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The 12 Best Handyman Services in San Diego For Any Project or Budget

December 5, 2018
The 12 Best Handyman Services in San Diego For Any Project or Budget

Trustworthy handyman service providers who are local and do not exact steep prices are always hard to find. Fortunately, there are those who are a cut above the rest and thus, have become formidable presences in the industry. They are listed below as part of the 12 best handyman services in San Diego for any project or budget.

1.  Unstoppable Handyman San Diego

Best Handyman Services in San Diego - Unstoppable Home Services


BEST FOR Outstanding workmanship, timely discounts, trusted handyman company
SERVICES/SCOPE Repairs, Installations, Plumbing, Drywall,
PRICING Request a free estimate
ADDRESS 7661A, Lemon Ave

Lemon Grove, CA 91945

CONTACT +1 619-729-6038 | +1 619-649-8588 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Cash, check, or bank transfer

Unstoppable Handyman San Diego is a handyman company that is local and family-owned. They provide outstanding workmanship regardless of the extent or magnitude of the task, which is why they are sought after by San Diego residents. They even offer timely discounts as gratitude to customers who regularly call them for their handyman services. Because of this, they have forged strong relationships with their clients.

2.  San Diego Pro Handyman (SDPH)

Best Handyman Services San Diego | San Diego Pro

BEST FOR Fully equipped crew, material provision, serves all of San Diego County
SERVICES/SCOPE Carpentry Services, Plumbing Services, Electrical, Heating, Tile/Stone, Painting, Packing, Appliance Repair, Fence & Gate Repair, Air Conditioner, Ceiling Repair, Drywall Repair, Furniture, Blind-fitting,
PRICING $49.99 per hour, two hours minimum
ADDRESS 7514 Girrard Ave., Unit 1

La Jolla, CA 92037

CONTACT +1 619-456-0009 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Cash, check, or bank transfer

San Diego Pro Handyman is a fitting name for this company, as they indeed serve the entire San Diego County. They are also real professionals who arrive on site fully equipped with the required manual and power tools, including ladders. And in case you require additional materials, they can select and shop what you need and want for you. With SDPR, you are sure to get what you paid for since they deliver only top-notch handyman services from carpentry to furniture assembly and blind-fitting. They are reasonably priced and they finish the job in a realistic amount of time.

3.  The Handyman

Best Handyman Services San Diego | The Handyman

BEST FOR Outstanding customer service, same day fix, creative solutions
SERVICES/SCOPE Furniture Assembly, Plumbing Services, Caulking, Tile Installation, Appliance Installation, Picture & Mirror Hanging, Door Installation, Door Repair
PRICING Request a quote
CONTACT +1 619-564-1225
PAYMENT Cash or check

The Handyman is a one-man team that services the vicinity and immediate surroundings of San Diego. The person behind this is known to many customers as very communicative and helpful. He even provides advice even if he cannot offer his services to clients in certain areas. Furthermore, his previous customers know him to be prompt and at times, he can offer same-fixes. Because of this, he has received glowing reviews from grateful clients.

4.  ERB Handyman Service

Best Handyman Services San Diego | ERB Handyman Service

BEST FOR Prompt and responsive, minor repairs and maintenance, insured crew
SERVICES/SCOPE Flooring Installation, Picture & Mirror Hanging, Floor Repair, Door Installation, Tile Installation, Furniture Assembly, Plumbing Services, Caulking, Furniture Repair, Door Repair
PRICING Call for a quote
CONTACT +1 619-223-4325
PAYMENT Cash or check

ERB Handyman service has a crew that is insured to protect clients from liabilities in case of issues. As such, you can be confident in hiring them for jobs around the house. With this team, you can expect prompt response, as they get back to you in a short time after you have sent a request. Once you have agreed on a time and date, they arrive punctually and can do anything from minor repairs to exhaustive maintenance services.

5.  Done Today by CJ

Best Handyman Services San Diego | Done Today

BEST FOR Fast turnaround time, water vessel servicing
SERVICES/SCOPE Home & Property Repairs, Installations, Fences, Patio Covers, Decks & Gates, Drywall, Texture, Painting, Light Electrical & Plumbing, Framing and Carpentry Finish
PRICING Request a quote
ADDRESS Pacific Beach, CA 92109
CONTACT +1 858-344-7828
PAYMENT Cash, check, or bank transfer

Done Today by CJ is a unique handyman services company because aside from the standard offerings, they also provide vessel maintenance services. As such, they have a wide variety of clients who have had them work on their homes as well as on their vessels. In any case, the company ensures that all work requests you made are carried out diligently and promptly. As such, you can enjoy a well-maintained home sooner.

6.  Handyman Dave

Best Handyman Services San Diego | Handyman Dave

BEST FOR Licensed and insured handyman, solutions for challenging projects
SERVICES/SCOPE Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, Painting, Maintenance
PRICING Request a free quote
ADDRESS Greater San Diego
CONTACT +1 619-804-6290 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Cash, check, or bank transfer

Handyman Dave is located in University Heights and travels to different homes and buildings in the greater San Diego area daily for service requests. He has been working with homeowners in these parts since 1991 and has amassed great experience. Because of that, he has learned to come up with creative solutions even for the most challenging projects.

7.  She Fixed It

Best Handyman Services San Diego | She Fixed It

BEST FOR Transparent service scope, visible rates, trustworthy work
SERVICES/SCOPE Preventative Maintenance, Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Drywall & Painting, Exterior Work, Furniture Assembly, Picture Hanging, Security, Miscellaneous Services
PRICING From $70.00 for handy services and from $50.00 for painting jobs. The rates indicated here are exclusive of travel rates.
CONTACT +1 206-769-8035 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Cash or check

She Fixed It may be unique to most people because it is owned by a female proprietor but this company does offer a wide range of handyman services, from maintenance to carpentry. She also offers solutions to security challenges to ensure that you feel safe in your home. Other than her trustworthiness when it comes to her service delivery, she is also transparent in what she can and cannot do for you. On top of that, her rates are visible as well as the smaller print. As such, you can avoid confusions and conflicts regarding payment.

8.  Rancho Bernardo Handyman

Best Handyman Services San Diego | Rancho Bernardo

BEST FOR Computers, audio and video troubleshooting, long hours
SERVICES/SCOPE Repair, Installation, Painting, Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating & Cooling Troubleshooting & Repair, Hanging Pictures & Shelves, Smoke Detector, Home Security, Power Washing, Custom Work, Odd Jobs
PRICING Call or email for rates
ADDRESS 11956 Bernardo Plaza Drive #240

San Diego, CA 92128

CONTACT +1 858-876-7953 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Cash or check

Rancho Bernardo Handyman is a one-man team that you can rely on for repairs, installations, carpentry, custom work, and odd jobs. Before you call big companies, you can first get in touch with this small company, as they can offer top-notch services without the steep price tag. Aside from the standard handyman services, this firm can also help you set-up your computers and troubleshoot your audio and video appliances.

9.  Finest City Handyman

Best Handyman Services San Diego | Finest City

BEST FOR Carpentry and woodworking, reasonable prices, excellent service
SERVICES/SCOPE Flooring Installation, Caulking, Flooring Repair, Door Installation, Tile Installation, Carpentry, Woodworks, Plumbing, Electrical, Finish Work
PRICING Ask for a quote
CONTACT +1 562-661-9771 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Cash or check

Finest City Handyman specializes in carpentry and woodworking and have excellent reviews in that area. The firm offers reasonable prices for jobs and always delivers top-notch services to customers. He is also known to clients as honest and reliable, thus they give him high ratings and glowing reviews.

10. Handyman Dan

Best Handyman Services San Diego | Handyman Dan

BEST FOR Competitive pricing, quality home improvement services, close attention to details
SERVICES/SCOPE Furniture Assembly, Plumbing Services, Door Installation, Remodeling, Door Repair, Picture & Mirror Hanging, Appliance Installation, Caulking, Tile Installation
PRICING As for a quote
ADDRESS 6967 Mohawk Street

San Diego, CA 92115

CONTACT +1 619-948-5166
PAYMENT Cash or check

Handyman Dan is a locally owned company that offers competitive pricing in every job request. They provide quality service in every task, something that customers have taken note of and have been happy about. Whenever they have a job, they pay close attention to details, thus making sure that they do not miss a spot.

11. Pelayo Handyman Services

Best Handyman Services San Diego | Pelayo Handyman

BEST FOR Fast response time, always on time, custom work and tailored advice
SERVICES/SCOPE Quick Fixes, General Repairs, Drywall, Painting, Commercial Services
PRICING Request a quote
CONTACT +1 619-735-1579 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Cash, check, or bank transfer

Pelayo Handyman Services is known for their impeccable response time, as they do their best to respond within 20 minutes. On top of that, they always reply to messages so you know whether they can take the job or not. Their previous customers always note that they always arrive on time on site and are easy to work with. They have great attention to detail that exceeds expectations. Moreover, they provide custom work and walk clients through what can work and what can make something better.

12. Barney’s Handyman Services

best handyman services in San Diego - Barney's Handyman Services

BEST FOR Earth-friendly handy services
SERVICES/SCOPE Appliance Installation
Appliance Repair
Door Repair
Furniture Assembly
Furniture Repair
Picture & Mirror Hanging
Plumbing Services
PRICING Request a quote
CONTACT (619) 807-5205 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Contact for payment options

Barney The Handyman is a reliable, friendly, honest, and conscientious professional who can help you with projects that come with home, rental and commercial property ownership. Barney serves most of San Diego, La Jolla, and nearby cities. You can get also get free estimates for your job request.

Many of the listed service providers are one-man teams that neighborhood people rely on for their everyday maintenance and repair needs. Plus, some of them can handle heavier tasks too! All you need to do is ask to make sure.

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