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A Guide on Tipping Tree Trimmers

July 12, 2023
A Guide on Tipping Tree Trimmers

One common question among property owners, especially those getting their trees trimmed for the first time, is whether they should tip tree trimmers. It’s a reasonable question, considering how we tip almost everyone who provides us a service.

In this guide, we’ll discuss whether tipping tree trimmers is customary, when to give them tips, and how much to give.

Do you tip tree trimmers?

Do you tip tree trimmers

Tipping tree trimmers depends solely on your own discretion. It’s not customary to tip them, but it will be greatly appreciated if you think they’ve done a great job and want to tip them.

When do you tip tree trimmers?

When do you tip tree trimmers

Some customers tip tree trimmers when they provide exceptional service, have excellent customer care, and when the work is done during the holiday season.

Many offer tips during holidays to spread the joy of the holidays and do some goodwill. Some also feel bad that trimmers are working for them instead of celebrating with their families.

However, you have to remember that tipping is not mandatory in any of the situations we’ve mentioned. It will still depend on you, and if you decide to not give any tips, it will not be frowned upon by the trimmers.

How much should you tip tree trimmers?

How much should you tip tree trimmers

The amount of cash tip to give to tree trimmers is entirely up to you. The most common amount they receive, though, is $5 to $10, so you can use that as a reference if you decide to give them cash tips.

The amount is very different from the 10% to 25% of the meal tip given to servers and deliverymen. This is because that will be too much if there’s more than one trimmer, and the tree trimming service costs a lot.

Other than cash tips, trimmers appreciate drinks like water and lemonade. If the job is quite huge, a box of pizza or some sandwiches will also be greatly appreciated.

How much does tree trimming cost?

How much does tree trimming cost
Tree HeightCost
Below 30’ Tall Tree$75 to $430
30’ to 60’ Tall Tree$160 to $760
Over 60’ Tall Tree$300 to $1700

The cost of a tree trimming service depends on the tree’s size, the job’s complexity, the tree’s location, the tree species, the health of the tree, and the number of trees to be serviced.

Note that the prices in the table above are the average ranges. The fees can change significantly depending on the factors mentioned, so it’s highly suggested to contact a tree trimmer to get a better estimate.

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