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Are melamine cabinets right for your home?

July 14, 2022
Are melamine cabinets right for your home

Have you looked up Pinterest for melamine cabinet inspiration but not sure if you want to do the same? Then we have you sorted with our guide today.

Here, we will briefly discuss them and give you their pros and cons so you can choose whether melamine cabinets are indeed right for your home.

What are melamine cabinets?

What are melamine cabinets

Melamine cabinets are cabinets that are made from melamine wood commonly used in rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Similar to particle board, melamine is an exceptionally durable material but has been produced by a different process.

As opposed to natural wood, melamine is the byproduct of laminate wood that undergoes intense heating on both sides where resin-infused decorative paper is glued. 

The substrate of laminate wood then becomes sealed for its entire life span. This is the raw product that is used in making melamine cabinets.

The Pros and Cons of Melamine Cabinets

With that in mind, we’ve listed the pros and cons of building melamine cabinets for your toilet or kitchen.


1) Durability

As we said earlier, melamine is extremely durable. It can withstand most shocks and impacts—except splintering and water damage—and can last for many years if cared for well.

Additionally, it’s resistant to stains, moisture, and smoke, making it perfect for hot and damp areas at your property.

2) Great Variety of Styles and Colors

Being a synthetic material, melamine is available in a great array of styles and colors. Indeed, this is the advantage melamine has over other cabinetry materials.

Whether you like dirty white, black, or reddish and in-frame or frameless types, there are countless options out there.

3) Uniform Finish

Because it’s artificially produced, you can have the satisfaction of seeing your cabinets with a uniform or consistent finish.

And so, there won’t be a different wood grain pattern from one side to the next or from one cabinet to another.

4) Affordable Cost

Also, melamine is more affordable pound for pound than real wood. Being durable, low-cost, and stylish, you’ll get value for your money when you opt for melamine.


1) Chip Damage

Although melamine is durable, it’s susceptible to chipping. So if you’ve accidentally hit or scraped it with a hammer when DIYing, for instance, it can cause it to chip.

The drawback to this is chipping exposes its internal parts, which will look unsightly. Plus, repairing them can be a costly endeavor.

2) Water Damage

Worse than chipped melamine is a water-damaged one. Water can soak into its core and weaken its structural integrity.

Water is its number one enemy, so think twice before you put the cabinet so close to the kitchen or bathroom sink.

3) Harder to Install

Melamine is a special material, but unfortunately, it doesn’t fare well with the classic nailing and screwing.

Therefore, it’s a little harder to install, and getting a handyman or carpenter to do it for you would be a brilliant idea.

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