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How Much to Spend for Recessed Lighting Installation

July 14, 2022
How Much to Spend for Recessed Lighting Installation

There are a few benefits to installing recessed lighting in your home. One, it looks minimalist and stylish; two, it brightens the room; and three, it’s easy to replace or maintain.

That said, you would need to hire a pro electrician to ensure safe and proper installation on your ceilings. Moreover, the costs are often higher than installing regular hanging light fixtures.

So, look through our detailed guide to know how much you have to spend on setting up recessed lighting in your crib or office.

The Average Cost of Installing Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting averages $360 per unit, and installation ranges from $100 to $480. That includes the labor and materials required for the job.

However, this price may be higher if there’s wiring to be done or the need to remove items or appliances in the way.

Since most projects require 4 to 6 fixtures, you can expect to spend roughly $1,440 or $2,160 each time. Given this expensive sum, you can first ask whether the electrician offers financing or not to help you afford it.

Recessed Lighting Costs by Type

Recessed lights come in two types, which are can lights and LED can lights. Let’s differentiate them both in terms of structure and costs.

  • Can Lights
Can Lights

Can lights are also known as pot lights. Instead of the light unit being separate from the housing, they are already wired into the housing.

Its name is indicative of its appearance, as it has a round exterior shaped like that of a can. However, its body has a screw-like form that tapers toward the end.

It consists of three parts: lighting, trimming, and housing. The whole package will cost around $30 to $230 exclusive of installation costs.

  • LED Integrated Can Lights
LED Integrated Can Lights

Compared to ordinary can lights, LED integrated can lights are much smaller and more expensive. But they can be installed in tight spots and significantly cut down your energy bills.

The cost for LED can lights is typically $20 to $30 per fixture. Apart from that, there are Bluetooth-enabled versions that allow them to be switched on or off through your phone.

These nifty versions range between $20 and $50 per fixture, so you’ll usually have to spend more for them.

Installing Recessed Lighting by Yourself

Installing Recessed Lighting by Yourself

Due to the expense of getting an electrician to install recessed lighting, some homeowners decide to just take on the work themselves.

This drastically reduces the cost by about one-half. If the price is $300 for a light fixture, expect to spend just $150 for purchasing materials and performing the work yourself.

However, we don’t recommend going DIY if you aren’t trained to do so. The safety of you, your family, and your house should be your top priority.

Even if you spend more money upfront, you get total peace of mind that the work was very well done, and that’s what matters.

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