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The 10 Best Options for Pest Control in Calgary

August 24, 2019
Best Pest Control Calgary

Whether you own a residential or commercial property, it’s important to take note that any type of building must be kept safe, clean, and comfortable for everyone. This means it shouldn’t be a place wherein pests like bugs, termites, and cockroaches can grow and multiply. Sometimes though we don’t have the right treatments to avoid these unwanted pests. So, this is when pest control experts come in. You need their help to take control of all the annoying pests and avoid more scenes of infestations in the future. To help you in picking the right expert to hire, take a look at these best pest control companies in Calgary.

1.     ZAP Pest Control 

ZAP Pest Control's Logo
Best ForGeneral Pest Control
Services OfferedResidential and commercial services General pest control services
Address#125 – 7620 Elbow Dr SW. Calgary, AB T2V 1K2
Contact Information587-435-7378

ZAP Pest Control is a licensed pest exterminator in Calgary that has the complete knowledge and technology to end infestations in a safe, quick, and efficient manner. Some of the pests they “zap!” include porcupines, raccoons, skunks, silverfish, spiders, cockroaches, wasps, and a lot more. For other services they offer, check out their website at     

2.     Martin’s Pest Control Inc

Best ForGeneral Pest Control
Services OfferedResidential and commercial services Fumigation Rodent, mice, insect, and bat control
Address70 Shawville Blvd SE #240, Calgary, AB T2Y 2Z3
Contact Information(403) 460 – 7213

Martin’s Pest Control Inc offers both residential and commercial pest control services that are worth the money. Their pest exterminators are licensed and undergo on-going training, so they know how to keep you worry-free and your property pest-free. They also offer personalized programs to meet your requirements and target all the pests that keep annoying you.   

3.     Peregrine General Pest Control Inc.

Best ForGeneral Pest Control 
Services OfferedResidential and commercial services Wildlife removal Insect and rodent removal
Address#1 4702 1st Street S.W. Calgary, AB T2G 0A2
Contact Information(403) 475-6523

What makes Peregrine General Pest Control Inc. different from other companies is that all of their service technicians are licensed applicators and have the commitment to undergoing extensive training. They continuously improve themselves so they can be much better in providing the best pest control services and customer care that you deserve. To get in touch with Peregrine General Pest Control Inc., call them at (403) 475-6523.  

4.    Cal-Rid Exterminators

Cal-Rid Exterminators' Homepage
Best For BBB-Accredited Pest Control Services
Services OfferedGeneral pest control for homes and businesses Heat treatment



T3S 0B6

Contact Information403-233-0646

Cal-Rid Exterminators provide effective solutions to a wide range of insect, rodent, and bird infestations. Their wasp removal service is extremely popular and has helped many with eliminating serious bee and wasp allergies. They can help you act quickly when dealing with infestations of any kind.

5.     Cougarstone Lawn Care

Best ForLawn Care
Services OfferedLawn Care, Exterior Pest Control, Irrigation Wnterization, Snow Removal
Address230 Cougarstone Cir SW,
Calgary, AB T3H 4W4
Contact InformationPhone: (403) 324-5296
Email: [email protected]

Even though the company name say lawn care, Cougarstone Lawn Care still does pest control service, exterior to be exact. Michael Denis, the owner, has been in the industry for over 10 years and has encountered more than a hundred clients.

Their exterior pest control consists of vole, perimeter insect, ant, wasp, and chinch bug control. For perimeter insect control, their program will protect you all summer as they automatically schedule multiple visits.

Another reason why we love them is that they only use products that are highly effective than those products that a homeowner can only access. Plus they are also safe for pets and children.

The price for this starts from $299, but if you want more accurate pricing, you need to request an estimate first.

6.     Orkin Canada Pest Control

Best ForGeneral Pest Control Services
Services OfferedTreatments for common pests Residential and commercial services
Address711 48th Avenue South East, Unit #12 Calgary, AB, T2G 4X2 Canada
Contact Information(403) 236-2700

At Orkin Canada Pest Control, you can get access to expert residential and commercial pest exterminators who can remove unwanted pests and keep them from coming back. They can handle the most common pests including ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, spiders, and the like. Additionally, they can create customized integrated pest control programs suitable to keep businesses pest-free.      

7.    Natural Pest Solutions

Natural Pest Solutions' Logo
Best ForPest control service plans
Services OfferedLicence to do industrial, commercial, and residential pest control.
Address995 Madeira way NE.
Calgary, AB. T2A-5T4
Contact Information



Natural Pest Solutions are the acknowledged Calgary specialists in the eradication of troublesome pests such as termites, white ants, snakes, spiders, beehives and bedbugs. They have full registration with the Alberta Government and offer complete compliance under the Pest Management Act. 

Natural Pest Solutions perform termite, white ant, bed bug, spider, birds, bats, rodents, cockroaches, and beehive eradication in all parts of Calgary, and preventative pest control. Airdrie, Cochrane, brad Creek, Okotoks, Black Diamond, High River, Strathmore, Chestermere are all areas where they serve. 

8.     JAPCO Pest Control Ltd

JAPCO Pest Control Ltd's Logo

Best ForGeneral Pest Control
Services OfferedGeneral pest control for homes and businesses Heat treatment
Address2550 Battleford Ave SW d5, Calgary, AB T3E 7L2, Canada
Contact Information403-242-2467

With over 35 years of experience in the field, JAPCO Pest Control Ltd definitely knows how to deliver efficient pest control services that will give you peace of mind, a pest-free space, and great value for money. They always take the time to listen and understand all of your needs so they can design a program that best suits you. Learn more about them at     

9.     Pestgon Pest Control

Pestgon Pest Control's Logo

Best ForGeneral Pest Control
Services OfferedRodent control Treatment for office Bed bugs treatment Bird exclusion
Address67 Citadel Meadow Grove N.W., Calgary, AB T3G 4K6, CA
Contact Information+1 (403) 651-9500

To efficiently eradicate pests, swift and effective services must be provided. That’s exactly what Pestgon Pest Control has to offer. They are licensed to conduct professional pest control work and can handle different types of pests. From bird exclusion, bed bug removal, to general pest control, they can do it all for residential and commercial clients.

10.    One Man and a Ladybug

One Man and a Ladybug's Homepage

Best For

Structural Pest Control License, Landscape Pest, Control License, Exterior Rodent Control License, Biting Fly License

Services OfferedPest control treatments
Contact Information

[email protected]
(403) 262-1666


From the smallest insects to the biggest rodents, One Man and a Ladybug has the license to safely deal with your pest problem, at home or at work. Their services combat a wide variety of pests, including mice, gophers, ants, bees and wasps, beetles, spiders, flies, cockroaches, moths, and much more.

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