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We recommend tried-and-tested home repair and maintenance services to help homeowners keep their homes in order.

Founder and professional plumber Jack Williams takes pride in his trade and wants to share his appreciation for other excellent tradesmen throughout the globe.

Our honest team of reviewers spread across major cities seeks to provide you with essential info so you can pick the right home service.

Our Hardworking Team

Starting from the US, our team has grown to include reliable writers in Canada, Ireland, Singapore, Australia, and more. 

Wherever they may be based, they have the critical eye to spot trustworthy home repair and maintenance services.

Get to know them:

Jack Williams

Founder and Editor

Jack Williams has been in the repair and maintenance industry for over 30 years and has spent more than a decade running his own professional plumbing company. When he’s not busy fixing things, he likes to hop on his bike and explore trails.

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Brandi Lowery

Staff Writer

Born and raised in the Lone Star State, Brandi Lowery majored in civil and environmental engineering. Outside of engineering, you can spot Brandi enjoying live comedy, as she plans to give stand-up comedy a shot.

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Ross Weiss

Staff Writer

Ross Weiss has a degree in mass communication and media studies but identifies as a carpenter by hobby. He likes to work on home improvement projects and volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.

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Cathy Orozco

Staff Writer

Freelance interior designer Cathy Orozco is from sunny California. She’s passionate about affordable housing and believes that everyone should be able to live in a home that is functional and comfortable without having to break the bank.

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Noel Wagner

Staff Writer

Noel Wagner graduated with a degree in electrical engineering technology from Marion Technical College in Ohio. He’s known by many of his friends as an all-around handyman and in his free time, creates things with his 3D printer at home

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How we find the best home services

We begin our research by polling local homeowners, as they know their neighborhood best. However, we don’t just take in any recommendation.

We consider a range of factors, from price to service accessibility, and you can find these in every list.

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We are reader-supported. That means we may earn a commission when you click an affiliate link on our website.

But rest assured that this doesn’t compromise the integrity of our recommendations. We don’t sell reviews, and our independent writers judge each featured company with a critical eye.


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    Hi. My name’s Jack.

    I’ve been in the repair and maintenance industry for over 30 years and even ran my own professional plumbing company for 13 years. 

    Now, I’ve seen my fair share of handiwork to know that not all repair companies are of the same quality. Some do fantastic repair jobs, while others can barely provide the minimum. 

    Of course, my pride as a repairman makes me hate poor jobs and even poorer customer service. That’s why setting up HandymanReviewed felt like a necessary service.

    And so, I teamed up with dedicated reviewers and writers all around the world who share the goal of providing you with a list of the best handyman services, wherever you are in the world.

    As much as possible, we’ll pack all of the info you’ll need to know about a company before you hire their services. When we select companies to review, we consider a range of factors, from price to service accessibility and everything in between.

    What started out as a US-centric service review site has now grown to include those from Canada, Australia, Singapore, Ireland, and more. With more support from our readers, we hope to include more places someday.

    We like getting mail and interacting with our readers, so we always keep our inbox open. Also, if you’ve got any feedback for us, feel free to shoot us a message.


    Jack Williams