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The 6 Best Austin Foundation Repair Professionals

June 17, 2021

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Suspect a problem with your house’s foundation? If so, you should get the best Austin foundation repair professionals who can identify the faults and work on them promptly.

But first, we’ll take a look at the average cost of repairing your home foundation. This will help you make an informed choice when choosing a company later on this list!

The Average Cost of Austin Foundation Repair Professionals

Foundation repair costs in Austin depend on the damage, location, and type of house. These range from $2,010 to $7,038 for property owners and sellers, according to Home Advisor.

The average between this price range is $4,524, meaning you will either spend above or below it. Moreover, the lowest price you can get is $495 but the highest price can go as high as $13,000.

Let’s punch in these details on the table below for easy price comparison. Here it is:

Cost typePricing
The price range for Austin foundation repair$2,010 – $7,038
Lowest end v. highest end$495 – $13,000
Average cost$4,524

It’s important to note that if you notice problems in your home in the form of cracked walls, jammed doors, or lowered or uneven floors, you have to call a repair professional at once to prevent the damage from getting worse and more expensive to repair.

Now let’s take a look at how much foundation repairs cost in terms of services:

Fractures or cracks$250 – $800
Inspection reports$300 – $1,000
House settling (sinking into the ground)Mudjacking: $500 – $1,300
Adding piers: $1,000 – $3,000 per pier
House leveling$500 – $1,300
Basement leaks$2,000 – $7,000
Sealing$2,000 – $7,000

As you can see the prices above are quite expensive, which is why foundation repair companies offer finance payments through a loan or interest-free payments. The interest of the loan you’ll pay over your repayment can also add to the cost of the foundation repair service.

The Best Austin Foundation Repair Professionals

Now that you know the costs of foundation repairs in Austin, we now give you our top picks!

1)   Quality Foundation Repair

Quality Foundation Repair's Homepage
SERVICESFoundation Repair
Foundation inspection
Pier & beam
House foundation
House leveling
Residential foundation
ADDRESS9906 Gray Blvd, Austin, TX 78758, USA
CONTACT512-363-7769 [email protected]

If your home is built on a pier and beam foundation and you discover problems like a cracked wall or sinking fireplace, you can call Quality Foundation Repair at once.

Since they’re a locally owned business, they are familiar with foundational works in Austin and can personally assist you with your needs, as opposed to specialists from outside the metro.

Offering a suite of services namely foundation inspection, pier & beam or slab house foundation, and level adjustments, they aim to finish the work as fast as possible while making the necessary repairs to ensure your house is safe and long-lasting.

Based on what clients said, their qualified team comes early, carries out the work expertly, and educates and informs you of the situation and what can be done about it. This is their edge over their competitors.

However, their services aren’t the cheapest in the greater Austin area so you may have to spend more for them to repair your house’s foundation.

Having fixed a plethora of structural problems expertly, Quality Foundation Repair certainly lives up to its business name and has some of the best Austin foundation repair professionals!


  • Top-rated foundation repairer by Yelp, Google, and Angie’s List
  • BBB certified business (A+ rating)
  • Has foundation maintenance tips online


  • Expensive rates
  • No interest-free payments

Customer Reviews

Clients describe the foundation workers as friendly, efficient, and informative. They did an outstanding repair job giving the homeowner confidence and peace of mind.

Chad, one client, shared this of the company:

“Purchased an 800 sq ft gut rehab in East Austin. Early in the job, Simon at Quality Foundation stopped by to quote the necessary foundation repairs. I knew he was my guy from the start. Simon’s professionalism, knowledge of foundations, and ability to clearly and concisely explain the problems and solutions were refreshing to hear. Two weeks later I had a beautiful and solid replacement foundation that will last a lifetime. Simon’s crew and project managers were great communicators. They showed up on time each day and their craftsmanship was impeccable. I highly recommend QFR for any foundation or joist repair job big or small.”

Here’s a shortened version of Jennifer’s review:

“…I was impressed with the quick response I received to set-up an initial viewing of the property. Marco was on time and went over everything very thoroughly. He coordinated me into their schedule and as the week arrived, his crew was ahead of schedule and I was flexible. They started the work a day earlier and as promised, they completed the work in two (2) days.

The second day they said they’d be at the site at 7am. I’m an early riser, so I went by and visited just to see if they were there. I was pleasantly surprised as I arrived shortly after 7am and everyone was there already working in pitch dark. Melvin toured me around and showed the piers as I could view below. He explained what they were doing and how they were doing it. Very educational.

They not only did a fabulous job, but they cleaned up and were so very careful when they dug into the ground, trying not to disturb the landscaping as well as the irrigation system the best they could. Just a beautiful job. I feel so confident with their work that I want to tell everyone. I give them an A+ all the way.”

2)   Olshan Foundation Solutions

Olshan Foundation Solutions' Homepage
SERVICESFoundation repair
Basement waterproofing
Exterior water management
Crawl space recovery
Wall repair
Crack repair & concrete leveling
Commercial services
Plumbing services
ADDRESS410 W N Loop Blvd, Austin, TX 78751, USA
CONTACT+1 512-342-2141
[email protected]

With over 85 years of experience, Olshan has grown to be a foundation repair leader in Austin, Texas. They’ve earned a place on this list for two main reasons:

First, Olshan has certified and informative structural technicians, but it doesn’t stop there. A well-trained team, coupled with their honesty, reassures clients in trusting them with their house’s structural issues.

Next are their payment options of zero-interest and 365-day cash payments, making it easy to hire them to repair your house’s foundation without needing to pay a lump sum for it.

Compared to others, they have a fuller list of services, including foundation repair, irrigation, crack repair, concrete leveling. Plus, they undertake plumbing and commercial projects, which others don’t have.

Should you choose to use their Cable Lock ST Plus system to fortify your house’s base, they will provide a lifetime warranty that is even transferable to the person you sell it to in the long run.

Also, one client complained about their exorbitant prices relative to another company. But, others wrote that Olshan’s rates were actually reasonable and gave them great value.


  • Certified structural technicians
  • BBB certified business (A+ rating)
  • Zero-interest payment option offered
  • Cable Lock ST Plus system lifetime warranty


  • Complaints about pricey rates

Customer Reviews

Almost all clients gave Olshan a perfect 5 stars. They complimented their team who was professional, educational, and honest in telling them whether the foundation needed repair or not.

One client named Freda wrote this feedback on Google:

“I had a free estimate from this company for an existing unknown floor issue in a bedroom that was added on by the previous owner’s of my house. I have had the most pleasurable experience with the office and scheduling staff to start with, and then had nothing but professionalism, from Jason Cunningham our Certified Structural Technician.  He was on time, precise, courteous, thorough and honest.  The good news for us is its not a foundation issue but rather a flooring that was a poor job so we won’t be using their services but I believe have the service is the preparation and experience during the consultation as well and this guy and his company were spot on!”

Furthermore, let’s hear Elizabeth’s review of the company:

“We had our foundation repaired, 12 pilings done inside and outside, by Olshan’s and could not be happier!  Dave Wells was who we met with and who gave us our estimate.  His professionalism and knowledge is what sold us on using Olshan’s, as we had already had multiple estimates done.  Even our last minute questions on the weekend were answered quickly by Dave.  We were told the job would take anywhere from 1-3 days but Armando and his crew (we can not say enough good things about all of them) came ready to work.  Our job was completed in one day!  The crew onsite worked so efficiently, we were very impressed.  Armando kept us in the loop all day as to what was going on and what to expect, I was home online schooling the kids so this was also very helpful. The jobsite was cleaned up thoroughly, the cement patchwork work was great.   Everyone we came in contact with on this job was amazing.   The office staff (Janine and Jasmine) were very nice and helpful which was also refreshing!  We will definitely recommend Olshan’s for anyone we know that needs foundation work!”

3)   CenTex Foundation Repair

CenTex Foundation Repair's Homepage
SERVICESConcrete foundation repair
Pier and beam foundation repair
ADDRESS1120 E 52nd St, Austin, TX 78723, USA
CONTACT(512) 444-5438

CenTex Foundation Repair can level your house whether it stands on a pier and beam or concrete slab base. They have built a great track record among their clients in Austin and Waco.

They’re not as seasoned as other companies listed here, having only 25 years’ industry experience, but that is not to say they lack the skills and their offering of a lifetime warranty is proof of that.

Most clients found them hardworking and knowledgeable about Austin foundations of houses or offices.

In fact, they have a unique hot zone tracker online where you can type in your postal code or address. There, you can determine if there are problems in the area relating to building structures.

As for the complaints, some people mentioned the inaccurate leveling they did, expensive rates, and poor customer service. But other reviews say they are quick to resolve issues that come up.

Even so, we think that CenTex is a reliable company that can sort out your property’s foundation issues or simply shed light on the questions you have. And it also won’t take long for them to complete the work!


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Zero-interest finance available
  • Has an online hot zone tracker


  • Expensive rates

Customer Reviews

Clients gave the repairer a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Most of them were satisfied with the structural repairs done and their professional and friendly service.

Find out what Casey said of them:

“A common saying in the Austin area is that there are 2 types of houses: Some that have foundation problems and some that WILL have foundation problems.

Dean came out to evaluate potential issues with our home’s foundation. He was on-time, professional and was very personable.  He used industry tools, as well as, personal experience to perform the analysis. He gave pointers and shared his vast knowledge of the field with emphasis on the Austin area in an easily understandable manner. He gave great explanations of each of the issues that we pointed out and expanded beyond our concerns to point out other common foundation concerns, some that we have and some that we should look for.

I highly recommend anyone questioning their foundation to call CenTex Foundation Repair and ask for Dean.”

Also, Alexander left this review:

“I don’t commonly review businesses, but I recently had the pleasure of Coy coming out to inspect our foundation. He was prompt and professional. We were concerned that we might be in for a expensive repair, but after a thorough inspection he reassured us that all of our concerns were expected settling for the age of our house. There was no charge for our inspection, as no work was needed. Thank you to Coy and Centex.”

4)   Done Right Foundation Repair

Done Right Foundation Repair's Homepage
SERVICESFoundation inspections
House leveling
Pier and beam foundation repair
Slab foundation repair
Under-slab plumbing repair
ADDRESS2021 Guadalupe Street #260, Austin, TX 78705, USA

Done Right Foundation Repair is another of the younger foundation repairers out there having over 2 decades’ experience. They have a great reputation for being easy to work with from start till end.

The competent repair technicians respond to calls quickly and go out to give you an estimate. Once they are at your home, they will assess the extend of foundation damage, walk you through your options and answer all the questions you may have so that you understand everything.

They proudly offer 5 kinds of foundation repairs, which is more than those of other contractors. This is impressive since they can utilize the best technique for your foundation’s unique issues.

For single-story homes, you can opt for Concrete Press Pile; for verandas and pier and beam foundations, Cast-in-Place; for larger houses, Steel-Interlocking Piers; and for commercial buildings, Drilled Bell Bottom Piers.

If you want a more economical option, they offer Block & Base as well!

All foundation repairs come with a warranty so you don’t have to worry in case something goes wrong. Mind you, this won’t be transferable to the person who will purchase your house.

What makes them one of the best Austin foundation repair companies is the superb job that they do, professionalism, and that they even clean up after themselves when the repair is done!


  • Offers 5 kinds of foundation repairs
  • Warrantied repairs
  • Zero-interest finance


  • Warranty is not transferable

Customer Reviews

As mentioned in our description, most clients wrote that they performed a great job and answered all the questions they had. They also gave tips as to how they could maintain their foundation at home.

Here’s Alan’s feedback of the company:

“Done Right was quick to get out and give me an estimate, they followed up to answer any questions I had, they started the work promptly, and they did a great job. I was particularly impressed with the clean-up. I had resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to completely redo the flower beds after they were done, but they put everything back together remarkably well. The whole job took two days, one day of excavating and another of leveling and clean-up.

We got bids from two other highly-reviewed companies for this job, but we went with Done Right because they communicated so well, they seemed very competent, and they were competitively priced.”

Plus, Andre mentioned this:

“Chris and his team came and fixed what another local foundation company was supposed to fix 20 years ago. They did a great job and helped us stay on budget even when they hit unexpected issues. They also warrant any plumbing repairs which is nice if we have issues again in the future.”

5)   Douglas Foundation Solutions

Douglas Foundation Solutions' Homepage
SERVICESResidential soil stabilization
Commercial soil stabilization
Slab foundation repair
Pier and beam foundation repair
New build pier installation
ADDRESS12510 Edwards Hollow Run, Austin, TX 78739, USA
[email protected]

Douglas Foundation Solutions offers a range of foundation repair solutions that will level your house and keep it strong and stable for a long time to come!

With familiarity and knowledge of Austin’s geology, they know what repair is optimal for your house in relation to the expansive clay beneath, bedrock or no bedrock soil, or others.

They can supply and build helical piers, steel piers, concrete piers, and help with soil stabilization. Whether you need to remedy the foundation of a new or existing home, workplace, or new construction, their knowledgeable and friendly contractors are there for you.

While they work to do the job right the first time and offer a solid warranty, there were some complaints about them not keeping their word for some clients by not responding to their messages and calls.

Other than that, Douglas Foundation Solutions has some of the best Austin foundation repair professionals. They will explain the essential things you need to know to keep your foundation level through the years.

Bonus: you get affordable prices with their foundation repair service. So if you want a well-rounded foundation repairer, pick them!


  • Acclaimed company on Angie’s list and review sites
  • BBB certified business (A+ rating)
  • Fair and affordable rates


  • Complaints about their customer service & warranty claims

Customer Reviews

Some people weren’t able to get their foundation repaired through their warranty. Despite that, they garnered a great score on Google with 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Here’s feedback coming from Jacqueline:

“I chose Douglas Foundation for my foundation repair after getting quotes from 3 companies in and around the Austin area. I researched  the reviews of all 3 on FB, Yelp, and the BBB. They offered not only the best price but also the best warranty – A lifetime warranty with a transfer option if I ever sell my property. They were very professional, were in and out in 3 days after installing 13 smart piers. They replaced all previous landscaping where they found it and you could barely tell that they were even there. Two thumbs up – highly recommend.”

Plus, Carol said this:

“Doing business with Douglas Foundation Repair was a dream come true!  My husband and I were very apprehensive about contacting a foundation repair company because of everything you hear about the dishonest ones.  We knew we were in need of someone to come and check things out. Upon looking on the web for foundation repair services, we found Douglas Foundation to be a local company in South Austin and also on Angie’s List.   All the reviews we read were great! We called Steve and set up our appointment.  Normally, we would have gotten several quotes before deciding on the company, but when Thomas came out he was very thorough and gave us a quote that we were very pleased with.  We set a date for the repair, and Rick and his men were in and out in one day.  Rick was very professional and we felt very confident that the job was done correctly.  No mess was left outside and the workers were very pleasant.  After the foundation work, we made an appointment with Douglas, the owner, to come out and talk about foundation drainage.  He gave us some great ideas without trying to sell us the moon. We worked closely with Lisa also who was great to coordinate all the appointments and paperwork.  It was just a very pleasant experience from start to finish.  Now we have a solid foundation with a lifetime warranty!!!  It was great doing business with Douglas Foundation Repair!”

6)   Level Up Foundation Repair

SERVICESFoundation Repair
Pier & Beam Foundation Repair
Crawl Space Repair
Foundation Drainage
ADDRESSAustin, Texas
CONTACT(512) 750-4625

Level Up Foundation Repair is a family-owned and operated company that provides an exemplary range of solutions geared to accommodate a versatile variation of foundation services.

We like that they are able to diversify and customize their services to better help clients select the best and most suitable solutions for their particular situation.

Apart from this, with generations of expertise applied, clients, can be sure that the solutions provided are practical and comprehensive to suit any foundation repairs and maintenance needed.

Note though that clients may need to fill out their quotation form on their website to better have an accurate estimate of their services.

Nonetheless, with their team of experts, solid foundation repair services, and superior customer service, we suggest to clients check them out and inquire further.


  • Accommodating personnel
  • Highly experienced personnel
  • Customizable packages


  • Rates unavailable
  • No physical office stated

FAQs about the Top Austin Foundation Repair Professionals

And that wraps up our list of the best Austin foundation repair professionals. If you notice the slightest signs of a damaged foundation, don’t delay, give these contractors a call right away!

Do you have any questions about this list so far? If you have one, kindly send us a message and we’ll get back to you as fast as we can.

Is your house drenched because of a flood? No need to panic because we also have the best options for water damage restoration in Austin to clean and dehumidify your place.

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