bawang Studio

BEST FOR Minimalist furniture and architecture
SERVICES/SCOPE Design consultation and renovation services; furniture design, production, and construction; architecture and graphic design
PRICING Request quote on their website or via email
WEBSITE http://www.bawangstudio.co/
ADDRESS 20-10 Flexus Signature Suites,

Jalan Kuching,

51200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

CONTACT [email protected] | +60 3-6241 7517

Founded in 2012, and officially registered in 2014, Bawang Studio is a multi-disciplinary company with a speciality in design consultation and renovation services. They manufacture superior wood products for personal and retail spaces, believing that good design plays an important role in solving everyday problems. Bawang Studio creates mostly minimalist furniture that beautifully integrates with their surroundings, easily merging style and function in their outstanding creations.

3.   Harith Green Carpenter

Best Carpenters Malaysia | Harith Green Carpenter

BEST FOR Sustainable and environmentally-friendly furniture and products
SERVICES/SCOPE Woodworking services including furniture-making (tables, chairs, stools, cabinets, lamps),  interior installations, restoration works, light fixtures, kitchenware, and gifts
PRICING Request quote via their official website or email
WEBSITE http://www.harithgreencarpenter.com/
CONTACT [email protected]


Harith Ridzuan founded Harith Green Carpenter (HGC), a homegrown company, as a means to raise awareness on alarming environmental issues such as deforestation activities and increasing levels of construction waste. HGC offers greener solutions for interior spaces, and is extremely dedicated to promoting sustainability by using upcycled wood instead of timber, as well as reclaimed metals, for their custom-made furniture.

4.   Nolin Teh

Best Carpenters Malaysia | Nolin Teh

BEST FOR Hexagonal and geometric furniture
SERVICES/SCOPE Wooden furniture such as stools, coffee tables, and pin-legged cabinets, as well as other wooden wares such as coffee trays, bathtub trays, and a variety of wall art
PRICING Request quote via e-mail, Facebook page, or phone
WEBSITE https://www.facebook.com/nolintehcarpentry/
ADDRESS Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
CONTACT [email protected] | 0122132006


Being a full-time mother didn’t stop Nolin Teh from pursuing her dreams. She graduated with a degree in Hospitality in 2011, but fell in love with carpentry and design, using her raw talent and craftsmanship to create her own line of wooden furniture and housewares. While she doesn’t have a personal website, Nolin Teh chooses Facebook as her platform to showcase her incredible finished products. She doesn’t provide an address, however, you may contact her through her email [email protected] or on her Facebook page @nolintehcarpentry.

5.   Kedai Collective

Best Carpenters Malaysia | Kedai Collective

BEST FOR Pallet wood furniture
SERVICES/SCOPE Concept design, mixed materials, handcrafted wooden furniture (stools, benches, desks, shelves, tables, etc.), cafe booths, art installations, signboards
PRICING Request quote via e-mail, Facebook page, or phone
WEBSITE https://www.facebook.com/kedai.co
ADDRESS 61, Jalan PJU 1A/42A,

Ara Permata, Ara Damansara

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 47301

CONTACT [email protected] | +60 12-390 2988


Kedai is an art gallery that doubles as an art studio, acting as an open space for other artists to collaborate and showcase their prized creations. The studio conducts practical workshops for those with an interest in woodworking, and has been a host for numerous exhibitions for upcoming local artists. Kedai specializes in pallet wood design, and many of their innovative creations are featured in various cafes, restaurants, and even corporate offices.

6.   Porniture Woodwerk

Best Carpenters Malaysia | Porniture Woodwerk

BEST FOR Cute paraphernalia for cats
SERVICES/SCOPE Custom-made interior furniture (cabinets, wardrobes, tables, beds, sofas, stools, kitchen island, etc.)  and cat accessories (cages and ‘banglo’)
PRICING Request quote via e-mail, Facebook page, or phone
WEBSITE https://www.facebook.com/pg/porniturewoodwerk/


ADDRESS Jalan Nova K U5/K,

Sabang Bestari,

40150 Shah Alam,

Selangor, Malaysia

CONTACT [email protected] | +60 12-253 4405

Porniture Woodwerk was founded by a passionate duo, a husband and wife, who teamed up to create special, custom-made interior furniture. Their creations lean on the cutesy, minimalist side, and it’s no surprise that they have a steady stream of customers. Porniture Woodwerk also creates adorable paraphernalia for your furry friends – such as cages and ‘banglo’ – made out of recycled pinewood. You can scope out their creations via their Instagram page where they update regularly with new, ready-made items.

7.   4 inci 3 hun

Best Carpenters Malaysia | 4 inci 3 hun

BEST FOR Rustic and sophisticated pieces and furniture
SERVICES/SCOPE Custom furniture, carpentry and steel works
PRICING Request quote via Facebook page or phone
WEBSITE https://www.facebook.com/4-inci-3-hun-409263582509325/
CONTACT +60 14-796 7501

4 inci 3 hun is a traditional Chinese-style of measuring used by older generations of carpenters. Founded by a pair of brothers with a passion for woodworking, 4 inci 3 hun creates custom furniture made of new pine wood and steel with rustic designs fit for hip and modern lifestyle establishments. The brothers pride themselves on their precision and unique pieces, and are looking to experiment with new types of materials in the near future. We offer you erotic movies online only here https://filmexxl.org!

8.   Random Bean

Best Carpenters Malaysia | Random Bean

BEST FOR Wedding decoration for rent
SERVICES/SCOPE Designer pieces, custom-made decorations for weddings and other events (wedding arches, cake stands, pergolas, signage), decor rental
PRICING Request quote via Instagram page or email
WEBSITE https://www.instagram.com/randombeanmy/


ADDRESS Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
CONTACT [email protected]

Random Bean is widely known for their rustic pieces fit for elegant weddings, with items that include wedding arches, cake stands, and creative signages. However, they also cater to other special events with gorgeous custom-made decorations available for rent. Most of their creations are made from repurposed wood, and are inspired by pieces you see on Pinterest. While Random Bean doesn’t have an official website, you can easily contact them through the given email or through their active Instagram account.

9.  Clover Buildcon Sdn Bh

best carpenters Malaysia - Clover

BEST FOR Residential and commercial construction and renovation
SERVICES/SCOPE Brickcraft, designcraft, woodcraft
PRICING Request a quote via email or call
WEBSITE https://clovergroup.my/
ADDRESS A-23A-05, Pinnacle Petaling Jaya, Jalan Utara C, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
CONTACT ‍+6016 266 5000‍, ‍+603‍ 7931 6700‍ | [email protected]

Clover has become well known since its inception in 2011 to provide interior design services. A mechanical engineer who strives for excellence, Director and founder Stephen Ng expanded Clover’s services to include all’s that needed to transform a space, may it be residential or commercial. They can now do almost anything for their clients: building from scratch or renovating an existing living space.




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