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How to Save Money on Hiring an Electrician

July 14, 2022
How to Save Money on Hiring an Electrician

Getting a qualified electrician to fix electrical faults is almost always expensive. That is justified in most cases since they have very valuable skills and have invested a lot in the tools for their trade.

But to be frank, some electricians don’t play fair. They raise their prices exorbitantly, perform a poor job, and don’t honor satisfaction guarantees.

Since we want our homes’ electricals to be safe and well-serviced, we have to hire an electrician rather than go DIY.

And though we have to be prepared to shell out cash, we’ve listed some great tips here so you can save money on hiring an electrician.

1) Call in an electrician during business hours

Call in an electrician during business hours

True, fridges stop cooling, ACs overheat, and lights short circuit when we least expect it. And oddly enough, they often happen early in the morning or late at night.

Because safety is a priority for your house and your family, you have to call an electrician right away. But during an emergency or out-of-hours call, you will usually incur higher call-out fees.

However, with less urgent issues, such as in the case of lights short-circuiting, we suggest waiting a bit until the regular business hours before calling the tradesmen to come.

This way, you can save up big on costs to get the electrical or appliance problem fixed. After all, it won’t be long before it can be repaired back to working condition.

2) Don’t pick a service based on low hourly rates

Don’t pick a service based on low hourly rates

While cheaper hourly rates are more attractive, you shouldn’t base your tradesman choices on them.

First and foremost, you must consider whether the team is licensed, experienced, insured, and have a solid warranty. These give you clear signs as to whether they can perform the job well or not.

In effect, you’ll be able to cut your expenses in the long run since great workmanship means fewer sudden breakdowns and repairs.

So, always check their qualifications and other credentials before their rates.

3) Determine your electrician service goals

Determine your electrician service goals

Set out a realistic budget on paper in relation to the job or project. The purpose of this is so you won’t be carried away and spend above it.

Separate your needs and wants so you’ll know what electrical work should be done right now and which can be postponed.

Once you have a clear knowledge of what you need, call your top three electricians and obtain an estimate from them. Choose which you think is the best one.

Then, schedule an inspection with them. When they arrive at your house or office, discuss the issue and ask for economical suggestions for the repair or maintenance work needed.

If you think that their suggestion is good and suits your budget, go for it.

4) Make the work easier for the electricians

Make the work easier for the electricians

You can bring down the bill by preparing your house in a way so the electricians can start work immediately.

But, mind you, you don’t have to do any simple or complex electrical work.

Just basic preparation like moving the furniture so they can access the wires, ensuring the circuit breaker is accessible, and putting newspapers on the floor so it won’t become dirty will do.

Not only will doing this save you costs, but it will also save you time and energy, and you’ll be less stressed too.

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