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How to Unclog a Bathroom Sink

July 13, 2022
How to Unclog a Bathroom Sink

A clogged bathroom sink may be a small issue, but it can keep you from moving on to other things you have to do.

Fortunately, this is fixable on your own by using the items and tools at your home. For instance, you can simply use hot water to melt soap scum or a sink plunger to remove bigger junk.

By following this guide, you can go back to enjoying your day in just a few minutes to a little over an hour. But if you have no time to DIY your bathroom sink, you can just call in a plumber.

Ready to see our guide? Let’s go!

1) Baking Soda & Vinegar

Baking Soda & Vinegar

This solution is powerful yet safe in unblocking your bathroom sink of grime and hair. For this, you need to mix a third of baking soda and a third of vinegar in a cup.

You will notice that the mixture will fizz as soon as you put them together. Without any delay, pour the mixture down the drain, let it sit for one hour, and later on, rinse it with hot water.

With this method, you never have to use potent enzymatic cleaners, as they can damage the pipe walls and emit toxic gas. In the end, you might have to call in a specialist to repair them and pay a certain price.

2) Sink Plunger

Don’t use a toilet plunger to unstop your drain because it can transfer the bacteria onto the sink. Use a sink plunger instead, the kind which has a flange (a specially designed tip) at the end to effectively pump out the obstruction.

Since it can cause the water to back up, you have to clean the water basin afterward. It’s easy to do so: simply fill the sink with a few inches of warm water, give it a drop of dish soap or a cup of white vinegar, let it sit for a while, and rinse it.

3) Boiling Water

Boiling Water

If you suspect your sink is blocked by soap scum, then boiling water should do the trick. Bring over a pot or kettle with boiling water and pour it over the drain to flush the blockage.

You may have to repeat this process if it doesn’t work the first time out. After having done so, the soap scum will have dissolved from the smoking water and your drain should be clog-free.

4) Drain Snake

If the blockage is great and dense, you can use a drain snake a.k.a. plumber’s snake. This special tool consists of a flexible coiled metal wire with a spring end to retrieve or rip apart the clogger in the drain.

It is controlled by an operator and furthered into the drain by rotating the crank. After reaching the object, the tool is cranked in reverse, which also breaks down grease, soap scum, and other residues on the way back.

You can pick up a drain snake at your nearest hardware store or online. But be sure to choose a model that’s used for bathroom sinks for ease of use, safety, and efficiency.

5) Wet-Dry Vacuum

Also, a clever method to unclog a drain is to use a wet-dry vacuum. With this method, you wouldn’t have to make a cleaning solution, boil water, or use a drain snake.

First, take out the drain stopper and turn on the faucet. Allow the water to go back to the basin a few inches and place and roll a rag over the drain.

Now, switch your vacuum cleaner to the wet setting, put the hose over the drain and in the middle of the rag to create a seal, and then vacuum at the highest setting to draw in the water and blockage.

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