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The 6 Best Options for Handymen in the Philippines

July 26, 2019
Handymen in the Philippines

Keeping your home or office in excellent condition requires not just lots of time and effort, but also the right tools and skills. In some cases, you might need to use handyman tools or the services of handymen themselves, just to make sure that everything is done right. Having said this, you must know the options that you have for handymen in the Philippines. Check these out to make sure that your space is comfortable for everyone.

Note: Due to the current pandemic outbreak, we’ve noted the relevant service changes for some of the shops listed below. Where applicable, we’ve noted the policy or service changes.

1.     Handyman Do it Best

Handyman Do it Best's Logo


Best For Hardware and Home Improvement
Services Offered Automotive

Chemicals and cleaning

Electrical and lighting

Home appliance and decors

Key duplication services

Delivery services

Address 110 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Libis Quezon City
Contact Information (02) 635 0751

Sometimes, all you need is the right tool to make your home fixtures functional again. And if that’s the case, you should be going to a trusted hardware and home improvement store: Handyman Do it Best. This store features lots of products suitable for electrical and lighting, automotive, lawn and garden, and even plumbing work. No wonder numerous handymen and individuals choose this store for their hardware needs.

2.     JB Handyman Services

JB Handyman Services' Logo


Best For Electrical and Plumbing Repairs
Services Offered Plumbing works

Electrical works

Address #86 Ilang ilang Street Pingkian Village, Pasong Tamo (3.61 mi) Quezon City, Philippines 1118
Contact Information 0922 865 4145

JB Handyman Services is the local handyman you need if you reside in Quezon City, Philippines. They are staffed with experts who are friendly, highly-trained, and committed to working, ensuring that you’ll get services that are worth your money. JB Handyman Services will come running to help you out when it comes to electrical and plumbing works, and other related concerns.

3.     Gawin, Inc.

Gawin, Inc.'s Homepage


Best For General Handyman Services
Services Offered Waterproofing and roofing repairs


Water heater repair

General handyman work

Address Unit 1407B West Tower Philippine Stock Exchange Building, Ortigas Center, Pasig, 1605 Metro Manila
Contact Information (02) 271 1868

Gawin, Inc. connects you to the experts who can conduct home repairs for you in the quickest and most efficient way possible. If you have troubles with your roofing, water heater, or even waterproofing, you just have to request the services you need via Gawin, Inc.’s mobile app or website. You will then get connected to various service providers and receive quotes. After this, you can pick the best expert for your situation and pay them directly after the job is done.

4.     Mr. Butler Home Services

Mr. Butler Home Services' Homepage

Best For General Handyman Services
Services Offered Handyman services

Home cleaning services

Errand services

Address Unit 203 Common Space, Pergola Mall Aguirre Ave. BF Homes, Paranaque City
Contact Information (02) 938 7504

Mr. Butler Home Services is known as the one-stop-shop for all business and household needs. In terms of handyman work, they can assist you with plumbing, fabrication, carpentry, paint jobs, and so much more. Their team can also offer home cleaning services, ensuring that every room or area in your property is spotless. Other things that Mr. Butler Home Services can do for you include handling groceries, paying bills, and sending documents. For complete details, go to

5.     Elektra Handyman Services

Elektra Handyman Services' Facebook Homepage

Best For Electrical and Home Improvement
Services Offered Home repairs

Rewiring services

Computer installations and repairs

Address Soliven Street Commonwealth Heights

Quezon City, Philippines

Contact Information 0977 366 7688

Elektra Handyman Services is at your service whenever you need expert assistance with home repairs, rewiring and computer installations. They have the technical knowledge, skills, and expertise to help you out so you don’t have to stress over your problems for too long. If you’re interested in finding out the other things they can do for you, call them at 0977 366 7688.

6.     Serbida

Serbida's Logo

Best For General Handyman Services
Services Offered Siphoning and declogging

General handyman work

Address Philippines
Contact Information N/A

Serbida is the Philippine’s online classified ads for a wide variety of services. We know you’re looking for handyman services and you can find them at Serbida. Just go to the “Handyman Services” section under their categories, and from there, you’ll see several service providers marketing their businesses and incredible offers. Carefully check the company details they post to determine the best one for your exact needs and budget.

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