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How to Clean Dog Pee off of Wooden Floors

July 16, 2022
How to Clean Dog Pee off of Wooden Floors

If you find your dog has urinated on your wood floor, you have to act quickly since the floor can be seriously damaged and you’ll have to spend a lot to repair it.

But take heart, as that’s what this guide is for. Here, we’ll take you through the steps needed to clean dog pee stains and unpleasant smell off your wooden flooring.

Cleaning Dog Pee on Your Wooden Floors

Are your wooden floors wet with dog urine? Here are the steps you need to follow to get rid of it:

1) Blot the urine puddle

Blot the urine puddle

First, wear protective gloves to keep your bare hands from making contact with dog urine. Dog urine naturally contains bacteria and can cause disease if the pet is infected.

When you’re ready, get a thick rag or two or three pieces of paper towel and blot the puddle to soak it up. Keep doing this until the towel has completely dried the target area.

And then, get another towel and dampen it with water. Again, clean the area and pat or wipe the floor with a dry towel.

2) Eliminate the urine mark and odor

Eliminate the urine mark and odor

There are more than a few methods you can do to clear away the dog urine mark and odor on your wood flooring.

The first is using a citrus-based cleaner, which will remove the stain and overpower the distinct urine smell. But keep in mind that it must not be used on areas that get some or plenty of sunlight because it will make the flooring look drab.

Second, for small urine spots, you can use a mineral spirit to remove the lingering stain and stench. It’s generally safe, but it can leave residual marks.

Third, a popular albeit stronger solution, baking soda can be sprinkled onto the stained area. Be warned, however, that it can cause the wood floor to discolor and stain further.

Last but not least, using hydrogen peroxide will eliminate the pungent smell from the dog pee, but don’t use it too much, as this will mar the floor’s appearance. If you do so, it might need to be sanded, refinished, and stained to get back the original look it had.

For this last solution, pour the cleaner over the stain, and cover the spot with a cloth. On top of the cloth, place a plastic wrap, and then let the solution sit overnight for eight hours.

3) Rinse the wood floor

Rinse the wood floor

After that, you have to rinse the floor using an absorbent cloth and water. Remember: don’t wet the floor with a bucketful of water, as this can cause the water to go deep, causing water damage and/or mold.

Following this, get a new and clean towel and dry the floors thoroughly. You can certainly use a fan to hasten the drying process and open the windows for good ventilation.

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