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The 5 Best Plumbers in Texas to Unclog Any Situation

March 4, 2020
Best Plumbers in Texas

Can you imagine how difficult it is to not have a go-to plumber each time you need help with plumbing issues? Very difficult, indeed — hence why we made this list of the best plumbers in Texas.

With this post, hopefully, you will find the plumber that you can count on any time you’re having trouble with plumbing fixtures.

Listed below are the top 6 Texas plumbing companies today… let’s check them out!

1.     Cathedral Plumbing of Texas, LLC

Cathedral Plumbing of Texas, LLC's Logo

Best For High-Quality Plumbing Services
Services Offered Drain cleaning

Slab leak repairs

Sewer line repairs


General plumbing work

Emergency services

Gas leak testing and repair

Address 1451 Halsey Way

Carrollton, TX 75007

Contact Information (972) 362-0647

Cathedral Plumbing of Texas, LLC aims to exceed your expectations whether you need their team for drain cleaning, slab leak repairs, plumbing installations or other general plumbing tasks. The company takes pride in its plumbing experts who are always courteous, helpful, and prompt, ensuring that all customers will receive top-notch overall service. To get in touch with these reliable people, you may call on (972) 362-0647.

2.     Texas AC & Plumbing Specialist

Texas AC & Plumbing Specialist's Logo

Best For General Plumbing and HVAC Work
Services Offered General plumbing work

Commercial plumbing services

Smart home services

AC and heating work

24/7 emergency services

Address 7901 Cameron Road,

Suite 2-327

Austin, TX 78754

Contact Information 512 580 7551

Texas AC & Plumbing Specialist is the perfect option for you if you’re looking for a plumber that stands by their work with a lifetime workmanship guarantee. This company is staffed with technicians who are well aware of various plumbing options that match a variety of needs and budgets. Texas AC & Plumbing Specialist started operating in 2005; since then, they have relentlessly helped numerous Texas residents. Check out some of the kind words of their past clients at

3.     Texas Plumbing Solutions LLC

Texas Plumbing Solutions LLC's Logo

Best For Residential and Commercial Plumbing Services
Services Offered 24-emergency plumbing services

Residential and commercial services

Water heater repairs

Address 500 E Arapaho Rd STE 603, Richardson, TX 75081
Contact Information 214 418 4964

Texas Plumbing Solutions LLC specializes in both residential and commercial plumbing solutions. Another great thing about this company is that their technicians always make themselves available during emergencies. So if you’re suddenly faced with burst pipes, leaky faucets, or a flooded bathroom, you can immediately get expert help by calling them at 214 418 4964.

4.     Plumber Mesquite Texas

Plumber Mesquite Texas's Logo

Best For Drain Repairs
Services Offered Complete drain cleaning

Water heater services

Water leaks and toilet/faucet services

Address 120 E Davis St, Mesquite Texas
Contact Information (972) 284-9328

For drain repairs and general plumbing work, Plumber Mesquite Texas is definitely a name that you can trust. Although they are primarily known for their exceptional drain repair services, the company also has technicians who excel in providing solutions for water heaters, water leaks, and other faulty plumbing fixtures. If you need help with installation or maintenance work, Plumber Mesquite Texas would be more than happy to assist.

5.     Modern Plumbing

Modern Plumbing's Logo

Best For General Plumbing Work
Services Offered Water heater and toilet repairs

Drain and sewer cleaning

Plumbing replacements and installations

24-hour emergency services

Backflow services

Gas and AC services

Address 4828 Pine Ave, Pasadena, TX 77503
Contact Information (281) 487-8172

Modern Plumbing started operating 55 years ago. Their secret to a strong, long-lasting business? They are dedicated to protecting the health of Texans by providing services that keep their plumbing systems functional. This plumber is trained and certified to conduct a huge range of plumbing jobs including backflow prevention, water heater repairs, toilet repairs, certifications, and a lot more. If you’d like to see the complete list of services on offer, head over to

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