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The 8 Best Options for Foundation Repair in Edmonton

December 28, 2021
Best Foundation Repair in Edmonton

Foundation damage is one of the biggest problems a home can have. It can manifest as small cracks that don’t have to be fixed at once to house settling which poses a danger to the occupants.

If you notice uneven ground, jammed doors, or cracked basement walls, it’s usually a sign that your foundation may have been damaged. 

To remedy them, we gathered a list of the best options for foundation repair in Edmonton for you here. In this guide, we also included a price and FAQ section to help you pick from them.

How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost in Edmonton?

Given the large amount of work and time needed, foundation repairs are expensive even though the crack is only natural and minor. Typically, homeowners spend between several hundred to fifty thousand bucks for foundation repair in Edmonton.

It’s important to remember that each company specializes in different foundation repair methods. Also, not all buildings and foundation types are the same for every client.

Here are a couple of foundation repairs that you can choose to repair leaky and/or cracked walls:

Crack Injections – This involves sealing up foundation cracks through the use of a sealing agent like epoxy or polyurethane. 

The advantage of this technique is it requires no excavation around your property, as the crack repair will be done from the inside of the house.

Carbon Fibre Countersunk Staples – Wider horizontal cracks on the wall suggest a dire structural problem. For this, using strong carbon fibre countersunk staples can stop the breakage from getting worse.

In some situations, contractors can use a combination of both carbon fibre staples and injections to render the best foundation crack repair.

Exterior Foundation Repair – If the house has water, backfill, or root issues, interior repair may be difficult or impossible. 

That means that the team will have to resort to exterior repair, which involves excavation, carbon-fibre staples, drainage tile installation, grading, or other procedures to convey the water out of the building.

As to the best mode of repairing your foundation, you can inquire about it with a professional. Furthermore, kindly look below for the cost ranges of the services we mentioned:

ServiceCost Range
Foundation inspectionFree – $300
Crack injections$950 – $2,650
Carbon fibre stapling$1,200 – $1,700
Exterior foundation crack repairFrom $5,000

The Best Foundation Repair Options in Edmonton

Before coming up with this list, we gauged our featured companies in different service aspects to validate they are surely one of the best choices for foundation repair in Edmonton.

These service aspects or criteria are the following:

Specialization – This pertains to the method the specialist uses to fix foundational problems. We also considered what other services they offer.
Licences and Insurance – These are essential for every company proving that its team can conduct the work safely and professionally.
Work Ethic – The contractors should be hardworking, knowledgeable, friendly, and safe when doing the work. 
Service Process – Afoundation repair process can be stressful so it helps if the company has a project manager and reliable staff to assist you with your inquiries or needs.
Lifetime Warranty – It’s a huge, huge plus for a foundation repair specialist to offer a lifetime warrantyfor clients’ peace of mind.
Customer Reviews – Also, we skimmed the customer reviews to see whether clients had a positive experience with the company and to know its strengths and weaknesses.

With that in mind, we’re now going to present to you our top foundation repair picks in the city!

1) Abalon Foundation Repairs

Abalon Foundation Repairs' Homepage
SERVICESFoundation crack repair
Weeping tile repair
Foundation settlement & shifting (underpinning)
Edmonton sump pump installation & repair
Manhole cover & catch-basin repair/installation
Residential grading drainage
Basement waterproofing
ADDRESS6708 72 Ave NW, Edmonton, Alberta T6B 3B3 Canada
CONTACT DETAILS780-468-4400/1-877-968-4400
[email protected]

With over 5 decades of experience, Abalon Foundation Repairs is an accredited and insured foundation repair specialist for residential and commercial properties.

It offers a full gamut of services including foundation crack repair, weeping tile repair, structural underpinning, sump pump installation and repair, basement waterproofing, and others.

According to clients, the foundation crew was courteous, diligent, and professional throughout the process. They have dedicated admin staff and project estimators that can assist you as well.

Now, your basement may leak from the windows or walls due to cracks or settling. In repairing them, they offer a lifetime warranty for your total peace of mind, and the warranty can also be transferred to a new house owner but for ten years only.

Despite their mostly favourable feedback, some clients were dissatisfied with their customer service, price, and worksite untidiness.

This business is also ethical concerning injured or hurt workers. They are covered by the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta (WCB) against unexpected events to provide the team medical aid or a sum.

Getting a bid from them is free and non-obligatory for homeowners but not for commercial clients. To reach them, you can call, email, or fill out their contact form online.

And Abalon Foundation Repairs serves Western Canadian clients with its offices in Edmonton, Calgary, and Winnipeg.


  • Accredited foundation contractor
  • Lifetime warranty for waterproofing repairs
  • $5 million liability insurance
  • Covered by Workers Compensation Board
  • A+ BBB rating


  • Commercial inspections aren’t free
  • Closed on Sundays
  • Complaints about site tidiness and customer service

Customer Reviews

Impeccable work from start to finish

“I’m extremely pleased with the work of Abalon construction and by Justin and Mason who completed the foundation crack repairs from start to finish. They were professional, knowledgeable, courteous, tireless workers. An asset to Abalon. They explained the work they were doing, and answered all my questions. From start to finish the work was impeccable. My yard was left as pristine as when they started. I also appreciated Brad’s  work on getting me the best competitive bid. I highly recommend this company.” -Maureen Werlin

Professional and courteous contractors

“No one likes to get the news they need $17,000 worth of foundation repair but when you need that kind of work you need professionals that know what they are doing.

I chose Abalon because I knew people who used them and the fact they have been around a long time

The crew was outstanding! I can’t believe how hard they worked in the heat wave we had! They were professional, courteous and did a great job I would highly recommend Abalon.” -Brent D

2) Crack Buster Concrete Inc.

Crack Buster Concrete Inc.'s Homepage
SERVICESCrack injection (polyurethane/epoxy injection)
Steel reinforcement
ADDRESS9862 80 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 1T1 Canada
CONTACT DETAILS780 – 430 – 0959
[email protected]

Often, foundation repair work requires a bothersome site excavation outside your property. Fortunately, that might not be necessary at all if you opt for structural crack injection.

Crack injections are the specialty of Crack Buster Concrete Inc. To do this, they merely install injection ports from top to bottom of the cracked wall and inject polyurethane or epoxy into it to seal the gaps.

With this method, they can handle all kinds and sizes of cracks, whether it be a hairline, vertical, or a wide continuous crack, effectively stopping the leak going into your room or basement.

The company is so confident of their work quality that they back it up with a lifetime warranty, which can be transferred to your client should you plan to sell the house in the future.

One of the top foundation repair providers in Edmonton, most clients had a seamless experience with them from the initial contact to the tidy-up. They also commended their amiable and professional crew.

As for their cons, they offer only limited services of crack injection and steel reinforcement. As such, they may not be able to meet the foundation repair needs of other clients.

What’s more, unlike other premier companies, they are only available to call out from Monday to Friday between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

So, if you want a simple and long-lasting foundation crack repair without any digging, then Crack Buster might be for you!


  • Specializes in crack injection
  • Seamless work process
  • Gives a lifetime transferable warranty
  • A+ BBB rating


  • Only offers crack injection services
  • Closed on the weekends

Customer Reviews

Very pleased with the crack repair outcome

“I had a crack in my foundation just underneath a basement window which caused a minor flood in the bedroom. I called Crack Buster Concrete and from the first call, to the estimate (which was arranged in a timely manner) to the repair, I would highly recommend this company. Everyone that I dealt with was friendly, professional and they were able to answer all of my questions. I am very pleased with the work Trevor did and can now look forward to the weather without worrying about water getting into my basement. Thank you so much for a job well done! It was truly a great experience from start to finish.” -Livia P.

Professional, polite, and on-time

“This company is amazing in all aspects! Right from the get go I had a great experience! We had a basement water leak for a long time and Crack Buster fixed it! Zhang was always quick to answer the phone and all my questions and concerns. Someone was able to go to my rental property the next day for a free estimate and they were also punctual! I was able to book them a few days later to do the job! Again they were punctual, polite, and professional! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to fix their basement water leaks.” -Sophia Ray

3) CrackFix Foundation Repair

CrackFix Foundation Repair's Homepage
SERVICESPolyurethane crack injection
ADDRESS10724 60 Ave NW, Edmonton AB T6H 1H4 Canada
CONTACT DETAILS+1 587-712-1980
[email protected]

Also offering PU crack injection repair, CrackFix Foundation Repair is a more affordable alternative to other companies, with a team that’s reliable and professional throughout the job.

It is composed of licensed, experienced, and insured contractors. Through the years, they have worked on different sorts of foundation cracks for a wide range of houses.

They have WCB coverage to protect its employees in the unfortunate event of an accident while the work is being done.

Polyurethane is their chosen crack injection method because of its inherent properties. That is since it can adhere to wet surfaces and expand five to twenty times its volume to fill the crevices. 

Besides that, it has many applications, such as sealing a water-damaged tie-rod hole, basement wall cracks, gaps beneath the windowsill, underground parking spaces, among others.

Best of all, every completed repair comes with a lifetime transferable guarantee. In case you aren’t happy with the result, even after they improve it, you can get your money back from them.

It’s hard to find a flaw with this company but we think their services aren’t many. And most of their work is centred on residential properties and it’s not clear whether or not they also take on commercial foundation repair projects.


  • Licensed, insured, and WCB covered
  • Specializes in polyurethane crack repair
  • Gives a lifetime, transferable warranty
  • Provides a money-back guarantee
  • Open the entire week
  • Longer operating hours


  • Doesn’t offer other services besides PU injections
  • May not offer commercial foundation work

Customer Reviews

Great repair work and professional workers

“I’m happy with the work. I wasn’t home during the process but the repairs look great, you were on time and professional the whole way through.” -Julie S.

Less expensive quote and a reliable lifetime warranty

“Thank you very much for the quality and very clean job you guys did in our home.

Our insurance company asked us to submit 3 quotes and not only CrackFix quote was less expensive, they were happy with the lifetime warranty they peovide. Thank you.” -Dena Salehi

4) Shield Foundation Repair Inc.

Shield Foundation Repair Inc.'s Homepage
SERVICESFoundation Repair

Residential foundation repair
Commercial foundation repair

Basement Waterproofing
Asbestos & mould
Shield remediation
Asbestos removal
Mold removal
Structural Concrete
Structural concrete replacement
Structural concrete repair
Other Services

Drainage installation & sump pumps
Home inspections
House levelling
House lifting
Radon testing
Weeping tile installation & repair
ADDRESS8625 Argyll Rd NW, Edmonton AB T6E 0E8 Canada
CONTACT DETAILS+1 780-760-4900

Shield Foundation Repair offers a breadth of services related to foundation and hazardous material removal. They have over 35 years of experience in making homes and workplaces safer and more comfortable to live in.

They offer foundation repair, asbestos removal, mould remediation, structural concrete replacement and repair. In addition, they can carry out house levelling, house lifting, and radon testing.

They are very dedicated to making the customer experience hassle-free, especially in this line of work. As clients can attest to, they have excellent communication and can update the client every step of the way.

After the service, they can leave the place around the house immaculate same as before they started or even cleaner. 

It’s a nice touch that they offer a payment plan so you won’t have to spend a one-time huge sum. They also offer a long-term warranty, though only up to 25 years, unlike others’ lifetime warranties.

You can trust this team because they are certified by governing bodies, such as the Canadian Construction Association and Alberta Construction Association.

Plus, your property is safe thanks to their liability insurance of up to $5 million. If anything undesirable happens, they hold themselves accountable and can pay for property damages.

The prominent foundation repair company serves Edmonton and the neighbouring areas. This includes Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Morinville, Fort Saskatchewan, Leduc, Devon, and so forth from Monday to Friday.


  • Industry-certified professionals
  • Offers residential and commercial services
  • Hassle-free client experience
  • $5 million liability insurance
  • 25-year warranty
  • Finance options available


  • Warranty isn’t lifetime
  • Unavailable on the weekends

Customer Reviews

Great-quality and smooth foundation repair

“Shield Foundation was great to work with. They gave a competitive quote; then followed it up with a simple purchasing arrangement. The work went very very smoothly; minimal mess and only a couple of days to finish it. The quality was great, excellent sealing of the region; backfill complete and promise to return next spring to refill the clay as it settles and return my decorative rock to original form.  Thanks to all.” -David Morrow

Good communication throughout the process

“Diligent workers who turned up even on days when the temperature was above 30 degrees. And they did a great job of cleaning up after the work was done. Good communication throughout the process. I would recommend Shield.” -Tony and Wanda

5) Abarent Construction Group Ltd.

Abarent Construction Group Ltd.'s Homepage
SERVICESFoundation repair
PWF wall systems
Foundation underpinning
Window well repair
Screw piles
Foundation inspections
Weeping tile installation
Structural engineering
Basement waterproofing
Foundation wall replacement
Hydraulic push piles
Basement floor lowering
Sump pump installation
ADDRESS11472 – 156 Street, Edmonton, Alberta T5M 3N2 Canada
CONTACT DETAILS(587) 410-6322
[email protected]

Established in 1991, Abarent Construction Group Ltd. is a licensed construction firm that can handle any scale of foundation repair and piling and underpinning projects.

They have two locations, one of which is in Edmonton and the other in Vancouver. They have a professional and safety-focused team that aims to finish the work within the agreed timeframe and budget.

Furthermore, they are insured up to $5 million and bonded, meaning they can cover the cost for unintentional property damages and medical treatment for anyone who’s been injured.

It’s helpful that they offer a great range of services to strengthen your home’s structure. These include PWF wall systems, weeping tile, foundation underpinning, screw tiles, basement floor lowering, window well repair, sump pump installation, to name several.

What we don’t like about them is that their inspection doesn’t come free. That adds to the already big expense that you are likely to get from their service.

Although they offer a ‘comprehensive guarantee’, its period isn’t stated online. Most of the companies we picked are transparent about it so you can just phone them to know.

And the major drawbacks are that some clients weren’t satisfied with the final work done because the leaking continued—and also with their customer service.

But, despite its negative sides, it’s still one of the top foundation repair options in Edmonton. And here’s why:

According to many clients, they made the entire process easy for them wherein they fully explained the work needed to be done as well as the price, came on time, did a solid foundation repair, and finally, left the site neat.


  • Accredited construction firm
  • Licensed and bonded team
  • Great range of services
  • $5 million liability insurance
  • WCB covered


  • Warranty length not mentioned
  • Unavailable on the weekends
  • Inspection isn’t free
  • Complaints about workmanship and customer service

Customer Reviews

Very happy with the workmanship and cleanup

“Access to the site was a challenge. Material to be removed and replaced had to be loaded into wheelbarrows and pushed uphill and down. It was an arduous undertaking and the men on the job worked very hard. The work ethic and discipline of the crew was impressive. As well, we were very pleased with the workmanship and clean-up following completion of the project.” -Owen and Linda De Bathe

Finished on time and within budget

“We have had our fair share of unremarkable and even troublesome experiences with other contractors, so you guys were certainly a breath of fresh air. An honest contractor, bang on with the timeline, finished on time, within budget, your “nothing is too much trouble” attitude…and a job well done.” -Michael Abbott

6) Armour Foundation Repair Systems

SERVICESWaterproofing, Weeping Tile, Sump Pump, Window Wells, Mold Removal, Concrete Removal, House Levelling, Garage Grade Beams, Parging, Structural Reinforcement, Crack Injection
CONTACT DETAILSEmail: [email protected]
Phone: 587-784-7699; 780-932-2564

Armour Foundation Repair Systems Corp. runs its operation out of Sherwood Park in Alberta, serving Edmonton and the surrounding areas. This family owned and operated company is also a member of the Sherwood Park Chamber of Commerce.

Offering flexible and affordable foundation services to suit almost anybody’s needs, Armour Foundation Repair Systems Corp.has a team of experts that can create customized solutions to solve your property’s issues. They can drop by the site, take a look at the issue, and provide you with a free quotation in a timely manner. 

Waterproofing is one of their most popular services, and Armour Foundation Repair Systems Corp can take on any sized job. Whether it’s a single crack or you need to dig out your whole foundation and do a full foundation wrap, they have the equipment and manpower to meet all of your needs.


  • Offers free quotations
  • Wide range of services
  • Services entire Edmonton and surrounding area
  • Lifetime warranty for some services


  • Doesn’t specify which services or products have a lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews

Let’s take a look at what their clients have to say:

I would surely recommend this company
“We had Armour Foundations Systems seal 4 vertical cracks in the basement  concrete walls of the church I am involved with. There quality of work was outstanding and always on time as the church had to be unlocked. I would surely recommend this company for all your concrete crack sealing requirements  Great to have this Company in this area.” – Fred Helliwell

They are super nice, genuinely care and also charge a very good, fair price
“I have nothing but great things to say about this company.  They fixed my foundation crack so quickly and efficiently.  They are super nice, genuinely care and also charge a very good, fair price.  I would highly recommend this place for any foundation repairs 100%” – Jenny Rider

7) Above Grade Construction Services

CONTACT DETAILS+1 780-405-5673
[email protected]

Above Grade Construction Services is a company that provides clients with a variety of concrete solutions for foundation and crack repairs. Able to accommodate both residential and commercial establishments, they are also a construction company that serves a variety of renovation needs in the area.

We think their website provides comprehensive information regarding the background of the service and their specific approach to it as well which is ideal for clients who aren’t familiar with the said services.

Another thing we find to be convenient for the client is their extensive experience when it comes to managing a wide variety of projects which can help get the stress of the job off the client’s shoulders and schedule.

Clients can also rely on that each decision regarding the project is made by certified experts who know their way around the industry and field and can guarantee that the job is excellent on a long-term basis.

Overall, with affordable rates and experienced professionals readily employed by the company, we highly recommend them to clients experiencing foundation problems and are in need of construction services as well.


  • Accommodates both commercial and residential projects
  • Flexible booking
  • Professional staff


  • No physical office

8) Wolf Concrete and Construction Ltd

ADDRESSWolf Concrete work in the greater Edmonton Area
CONTACT DETAILSPhone : (780) 993-8749
Email: [email protected]

Wolf Concrete and Construction Ltd is a company that takes on various commercial and residential construction projects such as driveways, patios, and sidewalks among many others. Since their founding, they have since then been able to accommodate areas near Edmonton at consistent quality.

We find their services to be highly accommodating and personalized to the needs of the client in such a way that they offer them in packages that are ideal for long-term usage and durability.

Another thing we find impressive is that they are able to employ both experts and strategies that are best for the situation the client may need at affordable and negotiable rates to ensure that their services are worth the fees paid.

There aren’t any flat prices for their services, but they do offer a quotation service and an extensive description of the services they offer so that clients can easily use such information for reference should they choose to avail of their services.

Overall, with transparent transactions and industry safety standards, we highly recommend them to clients looking for a full-service concrete construction company with the right balance of customer satisfaction and expertise in the field.


  • Employs industry standard safety protocols
  • Accommodates a wide range of materials to be used
  • Utilizes certified experts for the job


  • Flat pricing unavailable

FAQs about the Top Foundation Repair Options in Edmonton

And that’s all for the top options for foundation repair in Edmonton! If you have any questions about them, you can drop us a line and we will get back to you promptly.

Have you used one of these companies before? If so, feel free to share with us your experience, as we’d love to know.

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