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What is hydro-jetting and when is it needed?

July 14, 2022
What is hydro-jetting and when is it needed

Perhaps you have a blocked drain at home. So you went on to call a plumber who then recommended hydro-jetting to you. 

He explains it a bit to you, but you still want to know more about it. If this is your situation, perfect timing, as we’ll be tackling hydro-jetting, when is it used, how it works, and more in our guide here. 

What is hydro-jetting?

What is hydro-jetting

Hydro-jetting is an intense way of unclogging your drain. It involves using equipment that sprays a high-pressure stream of water to take out stuck items and debris in your pipe system.

It’s a very effective solution for major blockages—after you’ve tried using DIY methods like baking soda and vinegar or boiling water.

This strong burst of water from hydro-jetting scours and removes tough residues of food, hair, grease, mineral scale, and sometimes, tree roots, thus, promoting long-term clear drainage.

When is it used?

Most homeowners don’t know when they should get a plumber to do hydro-jetting. But it’s always best to let them handle it while it’s early to prevent expensive bills and save time.

So as soon as you see the following signs, you might want to consider hiring a local, qualified plumber:

  1. You notice water backing up from the drain.
  1. Your kitchen or bathroom sink smells unpleasant.
  1. You hear gurgling noises from your pipe or drain.
  1. Water goes into the drain slower than usual.
  1. You notice your sink or shower drain strangely clogs.

How does hydro-jetting work?

Hydro-jetting works in a simple one-two step. 

First, the plumber will inspect your drain lines, diagnose the issue, and determine where it is best to insert the hydro-jetting pump.

And second, they’ll proceed to fire gushing water to push the blockage down the sewer drain and out of your pipes.

But, as always, you need to rely on a licensed plumbing contractor for the job. Doing the job wrong will result in serious pipe damage that will lead to extremely costly pipe repair or replacement.

What’s the difference between hydro-jetting and using a drain snake?

What’s the difference between hydro-jetting and using a drain snake

Both these methods have the same goal, which is to unblock your drain. However, they differ in their degree of intensity.

Hydro-jetting is an intense method because it sends out a powerful jet of water to flush out your whole plumbing system. This will clear your drain effectively and thoroughly.

Whereas drain snaking uses a flexible spring device to dislodge and fish up stuck debris and particles to clear the drain. Since it doesn’t use as much pressure as hydro-jetting, it’s the safer method and is used for older homes or those with sensitive pipelines.

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