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4 Reasons Your Trash Didn’t Get Picked up

July 16, 2022
4 Reasons Your Trash Didn't Get Picked up

No one wants to have a full bin of dirty and malodorous trash. But this can be what happened to you when the trash collector didn’t pick up yours recently.

There are reasons for this, and we’re here to list them in this guide. By knowing them, you can correct your mistakes, and then rest easy knowing your trash will be emptied soon.

1) Your garbage bin is too heavy

Your garbage bin is too heavy

Let’s suppose you followed the rules in disposing of your garbage—well, most of them. You never put toxic materials there, live rats, or anything except your daily household trash.

So the problem now may be that your garbage bins have waste that exceeds the weight accepted by the junk or trash specialist. This may be the reason why your trash wasn’t collected.

In this case, you can check the website of the waste management authority and transfer some of the waste to another bin until it weighs right. In New York City, trash bins mustn’t go over 60 pounds to be picked up.

2) The bin is incorrectly placed

The bin is incorrectly placed

This, too, can happen because the trash vehicle arm can’t correctly lift it toward the dump area at the back.

The lid must be closed properly and the bin positioned rightly. Anything so much as a wrongly positioned bin on the curbside has a chance of being skipped by the trash collector.

So, for this, you have to know and follow the trash loading guidelines of your state. This way, your set of trash bins will be collected or emptied for you without any problem.

3) The garbage collector changed their collection day

The garbage collector changed their collection day

If you’ve adhered to all of the trash collection regulations but your garbage bins haven’t been emptied yet, perhaps the trash collectors changed their collection day.

This is nothing to worry about, although you would have to take in the garbage bins back near your home, lest your neighbors complain about them.

When this happens, you can just research the collection dates of your garbageman or check their calendar. Most follow the calendar of the federal government, so ensure it’s not a holiday when you carry out the trash.

4) You have unacceptable or toxic items in the bin

You have unacceptable or toxic items in the bin

Most garbage collection staff refrain from getting bins with certain toxic or unacceptable items for health and safety and environmental reasons. These items include:

  • Batteries
  • Building materials like bricks, concrete blocks, and stone
  • Chemical products like paint and bleach
  • Large junk items

Therefore, check the contents of your bin. You may have to approach a hazardous waste expert or drop them off at a hazardous facility or an appropriate business site for proper disposal..

As an example of the latter, you can give used motor oil to car shops or garages for reusing or recycling, and used paint may go to a neighbor planning a DIY project soon.

If You Need to Remove Other Items from Your Property

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