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The 6 Best Options for Pest Control in Hamilton

September 8, 2019
Best Pest Control Hamilton

Controlling or managing pests is something that must be done regardless if you’re a householder, business owner or agricultural worker. Pests can infest various environments and if you just let them be, they could cause illnesses, accidents, and high property damage.

Thankfully, there are pest control technicians willing to help you out. They have the appropriate treatments for any kind of pest or environment, ensuring that infestations will be completely resolved at once. Ready to work with these experts? Check out these 6 best pest control companies in Hamilton that you can consider hiring.   

1.     Maximum Pest Control Services

Best For General Pest Control
Services Offered Rats and mice removal Bed bugs extermination Emergency services Wildlife control Property management services Commercial, residential, and institutional services Treatments for common pests
Address 96 Kenilworth Ave N, Hamilton, ON L8H 4R5, Canada
Contact Information +1 289-396-5426

Maximum Pest Control Services is a certified expert when it comes to bed bug extermination, wildlife animal removal, and general pest control. Their highly qualified and trained staff is available 24/7, ready to implement the most innovative and effective pest control techniques to various settings. They can conduct work at condominiums, apartments, cottages, nursing homes, schools, restaurants and more, catering to all the needs of both residential and commercial clients.  

2.     Petty Pest Control Services 

Best For General Pest Control
Services Offered Residential and commercial pest control Preparation services Emergency and general pest control services Pest management Wildlife control
Address 194 Braithwaite Ave. Hamilton, ON L9G 5A3
Contact Information (289) 439-4343

Knowledgeable, fast, and friendly – these are some of the best words that describe the team at Petty Pest Control Services. When you have pest problems that involve rodents, ants, fleas, termites, or even wildlife animals like racoons and squirrels, the team can offer the safest and most efficient treatments. From start to finish, they are committed to making your space pest-free so you can trust them to do their job right every time. 

3.     All Corners Pest Control

Best For Residential and Commercial Pest Control
Services Offered General pest control Wildlife control Monthly services for businesses Residential, commercial, and industrial pest control
Address 175 Queen Victoria Drive #101 Hamilton, Ontario L8W 1W6 Canada
Contact Information 905-385-1818

Guaranteed that pests in every corner of your property will be handled well if you entrust the job to the team at All Corners Pest Control. They can deal with almost all types of pests found in residential, commercial, and industrial establishments, but they are specifically known as leaders when it comes to rodent, cockroach, and bed bug control. Since they operate morning until evening, seven days a week, no need to bend your schedule to get their services. Just call them at 905-385-1818 and they will assist you immediately.  

4.     Avid Pest Control Services

Best For Emergency Pest Control Services
Services Offered General pest and insect removal Bed bug chemical treatment Emergency services
Address 658 Central Ave, Hamilton, ON – L8K 1M1
Contact Information (905) 902-4222

You can now say goodbye to the ants, cockroaches, bees, wasps, and spiders pestering your home after getting the treatments offered at Avid Pest Control Services. This company offers a full range of pest control solutions to suit every need there is. They are always well-equipped in following the integrated pest management approach, so you can be certain that they will solve all pest problems while minimizing risks to the environment and the people.  

5.     AnyPest

Best For Residential Pest Control
Services Offered General pest control services Same-day service Treatments for common household pests
Address 5 Belleau St, Hamilton, ON L8J 1N1 Canada
Contact Information 905-518-7973

For qualified residential pest control services, you can trust the experts at AnyPest. Their exterminators are fully insured and bonded, offering same-day services and solutions no matter what household pest is bothering you. Their services cover the control or removal of the following: sow bugs, starlings, rats, racoons, fleas, bed bugs, wasps, and so much more. They know the best remedy for each kind of infestation and if you want to know how they can solve your current pest problem, get in touch with them by calling at 905-518-7973.   

6.     Raider Wildlife Control

Best For Wildlife Control
Services Offered General pest removal Humane wildlife control services Residential services
Address 96 Copes Lane Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E 0E8
Contact Information 1-844-482-7243

Raider Wildlife Control follows a thorough and comprehensive approach to achieve the safe and speedy removal of unwanted pests in your property. From general pests to wildlife animals, their team can handle these issues in the most professional way. They guarantee positive results at all times through extensive assessments, humane and hands-on removal of pests, and preventative measures.

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