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The 7 Best Carpenters in Abu Dhabi

May 5, 2019
The 8 Best Carpenters in Abu Dhabi

Wooden crafts and furniture are some of the things that define a home. Other people even make it a point to showcase wooden furniture in their workplaces to define their personality. That’s why there are a lot of woodworking studios that focus on creating masterpieces that do not only look majestic, but exude top quality as well. In Abu Dhabi, talented and trusted carpenters promise good wooden furniture for different clients. Wondering where to go for those beautiful and top of the line crafts? Check out this list for the 8 noted carpenters in Abu Dhabi.

Note: Due to the current pandemic outbreak, we’ve noted the relevant service changes for some of the shops listed below. Where applicable, we’ve noted the policy or service changes.

1.   Rayyan CarpentryRayyan Carpentry's Homepage

BEST FORExquisite and contemporary wooden furniture
SERVICES/SCOPECustom-made furniture for homes and offices
PRICINGRequest quote through website or contact information
ADDRESSM-9, Plot 8, Mussaffah, Abu Dhabi UAE
CONTACT[email protected]

Established in 2003, Al Rayyan Manual Carpentry Musaffah has over 14 years of experience in the industry. The have a skilled and talented team who designs and manufactures high-quality wood furniture. What makes them stand out is their ability to make custom woodworking that large manufacturers cannot deliver. Aside from woodworking services, they also offer personalized interior decoration for different clients.

2.   Kashmir CarpentryKashmir Carpentry's Homepage

BEST FORPersonalized wooden furniture
SERVICES/SCOPEDoors and furniture made of high quality timber
PRICINGRequest quote through website or contact information
ADDRESSM-32, Sahaya, Mussaffah, Abu Dhabi UAE
CONTACT[email protected]

Kashmir Carpentry was founded in 1977 by Haji Abdul Ghan and Haji Muhammad Siddique and has made its name across the entire U.A.E. They cater to small and large clients and have a reputation in the business for diversity and quality designs. Aside from honing local talents, their team also adopts new technology keeping their output up to date. Though they may have creative ideas in mind, their team still treats the client as the king. Personalization of wooden furniture is also offered and their workers are willing to make improvements to provide the highest customer satisfaction.

3.   Woodcraft Company LLCWoodcraft Company LLC's Homepage

BEST FORExquisite home and office furniture
SERVICES/SCOPECustom-made wooden furniture, interior design, partitioning
PRICINGRequest quote through website or contact information
ADDRESSStreet 17, M-26, Mussafa, Abu Dhabi UAE
CONTACT[email protected]

 Since 1976, Woodcraft Company LLC has highly trained professionals who produce quality wooden products and services to a variety of clients. They own advanced machinery which is capable of manufacturing top of the line furniture for homes, offices, shops and even exhibitions. Aside from manufacturing, they also offer interior design implementation and partitioning work.

4.   Sharif Carpentry & DecorSharif Carpentry & Decor's Homepage

BEST FORModern style furniture
SERVICES/SCOPEFire-rated doors, wardrobes, vanity counters
PRICINGRequest quote through website or contact information
ADDRESSP.O. Box 121533 Street 20, Industrial Area 1st, Al Qouz, Dubai
CONTACT[email protected]

 100% Emarati owned, this company has been established in 1976. Different clients all over UAE have trusted the workmanship of Sharif Carpentry & Decor in producing quality woodworks such as fire-rated doors, wardrobes, vanity counters and more. They are composed of a team of skilled polishers, carpenters, engineers and dedicated management staff who always deliver as promised. In 2014, they are ISO Certified 9001:2008. The company primarily focuses on customer satisfaction, quality and creativity.

5.   Al Rayyan Manual Carpentry

Al Rayyan Manual Carpentry's Homepage

BEST FORContemporary and modern wooden furniture
SERVICES/SCOPEInterior design, space planning, 3D drawing, project management
PRICINGRequest quote through website or contact information
ADDRESSM9, Plot 64, Shop 4, Abu Dhabi, UAE
CONTACT0505324542/ 0551625388

With over 15 years of experience in this industry, this company primarily focuses on providing quality interior design and carpentry services in Abu Dhabi. They may have professionals who create unique ideas, but they also take into consideration the client’s imagination and suggestions in creating a wooden masterpiece. This company also offers interior design consultation, space planning, 3D drawing and project management among others.

6.   Al Quresh Carpentry & DecorationAl Quresh Carpentry & Decoration's Homepage

BEST FORIntricate and detailed furniture design; 2D and 3D design
SERVICES/SCOPECreates custom veneers, marquetry, inlay design, wall cladding
PRICINGRequest quote through website or contact information
ADDRESSP.O. Box 8353, Plot No.5, Mussfah M12, Abu Dhabi, UAE
CONTACT[email protected]

 Since 1975, Al Quresh Carpentry & Decoration has been producing quality services to repeat clients in response to their dreams. The team focuses on constantly improving the best customized finished masterpieces that suit different client lifestyles. Aside from manufacturing wooden furniture, they also do veneers, marquetry, inlay design and wall cladding. 2D and 3D designs are also offered which does not disappoint clients of the present century.

7.   Flower Carpenter

BEST FOR Carpentry and Aluminum Fixing Services
PRICINGRequest a Quote
ADDRESSMusaffah M-9 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

+971505805717 / +971526297055

[email protected]

Flower Carpenter is your go-to company when it comes to services that are for the maintenance of your building’s condition so that its longevity will be enhanced and for you to have minimal issues with your property. They understand their field well and are willing to work with you in deciding what is the best for your establishment.

They provide professional aluminum fixing services in Abu Dhabi and are equipped with only the latest tools and supplies to work on your job. Furthermore, they also make it to a point to keep updated and constantly learn the most relevant and newest techniques and strategies that they can apply to your building.

Comprised of a team of experts, they have a whole array of experience under their belt with a wide variety of facilities such as schools, banking sectors, and hospitals among others. Rest assured that they bring their years of service to your very own building as well should you consider to avail of their services.

We recommend this company for your facility management services because with them you can be sure that they only give you the best and most reliable services and advice to help you maintain the asset value of your property.

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