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The 10 Best Plumbers in Toronto to Unclog Any Situation

December 9, 2018
12 Best Plumbers in Toronto

Plumbing can be a tricky subject. Aside from the complicated plumbing systems, it may cause some emergencies when not properly maintained. Luckily, there are dependable plumbing services that are ready to help any day any time of the week. Toronto is a big city so there are hundreds of plumbing services who are always on the go. This list features the best plumbers in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

1.   Lampert Plumbing Systems Inc.

Best Plumbers in Toronto | Lampert Plumbing

Best ForEmergency Plumbing, Plumbing Repairs
Services OfferedGeneral plumbing services, toilet replacement shower valve conversion, faucet installations and repair, sink replacement
Address119 Miranda Ave, Toronto, Ontario M6B 3W8
Contact Information416-787-4921

Ran by three generations of family, the Lampert Plumbing Systems Inc. is the top plumbing services provider in Toronto. It has been servicing from Mississauga to Scarborough for 80 years All Lampert Plumbing technicians are licensed, and highly-trained professionals. Invested in providing outstanding customer service, you can contact them at 416-787-4921. Visit their website or physical showroom at 119 Miranda Ave, Toronto, Ontario M6B 3W8.

2.   Leaside Plumbing & Heating Limited

Best Plumbers in Toronto | Leaside Plumbing

Best ForKitchen plumbing repairs, shower, bathtubs, and toilets, and Water heating systems
Services OfferedGeneral plumbing services, faucet repairs, toilet replacement and installation, clogged drains, sump pump, electric or gas water heater repair, frozen pipes, boiler service
Address126 Laird Drive, Toronto, Ontario M4G 3V3
Contact Information416-423-8682

Leaside Plumbing and Heating is Toronto’s very own plumbing services company. All plumbing needs are serviced by licensed plumbers, ensuring that you are left with exceptional plumbing. The company is open 24/7 so you can count on them for any plumbing concerns. Call them anytime at 416-423-8682 for any emergency, big or small.

3.   Absolute Draining and Plumbing

Best Plumbers in Toronto | Absolute Draining and Plumbing

Best ForResidential and commercial plumbing services
Services OfferedGeneral plumbing and draining services
Address17 – 30 Titan Road, Toronto, Ontario M8Z 5Y2
Contact Information416-252-5557

Absolute Draining and Plumbing is equipped with over 20 years of experience serving the good city of Toronto. They can handle any plumbing of draining problems because they only allow licensed plumbing technicians to do the job. Absolute Draining and Plumbing do drain cleaning, solve basement flooding, repair drains, fix low water pressure, install plumbing systems, and any other plumbing repairs. Make sure to that you get the best service, call Absolute Draining and Plumbing at 416-252-5557 whether the problem is residential or commercial. They do emergency calls, too!

4.   Anta Plumbing

Best Plumbers in Toronto | Anta Plumbing

Best ForDrain cleaning, Plumbing repairs, catch basin repairs, emergency repairs
Services OfferedGeneral plumbing and drain services, water heating system installation, maintenance, and repair
Address364 Munster Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M8Z 3C7
Contact Information416-231-3331

Anta Plumbing is for everyone. It is considered one of the best plumbing company in the Greater Toronto Area and continues to serve the city with excellent services. They guarantee that whatever service they provide, their clients are satisfied. Plus, Anta Plumbing offer warranty on their labor and parts that they install into your home or office. Paying customers will not disprove of their repairs, installation or maintenance. You can contact them at 416-231-3331 or visit their website.

5.   Toronto Drain Services

Best Plumber Toronto | Toronto Drain Services

Best ForEmergency Drain Services
Services OfferedDrain Snaking and Drain Camera Inspection, Drain Repair and New Drain Installation, Hydro Jetting
Contact Information416-881-6151 | [email protected]

Toronto Drain Services is a top emergency drain company in Toronto with plumbing experts who are friendly and knowledgeable. Not only can they give you expert advice about your sewer problem, they can also provide camera inspection to show your drain problem from the inside. Plus, they can take care of your drain problem right away with their 24/7 emergency drain service crew to any part of Toronto.

6. Waterworks Plumbing & Drains

Best Plumbers in Toronto - Waterworks Plumbing & Drains 

Best ForLow water pressure, leaks, sewer/ drain cleaning, water line repairs, waterproof and frozen/burst pipes
Services OfferedResidential and commercial plumbing needs
Address1212 The Queensway, Toronto, Ontario M8Z 1R8
Contact Information+1 416-489-0000

Waterworks Plumbing & Drains is a Toronto-based plumber which offers a range of services including repiping, clog removal, faucet & toilet repair and 24 hour emergency plumbing. Get your water bill problems solved with the help of their the Spot services from Drain and Sewer Blockage removal, Faucet & Toilet repair, Smart home wireless flood protection, or Pure Water Filtration.

7. AskforTask

best plumbers in Toronto - AskforTask

Best ForFlexible handyman services
Services OfferedHome cleaning, lawn mowing, interior painting, furniture assembly, plumbing, electrical, general help
Address480 University Avenue, Suite 1503
Toronto, Canada
Contact Information[email protected]

AskforTask lets you book a trusted cleaner or handyman easily. As Canada’s largest on-demand home services platform (available as a mobile app too), AskforTask connects you to verified local Taskers who are reliable and trusted individuals who can get your cleaning, handyman & other errands just in time.

8. DrainWorks Plumbing

DrainWorks Plumbing logo

Best ForPlumbing Services
Services OfferedPlumbing Services
Drains and Sewers
Sink Services
Faucet and Taps Services
Toilet Services
Pipe Services
Backwater Valves and Sump Pumps
Address46 Fieldway Road, Unit 7

Toronto, Ontario

M8Z 3L2

Contact Information[email protected]

DrainWorks Plumbing has been serving Toronto for over 25 years. Their team is filled with professional and knowledgeable members that work hard to get the job done right.

What’s unique about them is their wide range of services. They can offer any service that anyone can need!

What people like about them is their reasonable pricing and exquisite work! No matter how easy or hard fixing your plumbing is, they got you covered!

9. Preferred Plumbing Solutions

Preferred Plumbing Solutions

Best ForPlumbing Services
Services OfferedResidential Plumbing

Emergency Plumber

Backwater Valve

Flow-Tech Water System

Address350 John St., Markham, ON L3T 5W6, Canada
Contact Information[email protected]

Preferred Plumbing Solutions (PPS) has been in the industry since 2004 and are certified. They hold a master license in plumbing and Red Seal Certificate. 

They provide residential plumbing services and can help you with jobs such as unclogging sinks, drain cleaning, supply and installation of toilets, pipe upgrades, and a whole lot more. 

If you have a plumbing emergency like a leaking toilet or a burst pipe, you can call on them to help you out with that. 

They can also treat your water using Flow-Tech Water Treatment for water and energy efficiency. 

PPS is truly your one-stop for anything that has to do with plumbing and this is why we’ve included them to our list.

10. Toronto Master Drain & Water Works

Toronto Master Drain & Water Works

Best ForResidential and Commercial Plumbing Services
Services Offered
AddressToronto, ON
Contact Information416-910-3599

Toronto Master Drain & Water Works specializes in numerous areas. Whether they are drain repairs, drain cleaning, or even, water pressure problems, they can serve you.

In comparison to other companies, they are the only one that is available 24/7. So in case you have any emergency, they can be your perfect go-to company.

Maintaining your drainage and sewer system can increase its performance and lifespan. With their plumbers, we believe that you will never experience clogged pipes, unpleasant odors rising from the system, and backups and flooding.

What makes them stand out from the rest is the methods they use in drain cleaning. They are aware that tools and techniques vary that is why they always come prepared.

With their professional drain snaking equipment, they can reach long and blast the pipe with high-pressure water in order to scrub it clean.

Aside from a clogged pipe, if you have a new house and need to install a system, they can cater to you. They make sure to use numerous equipment to make sure that they are placing the pipes correctly and avoid issues in the future.

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