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The 6 Best Options for Interior Design in Berlin

November 24, 2019
Best Interior Design Berlin

Good interior design can bring a soul to an initially mundane space.  It may be simple, colorful, or modern… it all depends on your taste and preference.

Berlin never runs out of talented interior designers.  While that may be great news, it can be a bit of a problem.  How do you know which one can actually deliver your vision? Can they work within your budget? Are they honest and reliable?

Don’t worry anymore! What we’re going to share here is our cheat sheet for six most exemplary interior design firms in Berlin.  They have been tried and tested by clients from different community sectors.

Are you ready to meet them? Fantastic!

Let’s get started.



BEST FOR Bespoke interior design services
SERVICES Customized residential interior design

Floor plans and visualizations

Art selection

Lighting design

Construction support


Design implementation and detail planning

Color and material planning

ADDRESS Uhlandpassage, Uhlandstrasse 170a, 10719 Berlin
CONTACT Phone: +49 (0) 30-280-47815

Email: [email protected]


BERLINRODEO is known among its clients as laborers of love.  Each designer has an incredible eye for detail, which enables it to produce tailored environments to suit a client’s preference.  They passionately work on the details to convert your space into the dream place you imagined it to be.


2)  ANA Architecture

BEST FOR Private housing interior design services
SERVICES Interior architecture

Home styling

Bathroom and kitchen planning

CI development

Construction and renovation

Construction management

Feng shui consultation

Building planning

Customized furniture

ADDRESS Sanderstraße 12, 12047 Berlin, Germany
CONTACT Phone: +49-151-40435185

Email: [email protected]


Located in Berlin, ANA Architecture and Design Concept is still a young interior design firm.  However, it has proven the industry and its clientele that it can produce world-class home-styling and renovation services.  ANA’s creative team provides not just standard solutions but goes beyond it.  The team makes sure that every client is able to achieve their preferences for their homes and spaces.


3)  Karin Gotz

BEST FOR Residential and commercial interior design services
SERVICES Furnishing advice

Interior design consultation

Creative design planning

Accurate and detailed planning

Cost-effective construction monitoring

Bathroom and kitchen design

Home styling

Home staging

Modernization and renovation

ADDRESS Stahnsdorfer Str. 100 14482 Potsdam
CONTACT Phone: +49 331/70 47 16 58

E-mail: [email protected]


Karin Goetz specializes in enhancing private and public spaces. Even if it’s modernization, conversion, renovation, or new construction, Karin has the prowess to find the exact solution the client needs. She will accompany you in every step of the process—from the simple furnishing advice to the implementation of the design.


4)  JSW Studio

BEST FOR Private housing interior design services
SERVICES Loft conversion

Floor plan creation and drawing

House renovation

Interior design

Nursery planning and baby room design

Lighting design

Luxury refurbishment

Sustainable building

Tiny house provider

Housing conversion

Home bar design

Individual playhouses

Bedroom design

ADDRESS Cotheniusstraße 3, 10245 Berlin, Germany
CONTACT Phone: 01522-9395759

Email: [email protected]


JSW Studio specializes in small-scale refurbishment projects that involve unique ideas and concepts which surpass standard design approaches.  By combining the contemporary designs with your own ideals, JSW Studio comes up with designs that fit your requirements.  JSW designs enhance the quality of life by applying sensible solutions according to your budget.


5)  KJUBiK

BEST FOR Private and commercial interior design services
SERVICES Property management

Nursery design and planning

Bathroom  and kitchen design

Loft conversion

Floor plan creation and drawing

House renovation

Bespoke kitchen cabinets

Lighting design

Luxury refurbishment

Bespoke furniture

Custom vanity units

Home and commercial space remodeling

ADDRESS Marchlewskistrasse 25, 10243 Berlin
CONTACT Phone: +49 (0) 30/4208 1595

Email: [email protected]


For over 20 years, KJUBiK has stood for classic, harmonious design concepts.  KJUBiK designers have an eye for details, satisfying clients who sought their help for private and commercial properties.  KJUBiK has worked on a broad spectrum of individuals and businesses, including health and wellness centers, hotels, restaurants, and other public buildings.

Hiring KJUBiK means working with a trustworthy and reliable partner.  Rest assured that you’re going to receive the best interior design services through their talented team of designers and craftsmen.  The KJUBiK creative team will ensure to meet your passion for timeless beauty and harmony.


6)  Adeline Labord Interiors

BEST FOR Elegant and retro design concepts
SERVICES Consultation

Art advice

Color design and concept

3D rendering

Baby room design

Lighting design

Bathroom design and renovation

Kitchen design and renovation

Decorative painting

Custom-made curtains

Floor plan and drawing

House renovation and remodeling

Custom-made furniture

Children’s room planning

ADDRESS Wühlischstr. 29, 10245 Berlin, Germany
CONTACT Phone: +49-151-50-500-960

Email: [email protected]


Adeline Labord Interiors has been serving Berlin clients since 2014 with the mission to design concepts that make clients feel at home.  For this reason, the designer herself undertakes every detail of the design process according to your requirements and wishes.