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How to Get Rid of Mouse Urine Smell on Carpets

July 25, 2022
How to Get Rid of Mouse Urine Smell on Carpets

Mouse urine odor can be gotten rid of with the use of gentle homemade chemicals. It’s better to use that as opposed to strong commercial products to keep your family and pets safe and unharmed.

It’s not hard to do that, and you won’t have to call a mouse expert unless you need to trap and exterminate the aggressive mouse. So follow the steps below to know how to get rid of mouse urine smell on your carpet.

Step 1 – Identify the source

The first thing you should do is to identify the source of the smell. Which carpet or area, in particular, is the pungent smell coming from?

Be careful not to inhale, touch, or walk over mouse urine, as it is toxic and virally infectious. Wear a face mask and gloves to protect your lungs and hands when getting rid of mouse odor.

Step 2 – Steam clean the carpet

Steam clean the carpet

When you have ascertained the carpet that is splashed by the mouse urine, it’s time to steam clean it.

There’s no need to hire a pro carpet cleaner because this is a DIY article, after all. So instead, rent steam cleaning equipment from a hardware or building supplies store.

Don’t worry, as renting a steam cleaner typically only costs $30 a day. So, once you have it, study the instructions for using it, add carpet shampoo to the affected carpet area, and steam clean away.

Step 3 – Apply vinegar mixture and baking soda

Your carpet should be damp at this time. Proceed to wipe a clean rag onto it with a vinegar mixture.

You can create a vinegar mixture with equal parts of white vinegar, water, and orange or peppermint essential oil to combat the odor and freshen the carpet.

Why vinegar? It’s a powerful and inexpensive mixture that can tackle hard-to-remove smells at home.

Follow this up with baking soda, which is an excellent, natural, and safe deodorizer. Just sprinkle some on the malodorous area to remove the stench.

However, for dealing with carpets and wooden floors, you can combine baking soda, vinegar, and water in a spray bottle. Spritz on the affected areas and leave it like that for two to three hours.

Afterward, wipe or vacuum the remaining powder on the floor, carpet, or rug.

Step 4 – Use hydrogen peroxide and dish soap mixture

Use hydrogen peroxide and dish soap mixture

If the smell still lingers, you can create a solution of 7 ounces of 3% hydrogen peroxide and a teaspoon of dish soap. Pour it over the baking soda you applied on the carpet a moment ago.

This simple trick should tackle the strong mouse urine smell and eliminate it once and for all. It’s also great since it will be easy to clean up later because the baking soda itself will absorb this solution.

Step 5 – Rinse, vacuum, and let dry

After you apply the vinegar and baking soda treatment or the dish soap mix, rinse the carpet, vacuum it, and then let it dry. That should do the work of completely taking out the mouse urine smell.

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