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The 8 Best Options for Foundation Repair in Ottawa

March 7, 2024
Best Foundation Repair in Ottawa

Suspect that your house has poor structural integrity? Thankfully, you can rely on the best options for foundation repair in Ottawa, which we put together in a list for you today!

But if you’re wondering how much these services will cost you, we’ll tackle them shortly. After that, we’ll be giving you our top options and discuss them as well to help you pick the right one.

The Average Cost of Foundation Repair in Ottawa

Foundation repair costs in Ottawa vary for each homeowner as they depend on the extent of foundation damage and the current condition of your home.

Now, most people spend between $300 to $50,000 to get their structural problem resolved, whether it be related to cracks, basement leaks, or one that requires excavation work.

To give you a price overview, please refer to the table below based on the data of Ottawa-based foundation contractor, Renco. Note that other companies may charge a lower or higher price than the amounts shown below.

Foundation Damage WorkCost Range
Foundation inspectionFree – $300
Non-structural crack repair$950 – $2,650
Structural crack repair$1,200 – $1,700
Exterior foundation crack repairFrom $5,000

To get an accurate estimate, you’d have to book an appointment for the team to take a look at your property’s foundation. Get at least three quotes from different contractors to find the best price.

However, bear in mind that the lowest price isn’t always the best because the company’s work quality might be compromised due to that.

Ask for references and ensure that these come from legitimate clients or business owners. Most of all, you have to check the contractor’s licences and insurance and if they are authentic, since your home’s safety is also important.

The Best Foundation Repair Options in Ottawa

With that in mind, we now round up the best foundation repair options in Ottawa, ON, Canada!

1)   EC Foundations

SERVICESStructural repairs
Crack repair
ADDRESS81 Auriga Dr Unit #8, Nepean, ON K2E 7Y5, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS+1 613 731 5005

If you’re looking for a foundation repair company with decades of experience to back them up, then EC Foundations is definitely the one for you. It has been in the industry for over three decades, and they’ve proudly completed more than 5,000 projects so far.

EC Foundations is very thorough when it comes to their work. From ensuring that you have all the city permits and legal requirements to proceed with the project, to cleaning up after their work everyday, they got all bases covered.

You’ll also be pleased to know that each project carried out by EC Foundations is supervised by an engineer, which means that everything is done according to a well-structured plan.

The only catch is that you’d have to schedule your initial consultation during weekdays, since they’re closed during weekends.

We also highly appreciate the fact that they go through the effort of explaining the project to your neighbors to ease their worries. It just goes to show that they really know the ins and outs of their job.


  • More than 30 years of experience
  • Offers a minimum 10-year guarantee
  • BBB accredited
  • Handles all the permits


  • Closed on weekends

Customer Reviews

If you want to know what EC Foundations’ previous clients have to say about them, then look no further:

Complete and thorough foundation repair

Thanks for the excellent work your company conducted at our home. The work involved the repair of the garage floor, foundation walls and footings. This necessitated the complete excavation, soil inspection, enlargement and dowelling of new footings, drain tile installation, steel plate tin-in reinforcement procedures, grouting of cracks, waterproofing, crushed stone backfilling and pouring of a new mesh-reinforced slab floor. We sincerely appreciate your knowledge, professionalism, honesty and integrity in conducting a complete and thorough foundation repair.” – Brian Moyes

Extremely knowledgeable, clean, and professional

“We hired EC foundations to underpin and waterproof our foundation. Scott and his crew were exceptional – easy to speak with, extremely knowledgeable, clean, and professional at every turn. They patiently answered our many questions and spent time walking us through the repair process. Scott and his crew addressed the inevitable surprises that come with such projects calmly and fairly, which we found very reassuring. They handled the city permits, inspector visits and engineer reports. Scott took time to meet with our neighbour to ensure they had a full understanding of how the crew would protect their property. They also took care of setting up the piles for additional structures we planned to build after the foundation work was complete, which saved us a lot of time. Scott and his team were here every day, provided daily updates, and delivered exactly what they said they would do. We would recommend EC Foundation without hesitation.” – Caroline Quesnel

2)   Pro-Core Foundations

ADDRESSContact for more information
CONTACT DETAILS613-805-8825 | 1 844 PROCORE

Pro-Core Foundations offers reliable foundation repair services in Ottawa, specializing in addressing water infiltration issues and other foundation problems to ensure the safety and stability of homes. They also serve both Ontario and Quebec.

With a focus on foundation waterproofing and a commitment to quality materials and service, we like that the company aims to protect homeowners’ investments and create healthier living environments.

Pro-Core Foundations focuses specifically on foundation repair services, allowing them to develop expertise and specialization in addressing a wide range of foundation issues.

We think that this specialized focus ensures that customers receive tailored solutions and high-quality workmanship to effectively resolve foundation problems and safeguard their homes.

The company prioritizes foundation waterproofing to protect homes from water infiltration, a common cause of foundation damage. By addressing water-related issues proactively, Pro-Core Foundations helps prevent structural issues and creates a healthier living environment by minimizing the risk of mold and mildew growth.

We like that Pro-Core Foundations partners with reputable suppliers to ensure the use of high-quality materials in its repair projects. By sourcing materials from trusted suppliers, the company enhances the durability and effectiveness of its foundation repair solutions, providing customers with long-lasting results and peace of mind.


  • Specialization in Foundation Repair
  • Foundation Waterproofing Expertise
  • Commitment to Quality Suppliers
  • Services Both Ontario and Quebec


  • Limited reviews online

3)   City Residential Foundation Repair

City Residential Foundation Repair's Homepage
SERVICESConcrete foundation repair
Residential waterproofing
Commercial waterproofing
Leak detection
Home moisture control
Crack injection
Sump pump installation
Sump pump repair
ADDRESS1177 Kingston Avenue, Ottawa, ON K1Z 8K5, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS(613) 859-9387

City Residential Foundation Repair is a licensed and insured business specialising in foundation repairs, waterproofing, sump pump installation, moisture control, leak detection, and more. They cater to both residential and business clients throughout the City of Ottawa.

They offer free estimates for all their work, which you can request by calling them or using their online form. Their process is pain-free from quoting to post-work inspection, as clients can attest to.

When they arrive at your property, they will assess your foundation and identify the source of the leak, provide you with feasible solutions, and give you a written, no-obligation estimate.

From what we’ve read, clients were satisfied with their fair rates.

The contractors worked hard and left the premises clean every time. More importantly, they were able to repair the foundation fault, thus making their homes safe to live in.

On top of that, they give a transferrable warranty on foundation waterproofing. This means that if you sell the house to someone, they will still be covered by the warranty for its remaining period.

The company has amazingly zero complaints filed against them with the Better Business Bureau since 2013. This proves that they’ve been treating their clients well and providing outstanding service.

The drawback with this company is they only take cheque payments. They don’t accept credit cards nor offer finance options so that clients don’t have to pay a one-off price when the work is done.

You can rely on their contractors to finish the job on schedule as they work every day from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

As you can see, they’re one of your best options for foundation repair in Ottawa. For excellent workmanship and customer service, we strongly recommend them!


  • Free estimates
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Accepts cheque payments
  • Transferrable warranty on waterproofing
  • Zero complaints with the BBB
  • Works seven days a week


  • Doesn’t take credit cards
  • No finance options

Customer Reviews

It received rave reviews from clients who mostly noted their stress-free service process, honest and respectful staff, and superb repair work. They were given a 4.9/5 star score on Google.

One of their clients wrote this as can be read on the website:

“Chuck Naish and his team from City Residential Foundation Repair were excellent to deal with in every aspect. Their level of integrity throughout the entire process was outstanding. They were honest, respectful and their ability to explain the process and the solution options were extremely helpful to us. The scope of the project was big, however Chuck walked us through every step of the way; assessment, testing, options and repairs which resulted in a very successful outcome. In addition, Chuck and his team were able to complete the necessary repairs with minimal impact to our newly completed landscaping which included a lot of hard scape, tiered armour stone, gardens and a pool. They kept the work site impeccable over the duration of the project. We have and will continue to highly recommend Chuck Naish for his very professional and skilled foundation repair work.”

Check out this one from another happy client:

“I would have no hesitation in recommending City Foundation. They fixed up my foundation last summer and although the old house produced a few surprises, the professionals at City Foundation got around the problems cheerfully and completed the work. From the start, Chuck kept me informed of all of my options. If I asked for something not already in the plan, he would try to accommodate me if at all possible Chuck and his colleague Don were friendly, and respectful. They showed up every day, put in a solid day’s work and always left the property clean, neat and safe for us to move around. And, the price was fair with no surprises. Great guys, good job!”

4)   Ottawa Foundation Repair

Ottawa Foundation Repair's Homepage
SERVICESCrack injections
Structural issues
Window well
Commercial projects
ADDRESS281 Hinchey Ave, Ottawa, ON K1Y 1L9, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS+1 (613) 220-3553
[email protected]

Noticed cracks on your foundation or leaks in your basement? You have to call Yousef from Ottawa Foundation Repair at once to remedy them.

The company offers top-notch foundation repair in Ottawa as its crew members have considerable academic and field experience and adhere to construction industry standards.

They carry out concrete crack injections using epoxy or urethane, house levelling, foundation stabilization, exterior excavation and waterproofing, and damp proofing for home and business settings.

According to clients, they provided thorough, careful, and efficient work under the supervision of the owner. They also updated clients when they were coming and gave them reasonable prices.

This level of quality, price, and professionalism isn’t common in the country. They only have one complaint online about their customer service, but other than that, they were admired and positively reviewed by clients.

They also have iron-clad warranties for your peace of mind including a 25-year warranty for waterproofing, a 15-year warranty for crack injections, and of course, a satisfaction guarantee.

Ottawa Foundation Repair gives free estimates to their clients in Ottawa. Note that this only applies to known or obvious issues regarding your foundation.

You can get them to do a more in-depth assessment of the structural problem and state of your house. But you’ll need to pay them a fee should you decide not to continue with their repair.

Also, you can schedule an appointment or enquire with them on weekdays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. You can check out some of their works on the website or FB page.


  • Insured and certified team
  • Provides free estimates
  • 25-year warranty on exterior waterproofing
  • 15-year warranty on foundation crack injections
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Closed on the weekends
  • Complaint about customer service

Customer Reviews

Most reviewers wrote that Yousef and the staff were professional, fast, and thorough. One also appreciated that the owner updated him constantly as the work progressed.

Arman shared his experience with the contractor on Google:

“Had a couple cracks on my basement leaking water , got hired Ottawa Foundation Repair company, they did impressive job with unbeatable price. very satisfied with excellent repair done, repair closely supervised by owner and was care on details. I do recommend this company.

Appreciate for excellent service.”

Furthermore, here’s Eric’s review of the company:

“The reviews so far don’t do Yousef justice, and neither will this one.  I called him in a pinch, and in less than 24 hours he was here fixing my issue.  Professional, friendly, and my god knowledgeable, he fixed my foundation better and faster than I thought possible. He’s such a nice guy, cares deeply about his clients, and bends over backwards to make it right. I will have him back to do more before it becomes a problem this time. If you can get him – do so and feel safe in his hands. But, leave room for me because I’ll be calling again soon.”

5)   The Foundation Experts Inc.

The Foundation Experts Inc.'s Homepage
SERVICESStructural repair
Concrete repair
Basement waterproofing
Foundation repair
Stone foundation repair
Foundation restoration
Commercial foundation repair
ADDRESS9-2020 Lanthier Drive, Suite 383, Ottawa, ON K4A 3V4, Canada
[email protected]

Founded in 1995, The Foundation Experts offers a wide range of foundation and waterproofing services to protect your property against structural damages and exorbitant repair costs.

In particular, their services include residential and commercial foundation repair, basement waterproofing, foundation restoration, and different sorts of structural repair.

Whether you need them to do a concrete or stone foundation repair, they have you covered. Other companies only handle concrete foundations, but they can do both.

Their staff is fully licensed and insured and can provide you with references if you require them. They regularly upskill to give clients the best outcome by applying up-to-date techniques and expertise.

Furthermore, they speak both official languages of English and French to better assist their clients—which is a big advantage in the city.

All work will have the involvement of their founder to ensure the high-quality standards of your foundation are met.

In their 26 years of service, they haven’t had a single complaint brought up against them on the BBB. When looking for building technicians, the BBB rating is one of the essential things that people consider.

Although they give transferrable warranties, they aren’t explicit about how long a client is covered. They claim that it’s as long as their aggregate experience but you can call them for more details.

The company covers Ottawa and the surrounding areas including Kanata and Orleans and much further afield. And if you need solid foundation installation and repair services, this company is a great choice!


  • Takes on both residential and commercial works
  • Licensed and insured team
  • Holds an A+ rating from the BBB
  • Offers transferrable warranties
  • Fluent in English and French


  • Transferrable warranty periods aren’t specified
  • Unavailable on the weekends

Customer Reviews

The company bagged a perfect score on Google. Most clients complimented their honesty, professionalism, and consistency in their work and treatment of them.

Here’s the feedback of one client named John:

“I was very pleased with the work done by The Foundation Experts in 2017.  The work was done quickly and professionally by Alex and his team.  I especially liked that they did not have multiple jobs on the go, they focused on my home until it was done as agreed and then moved onto the next customer. I felt that my satisfaction with the work was their top priority.  We ended up selling the house a few years later and the lifetime transferrable warranty was very appealing to our buyers.  Thank you Alex!”

And Joy opined of the foundation contractor:

“Alex and his team gave us excellent advice throughout this multi stage project. Work kept to schedule despite Covid’s attempts to create problems. We are very satisfied that the foundation is now secure and safe. The team to have when you need expert advice, high quality work and the security of knowing the job is done right.”

6)   Foundation Service Ottawa

Foundation Service Ottawa's Homepage
Weeping tile installation
Structural repair
Confined space excavation
Garage floor removal and replacement
Concrete block replacement
ADDRESS3907 Rockdale Road, Navan ON, K4B 1H9, Canada
[email protected]

A house’s foundation can be weakened by several factors such as leaks, soil movement, poor construction, and natural disasters. If yours has been damaged, you can get Foundation Service Ottawa to repair or fortify it.

While most companies we’ve featured so far aren’t open on the weekends, FSO is and offers emergency structural repair service 24/7, setting them apart from the rest.

They have more advantages besides that, starting with their fully insured and experienced crew. Whether you need to underpin your basement to increase its living space, waterproof your foundation, install weeping tiles to prevent a flood from entering your home, or do related work, they can take it on.

Next is their price-match guarantee wherein they will give you a lower quote than that of another contractor. As a result, this can give you more value for money.

Plan to sell your house sometime in the future? They offer 20-year transferrable warranties for you and your client’s peace of mind, although some companies give a longer warranty up to 25 years or even a lifetime.

They serve clients across Ottawa and the adjacent areas. Thus, if you happen to live just a kilometre or two away from Ottawa, they can still come to you to repair your foundation.

You can trust their team since they always provide a written estimate—which is both free and non-obligatory—before any work is to begin. Therefore, you’ll know exactly how much you will spend and what work they’ll do… and also why.

For residential foundation repair, a professional team, and 24/7 emergency service availability, you can trust this specialist to achieve the results you’re going for.


  • Fully insured crew
  • Free written estimate and advice
  • Offers a price-match guarantee
  • 20-year transferrable warranties
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Serves Ottawa and the surrounds


  • Shorter warranty period than others
  • Does not offer commercial services

Customer Reviews

The team was professional, courteous, and on-time throughout the project, said their past clients. Also, people said they answered all their questions and gave competitive rates.

Have a look at Webster’s review of them on Google:

“Mr. Thomas Marten and his team are amazing.  We had significant foundational repairs and were impressed by the exceptional quality of their work and high level of professionalism.  Mr. Marten was always available to answer questions and his attention to detail was very much appreciated.  It was very obvious that Mr. Marten and his team take great pride in their work.  We would highly recommend Foundation Service Ottawa to family , friends and neighbours.”

What’s more, here’s Robert’s opinion of FSO:

“Thomas and his crew did a top notch job on repairing a foundation leak in my basemt wall.  Arrived when promised. Explained the process and happy to show their work in progress.  Backfill looks better than what was there before! Great clean up.”

7)   Foundation Works

Foundation Works' Homepage
SERVICESFoundation waterproofing
Foundation crack repair
Parging & masonry services
Sump pumps & battery backups
Weeping tile & drainage
Egress windows & window wells
Demolition & additional services
ADDRESSOrleans, ON K4A 4W4, Canada
[email protected]

Based in Orleans, Ottawa, Foundation Works is dedicated to the complete satisfaction of its clients. It’s a foundation waterproofing and repair company that’s locally owned by Joel Goyette.

Joel has a wealth of experience when it comes to these disciplines. He is the clients’ point of contact throughout the service, updating and answering any questions that they may have.

Their knowledgeable and qualified team can handle everything from foundation crack repair to weeping tile replacement, including foundation parging, concrete cutting, drainage, demolition, etc.

They strive to provide clients with a cost-effective solution to their foundational issues. But first, you have to get a free estimate through their quote form online and they’ll get in touch with you shortly.

Thus far, on this list, they’re the only one that recognizes the efforts of the Canadian Armed Forces and first responders by giving a special discount. In addition, they offer senior citizen discounts as well.

With an A+ rating from the BBB since their inception, they are reliable and efficient to fix structural issues at your house or workplace. In point of fact, most clients will say so too.

They are open from Monday to Saturday from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, both earlier and later than other firms. But they don’t offer emergency or after-hours services so you would have to wait for the next working day.

We picked them as one of the leading companies for foundation repair in Ottawa because their outfit is professional and courteous, according to the reviews. Also, they finish every job to a high standard and on time.


  • Certified team
  • Free estimates
  • Comprehensive scope of services
  • Offers residential and commercial services
  • Given an A+ rating by the BBB
  • 10% discount to soldiers, first responders, and seniors


  • No mention of warranties
  • Closed on Sundays

Customer Reviews

A lot of clients recommend the company on both Google and HomeStars thanks to their excellent customer service, expertise, and because they tidied up the area before leaving.

One client, Angèle, stated this on Facebook:

“We highly recommend this company. They repaired 2 severe cracks on our foundation and did an amazing job.  Joel and his team are professional and courteous. The clean up after was impressive!”

Furthermore, Eli posted this comment:

“We were extremely happy with Foundation works. The staff was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and professional. The quality of the work was amazing. After the job was done, you couldn’t even tell that any work had been done at all. Everything was very neatly taken care of. We would highly recommend Foundation Works. Thank you!”

8)   Pro-Core Foundation Repair 

-Foundation Waterproofing
-Crack repairs
-Weeping Tile/French drain Systems
-Interior water control
-Bowed walls
-Settling or sinking foundations

-New construction/House extensions
-Deck/Shed Bases
-Solar panels
-Walkway Bridges
-Deck/ Shed bases
CONTACT DETAILS613-805-8825 | [email protected]

Having a family, your home should be your number one investment. With Pro-Core Foundation Repair, any problem with your foundation will be fixed in a jiffy.

If you have a sinking foundation, they can help you. What’s great about them is that they offer economical and permanent foundation solutions.

Their most used methods are push piers and helical piers. In comparison to others, they would pay less with them and even get a 25-year warranty.

Working alongside engineers, they are able to provide the perfect solutions for every foundation issue. They try their best to come up with a bulletproof system that will ensure your basement stays dry for years.


  • The average job takes 1-2 days
  • Questions are usually answered within the first 24 hours of being sent
  • Can provide accurate timing after inspecting your home


  • Rates are unavailable

FAQs about the Top Foundation Repair Options in Ottawa

And that finishes our top options for foundation repair in Ottawa. All of them can make the entire repair process a breeze for you.

Did we miss other contractors that should’ve been on this list? Please share them with us and we might just include them here.

Other than that, if you have any plumbing issues at home, you can also check out the best plumbers in Ottawa!

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