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The 6 Best Options for Interior Design in Australia

March 4, 2020
Best Interior Design in Australia

Good design, both in an office space or at home, can provide a more relaxing stay for everyone and improve the property’s value. Designing sounds fun until you realize that there are lots of factors to consider to achieve the best look for your space.

To make the whole process easier, it’s always advisable to work with interior designers. In Australia, they are quite easy to find; yet doubts on whether they’re actually good or not remains.

To ensure that you will hire the right people, check out our list of best companies for interior design in Australia.

1.     Hare & Klein Pty Ltd

Hare & Klein Pty Ltd's Homepage

Best For Complete Interior Design Services
Services Offered Residential and commercial interior design

Renovation services

Address L1, 91 Bourke St Woolloomooloo

NSW 2011 Australia

Contact Information 02 9368 1234

Hare & Klein Pty Ltd is the favorite of many when it comes to complete interior design services. Be it for a commercial or residential property, the company and its team never cease to show expertise in providing the best design options and sourcing the finest materials for every project. When designing your space, they take into account factors like texture, warmth, and comfortability to ensure that you have a property that you can truly be proud of.

2.     Alexander & Co.

Alexander & Co.'s Homepage

Best For Interior Design Services
Services Offered Architectural and interior design services

Furniture making

Commercial and multi-residential services

Private home services

Address Level 3, Studio 306  – 53-59 Great Buckingham St, Redfern NSW 2016
Contact Information + 61 2 8394 9838

Alexander & Co. is an interior designer with a high level of flexibility considering the numerous projects they have completed in the past. From houses, apartments, cafes, workplaces to retail establishments, they know which solutions will work and can definitely leave clients satisfied. The company is 100% committed to providing an exceptional quality of interior design service starting from visualization up to project management. Clients are always involved throughout the project to ensure that their requirements are met at every stage.

3.     Massimo Interiors

Massimo Interiors' Logo

Best For Complete Interior Design Services
Services Offered Color consulting and 3D render visualizations

Custom furniture design

Documentation and project management

Product sourcing

Soft furnishings

Address Design Studio

PO Box 563, Prahran

Victoria 3181 Australia

Contact Information 0414 656 449

Massimo Interiors is popular for its wide-ranging services and this includes color consulting, 3D visualizations, product sourcing, and custom furniture design among others. But what makes them a reliable company is their passion for providing excellent customer service at all times. All of your goals and requirements will be considered so your property will look exactly the way you want it to be.

4.     Thomas Hamel

Thomas Hamel's Logo

Best For Residential Interior Design
Services Offered Creation and supplication of custom-designed furniture pieces, accessories, lighting, bedding, rugs, and carpets

Bespoke interior design service

Address 78 Renwick Street

Redfern NSW 2016, Australia

Contact Information +61 2 9699 3688

Thomas Hamel, on the other hand, specializes in interior design services for homes and they are a perfect choice if you want a home with a modern-classic look. The company also has a team of experts that can create bespoke furniture pieces, lighting, bedding, carpets, and other home accessories that suit your overall interior. If you’d like to directly speak with them regarding available services, simply dial +61 2 9699 3688 on your phone today.

5.     IA Design

IA Design's Gallery

Best For Interior Design and Architectural Consultancy
Services Offered Commercial, governmental, and industrial services

Interior design and architectural services

Security and risk management

Address Level 6/2 King William St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia
Contact Information +61 8 7201 3000

IA Design is proud of its 20 years of professional experience in interior design. The good thing is they’re not going to stop what they do best any time soon — transforming design visions into life. Be it in the education, commercial, government or healthcare sector, IA Design can demonstrate its quality workmanship and meet client expectations. Still not convinced that they are one of Australia’s best interior design companies? Check out their website,, and let their completed projects do the talking.

6.     Contour Interiors

Contour Interiors' Logo

Best For Commercial Fitouts and Interior Design
Services Offered Workspace consultancy

Interior design and project management

Workplace transition

Address 8/65 York Ln, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Contact Information +61 2 9037 3801

Last but not least, we have Contour Interiors on the list because of their strategic and efficient approach to interior designing. This company is the choice of several commercial clients since they make tenancy transition and fit-out management less stressful. Starting with workspace consultancy, their experts will provide you with the best interior solutions. From then on, they take care of the interior design, handle the project management, and workspace transition. To learn more about Contour Interiors’ work process, visit their website at

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