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The 8 Best Options for Pest Control in Brampton

October 8, 2019
Best Pest Control Brampton

Pest infestation isn’t just an ordinary problem that can be easily solved.  You need the right people you can trust.  When we say the right people, we refer to the credible brands that can provide licensed exterminators, innovative but environment-responsible methods, and health-friendly products.  If you’re living in Brampton, Ontario, these are six of your best options for pest control service provider:

1. The Exterminators

BEST FORResidential and commercial pest management
SERVICESAnts, Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Mice, Rats, Wasp
CONTACTPhone: 647-360-1679

What we like best about The Exterminators is that if your pest problem persists within the guarantee and warranty period, they’ll return to do a back-job for free. They’re confident in their techniques to ensure a pest-free property, and we think that you should be as well. 

The Exterminators provide effective and reasonably priced solutions that can get rid of various common pests. They claim they can get rid of any unwanted “house guests”, which include mice, cockroaches, ants, bed bugs and even wasps. 

So whether you need licensed and trained exterminators for your home or your business in Brampton, The Exterminators is one of our top bets. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small or large problem, since they can deal with even the most challenging infestation effectively. 

Hiring a professional is best because they can help keep your family or customers safe from disease brought about by vermin. The Exterminators will use the best techniques to rid your home of pests and will also seal up any potential dangers to prevent it from happening again.

  • Licensed and certified exterminators
  • Free back-job for returning pests if within warranty period
  • Avoids using chemicals and materials that are harmful to the planet

2. City Pest Control Inc.

City Pest Control Inc.'s Homepage

BEST FORResidential and commercial pest management
SERVICESPest control

Wildlife control and removal

Commercial services

ADDRESS46 Strathdale Road, Brampton, ON L6P 2Y1
CONTACTPhone: (416) 410 2786

 City Pest Control Inc. is the best choice for pest management in Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, Richmond Hill Hamilton, and surrounding areas.  Below are the perks of hiring City Pest Control Inc.:

  • No obligations
  • Over 25 years of expertise
  • Guaranteed service
  • Free estimates
  • Proven pest control for home and business

3. Pestend Pest Control Brampton

Pestend Pest Control Brampton's Homepage

BEST FOREco-friendly pest control

Residential and commercial pest management

SERVICESPest and wildlife control

Raccoon removal

Commercial services

ADDRESS173 Advance Blvd, Brampton, ON L6T 4Z7
CONTACTPhone: (416) 749-9200

Pestend Pest Control Brampton is one of the names you can trust for your pest management issues.  It offers free estimates, money-back guarantee, and unbeatable lowest price guarantee.  Prestend knows what to do with over 100 pests which are common problems found in Brampton houses and commercial buildings.

4. City and Country Pest Control

City and Country Pest Control's Homepage

BEST FORResidential and commercial pest management

Emergency pest control

SERVICESResidential pest control

Commercial pest control

Integrated pest management

Humane animal removal

Washroom care services

Fly control services

ADDRESS28 Westwyn Ct #6, Brampton, ON L6T 4T5
CONTACTPhone: 1- 866-255- 9455 | (905) 455-1102

City and Country Pest Control is a privately run professional pest management company dedicated to providing high-quality service to homeowners and proprietors in Brampton, Mississauga, and the Greater Toronto Area.  It is Canadian-owned and operated since 1989 and fully licensed by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.  City and Country Pest Control offers:

  • Personalized customer care
  • Effective and proactive pest control programs
  • High-quality work

5. Aristo Pest Control

Aristo Pest Control's Homepage

BEST FORResidential, commercial, and industrial pest management
SERVICESAnimal and bird control

Wasp removal

Pest control

ADDRESS60 Palleschi Drive, Brampton ON L6P 2R8
CONTACTPhone: GTA– (647)-339-3926

Email: [email protected]


Aristo Pest Control is a proud member of the Structural Pest Management Association of Ontario, absolutely complying with the standards of Ontario Pesticides Act and Ontario Regulation 63/09 of the Ministry of Environment.  It employs a team of highly knowledgeable and professional exterminators who can handle your pest issues without harming the environment.

6. AAA Gates’ Wildlife Control

AAA Gates' Wildlife Control's Homepage

BEST FORWildlife control services
SERVICESRaccoon removal, control and prevention
Squirrel removal, control and prevention
Skunk removal, control and prevention
Bird removal, control and prevention
Bat removal, control and prevention
Opossum removal, control and prevention
ADDRESS445 Midwest Road, Unit 10, Scarborough, Ontario, CA, M1P 4Y9
CONTACTPhone: 416-750-9453
Toll Free: 1-877-750-9453
Fax: 416-750-9455
Email: [email protected]

AAA Gates Wildlife Control has been servicing and controlling wildlife in Brampton for over 35 years. Their company resolves urban wildlife concerns in a humane manner through education, prevention and where necessary, hands-on removal of wildlife. Their team offers advice, on-site inspections and written estimates, which are free of charge.

7. Imperial Pest Control

Imperial Pest Control's Homepage

BEST FORResidential and commercial pest management
SERVICESResidential Pest Control
Commercial Pest Control
Bird Control
Wildlife Control
Odor Control
Washroom Care
ADDRESSImperial Pest Control Inc.
3938 Cottrelle Blvd P.O. Box 80090
Brampton, ON L6P 2W7
CONTACTTelephone: (416) 837-1820
E-mail: [email protected]

Imperial Pest Control is now a leading Professional Pest Control Company with experience of more than 15 years and has been established in Canada since 2006. They can provide a non-obligation inspection of your premises for any types of infestation. The process of checking the premises would take no more than 30 minutes for any pest problems that you may be new to you. If any problems do surface, they can discuss options and strategies to eliminate the problem.

8. Pest Control Brampton Exterminator

Pest Control Brampton Exterminator's Logo

BEST FORPest control and animal removal
SERVICESPest, insect, and rodent control

Animal removal

ADDRESS7A-320 Main St. N #205 Brampton, ON
CONTACTPhone: (647) 559-1740

Email: [email protected]


Pest Control Brampton Exterminator is a fully insured pest control company trusted by many homeowners and business owners in Ontario, Canada.  The company observes three core values:

  • Quality: The company’s exterminators will always complete their job with high-quality standards.
  • Efficiency: They will do the job quickly and effectively so you can enjoy your space as soon as possible.
  • Expertise: They are the most knowledgeable exterminators in Brampton.

9. Tdot Pest Control

Tdot Pest Control's Homepage

BEST FORResidential and commercial pest management
SERVICESRaccoon, squirrel, and skunk removal

Bird control

Bedbug, cockroach, ant, termite, mouse, and rat extermination

Bees control

ADDRESS12 Altura Way, Brampton, ON L6P 4A1
CONTACTPhone: (905) 766 3401

Tdot Pest Control has been serving the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and surrounding cities for over 25 years.  They offer professional yet humane solutions to your pest issues.  They also implement the best, advanced products and proven service techniques which are also 100% guaranteed.

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