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The 7 Best Options for Pest Control in Cape Town

September 7, 2019
Best Pest Control Cape Town

Pest infestations aren’t uncommon in residential and commercial establishments. When overlooked, this kind of problem can pose threats to everyone’s health and the overall safety of the building. Many people would attempt to eliminate these pests by themselves but the chance of a re-infestation could be high especially if improper treatments are used.

To avoid such a dilemma, it’s always advisable to seek help from pest control experts. Aside from having the appropriate solutions and treatments for your specific pest problems, they know the right steps to take so pests won’t come back in your property again and again. Want to find the most reliable pest control company right now? Here are the 6 best options you’ll find in Cape Town today!  

1.     Verminator Pest Control  

Best For Eco-Friendly Pest Control Services
Services Offered Bee removal Bird control Treatments for common pests Fumigation services
Address 9 Ruco Park, 18 Boston Circle Airport Industrial, Cape Town, South Africa 7950
Contact Information 087 702 9798

Verminator Pest Control is Cape Town’s most trusted company for eco-friendly pest control services. Over the years, they have excelled in giving efficient and powerful pest treatments without harming the environment. They use various methods to eradicate different pests, such as baits for ants, odourless spray for bed bugs, natural pesticide for fish moths, and so much more. Their work comes with a one-year warranty so they will come back and rectify any problems that will arise during the warranty period.   

2.     Eradipest Services

Best For General Pest Control
Services Offered Residential, commercial, and industrial services Eco-friendly pest control solutions General pest treatments Crawling and flying pest treatments Rodent treatments
Address Bishopscourt, Cape Town, 7708, South Africa
Contact Information +27 21 820 0545

Eradipest Services deals with common pests such as mosquitoes, flies, bed bugs, mice, ticks, termites, and a lot more. Using their eco-friendly, reliable, and specialized pest treatments, they can help in solving any kind of pest infestation you’re having. They understand that not all customers have the same pest problems, so their team takes time to listen to all their needs and then suggest the appropriate treatments to use. Their team’s combined 35+ years of experience in the field only means they can certainly keep your property pest-free.  

3.     Libra Pest Control

Best For Residential Pest Control Services
Services Offered General pest control Bird control Insect control Surveys and quotations
Address 5 The Palms Rifle Range Road Thornton, Thornton, 7460, South Africa
Contact Information 021 531 6345; 083 270 5225

Libra Pest Control is the company you need for the control of bed bugs, fleas, mice, ants, and other common pests found at residential buildings. From the initial contact with them, you will be provided with a free quote and inspection, determining the kind of pests you need to eradicate in your building. Following this, they will conduct a professional pest control program that best suits your situation. From start to finish, all the products and services they use are environmentally-friendly and won’t compromise anyone’s safety. 

4.     VerminX Pest Control

Best For General Pest Control Services
Services Offered 24-hour emergency pest control service General pest control Pest management Rodent and insect control
Address Bracken Villa, De Waal Street Brackenfell, Cape Town 7560
Contact Information 074 697 2254

VerminX Pest Control is staffed with passionate and seasoned experts who are willing to give solutions to your pest problems no matter what time it is. Their 24-hour emergency pest control service guarantees that they are always available to offer services and resolve any level of infestation. From tiny ants, crawling insects to stubborn rats, VerminX Pest Control has the solutions to keep them at bay.

5.     Pest Managers 

Best For General Pest and Bird Control Services
Services Offered Home pest control Office fumigation services Cockroach fumigation Bird control General pest control
Address 5 Murray St, Kuils River, Cape Town, 7580, South Africa
Contact Information 021 903 2159

Pest Managers is among the premier choices for general pest and bird control services in Cape Town. They have the expertise and experience in providing solutions to both domestic and commercial clients, keeping these environments pest-free at all times. They also follow environmentally safe pest control methods and practices so you can be sure that nothing would go wrong when you hire them for the job.

6.     Focus Pest Control

Best For General Pest Control
Services Offered Commercial, residential, and industrial pest control Hygiene services Farm pest control
Address 17 Bella Rosa St, Rosenpark, Cape Town, 7550, South Africa
Contact Information 021 914 7777

Looking for a one-stop place for complete pest control solutions? Focus Pest Control is the company that you should go to. They are professionally trained and experienced in handling the pest control needs of commercial or industrial sectors and even private homeowners. Since 1994, they have been doing their job in keeping buildings pest-free using the latest technology. They can also offer services specifically for farm workers and owners, minimizing the negative effects of pest infestations in the farming community. To know more about their other services, go to        

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